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  1. On 1/20/2020 at 4:55 PM, Andrew Reid said:

    It's a blazing lens. Glorious. Still totally undervalued. I got my Canon EF version for £200. The AF even works well on the Fringer Nikon Z adapter (pictured below) for stills. Not so much video as the AF motors are clunky and old, very noisy... Optically though, it's glorious.



    Andrew, will I be able to adapt it to the pocket 4k? Is there a mount which I might find it cheaper in on ebay? 


  2. On 7/6/2016 at 2:20 AM, PannySVHS said:

    Shutter shock happens with the mechanical shutter within the range of 125-250 shutters. It is absent when using the electronic shutter.

     GX8 and GX85 seem to be the first Lumix cameras not to exhibit this unwanted feature when in mechanical shutter mode.

    I realized shutter shock on a higher shutter speed of 1/1000 when on a tripod and with a 3 second delay too. Electronic shutter fixed it. 

    Came across this video, which pretty much shows an external recorder for the gx80 / g85 doesn't really do much. Maybe they crippled it more from the g7 to g85??


  3. 37 minutes ago, PannySVHS said:

    @canonlyme GX85 produces a great image if graded or with right in camera look. I don´t like the HD as much as from G7 or G6, with a bit too much aliasing to my taste. In super low light noise reduction makes everything mushy. Other than that great camera and my to go little film friend. Now, if it´s ok for you to share your video, would be very cool to see your colors fly in motion.:) cheers

    Of course, I will share the video. I agree with you. Though with AVCHD I did not see my image break apart nearly as fast as I am used to. But knowing the noise level I also tried overexposing 1 or 2 stops, so I exposed to the right while still trying to fill the histogram. 


    1 hour ago, heart0less said:

    I can fully agree - both GX80 and G80 seem to be great B-cams or a 'throw-it-in-your-backpack' alternatives, which video creators didn't really notice.
    IMHO, they could be easily intercut with GHx series and I doubt anyone would notice.

    I like your results very much, they look quite similar to what GHAlex offers - soft, yet vibrant and natural look.

    Thanks :) Indeed I made a vibrance note, because it is a great way to increase the look without going to far. I used a key to pick the less saturated part, skipped the skin tones and desaturated the rest.   

    Screenshot (57).png

  4. Hey Guys,

    Since starting in this forum I progressed from the GX80 to buying a Pocket 4k which I use for all documentary shoots and trying to built a showreel. 
    Meanwhile, the non rigged out GX80 is way easier to take on trips and fun shoots and I still think it is one of the most underrated cameras in terms of price/performance.

    For the last trip to Loen in Norway (where a rock falling into the lake caused a 70m wave extinguishing to villages in early 1900), I took the gx80. Normally I shoot CINE D with all settings around -2, but this time I decided to shoot a dialed down natural, and furthermore I heard on youtube that AVCHD supposedly holds up way better to grading. So I tested it and used the internal noise reduction and grain from davinci. 

    What do you think? I am quite pleased with what I can get out of the 24mbit files, even with several nodes, vignettes etc. The opinion is well established that the Full HD on the gx80 seemed to look softer than on the g85 or g7. Even the slow-mo to me looks way better than what I am used to from the 24mbit 60p in mp4. 
    Way easier to edit than 4k as well and easy on the storage. 

    At 250 Dollars or Euros used, often including a lens, I think this camera is still a steal, especially for people in the mft ecosystem who need a second/third camera. In my backpocket I had a tascam dr05 to record audio and a short interview with a habitant of one of those villages. 


    Screenshot (3).png

    Screenshot (36).png

    Screenshot (7).png

    Screenshot (28).png

    Screenshot (18).png

  5. 19 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

    OK, well I've got a solution for you.

    The live view to a phone works while recording the burst.

    So your options are to use the free Panasonic Image App on your phone as a monitor or use an app like Gmonitor (Android or iOS) which is about $5 and is a more dedicated monitor app for showing the live stream.

    There is some lag but it is actually pretty marginal and definitely usable.

    Far, far more usable than the non-functioning HDMI port.

    This is a very good workaround. Sad that I can't use my feelworld ma6 for this, but I will try it out.


    18 hours ago, heart0less said:


    Not saying it's the best solution, but maybe you'll like it more?

    Great insight. I have shot parts of my documentary yesterday and I instinctively felt like shooting 4k 16 to 9 with cine D settings that I can match with gh5 cine D shots. I also feel like, in theory, cropping the 16 9 shouldn't hurt too much at 4k. 
    Another idea I had, is what happens when you are in 4:3 cine D and add an external recorder like the atomos. This one doesn't need the camera to record at the same time. Shouldn't that work? 

  6. On 3/6/2019 at 11:52 PM, BTM_Pix said:

    Let me have a look at my GX80 when I get back at the weekend and I'll get back to you.


    Can you tell me what happens if you use Panasonic's Image App when doing this?

    What does it display in the live view aspect ratio wise and is it interrupted during the burst?

    Is the interruption (or not) the same when you instigate the burst from the app as it is when you instigate it from the camera's own shutter button?


    Yes, so it blocks it before you even enable the burst. I do not have the app but I can check :). Once you enable 4k photo mode, no matter which kind, the monitor shows white writing on black that 4k photomode is enabled, so only the lcd screen shows the image, and once you go back from 4k photo mode you see the 4:3 image for a second on the monitor before it goes back to 16 9. Happy to give extra information. 
    Thank you! 

  7. On 3/3/2019 at 5:41 PM, mercer said:

    Hmm... that’s a tough one. If you’re going to go with Minolta, it almost makes sense to buy a Lens Turbo II specifically designed for Minolta, then you can have access to the whole Rokkor catalog... speedboosted with IBIS. The 28mm f/2 and 35mm 1.8 are dream lenses.

    Anamorphic must be fun with the G85?

    Nikon also made an old 58mm 1.4 that you can probably get from Japan for a decent price.

    And if you are looking to spend a touch more, the Voigtlander 58mm 1.4 in Nikon mount could work for you... but they’re like $400. But the 20mm and 40mm are supposed to be excellent lenses as well, so you could build a kit.

    Anamorphic is not really fun - I was happy to read that 4:3 photo mode is supported at 30p 4k, which would have worked well for all slow-mo shots, but found out that the hdmi is blocked. It only works during 16 9 for proper desqueeze and focusing. So basically it is really more a normal 16 9 camera like all the others in that regard. Gh5 anamorphic modes are sweet though...

  8. On 2/20/2019 at 8:58 AM, John Matthews said:

    So, I took a short video of stained pine furniture off in the distance at "-5" (NR off, ISO 200); then, at "0" in the same conditions. My conclusions are NR "-5" has more detail, but "0" has less noise. I tried the same at ISO 3200 and the results were more exagerated, drastically smudging the fine grain of the wood at NR "0". It might be a case specific to the GX80/85 and not other Panasonic cameras. Also, there may be a happy medium between the two settings.

    I cannot speak for the GH5, but the GX80 seems quite good. What setting of NR have you been using?


    On a side note, when comparing the GX85's 1080p on DPReview.com to other camera's 1080p, the results are quite bad for the GX85. Personally, I've found the 1080p out of the camera quite good and makes me wonder if Panasonic readjusted their NR setting on other cameras. However, I'm not quite sure what setting DPReview used in their video comparisons. Here's a link:

     https://***URL removed***/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-gx85-gx80/6

    To be honest, I would be really careful with trusting someone else on a simple test like this. I do not trust them too much. 

  9. @BTM_Pix 2019 and I am still using my beloved and underrated gx80. The main problem for professional use is that the HDMI output get's blocked during photo burst mode. I would like to shoot 4/3 4k with the burst mode but when enabled the HDMI function gets blocked, not really, rather there come a sign transfered by the camera that photo mode is activated.

    This is for shooting 4/3 anamorphic. Funnily enough, when I do switch back to the normal mode, I see the external monitor showing the correct image in 4/3 desqueezed for one split second before going back to the heavily cropped 16 9. (with anamorphic, this is 32 to 9). So I know that the camera could do this, but they do not allow it. Do you think, from your experience, there is any chance that the HDMI output could be manually enabled or hacked? 



    22 hours ago, Ian Edward Weir said:

    for my workflow, it's kinda tedious and not for everyone.

    Thanks for your response. That is such a good insight!

    When you are an artist, as a filmmaker, you find your own way of doing it and if it works and you have the time for it, I see no problem in this at all. In contrary, I think it is really nice if someone takes such passion and time for something, unless you would find out a much quicker way to do the same.

    Yes, I chose minoltas not for their price, but I looked at comparisons of images and their special way to treat colors just pleased me the best. Now I am happy I could afford the whole lens set without spending too much. Something that vintage lenses do is they give a special treatment to colors, where if I would take the same effort in post to try to create something special and tweak around a lot, it would probably turn out garbage until I become much better at grading. 

    Did you encounter any problems with bringing the clips from HLG to rec709/premiere color space? Because the way that HLG is filmed it introduces a greenish color tint from what I have learned. 


  11. Hey Ian, 

    I think you have inspired me for my next documentary. I will try to recreate paintings of places in real life using anamorphic. What I am especially interested in is the grading.

    I can imagine there are some important workflow steps for you, if you graded in davinci resolve. I really love the look and some tips to get to this "painting like" look would be greatly appreciated. This will also be my first project in Davinci, so I think I will try to get everything as good as I can in camera, exposure and white balance, so that I can edit without any grading in adobe and then grade the finally used, picture locked clips. I will try to use the Color management tools and tutorials in davinci as well. I also will try to use HLG combined with Cinelike D. And am going to use kowa for b&h with minolta lenses. 28mm, 50mm, 135mm, 70-210 mm. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Great movies. 

    The same thing with the spots actually happened to me in india. Luckily I was doing hyperlapses so I could easily correct the spots in lightroom. Lesson learned, I always have the blower and a cloth with me now.


  12. 23 minutes ago, mercer said:

    You are free to disagree as much as you want. I am just explaining my experiences with the cameras using the exact same lenses. 

    Also I don’t believe the amount of stops the IBIS can correct for is even given for either camera. Perhaps the heavier weight of the G85 and ergonomics made the difference. Either way, your experiences and mine are equally anecdotal.

    So whatever...

    The case is, that people have without any proof made up something about IBIS 2, urging other people to buy a more expensive camera without need. The arguments should proof that a different IBIS has been installed, not the other way around. 

    On the other hand, if you had both cameras and tried them out, I appreciate that, because you are not just believing something without reason but you have tested it. In the end, you prefered the g85 for stabilization and that is totally fine. I on the other hand bough a cage and wooden grips and can make shots that look close to my gimbal, but with more "life" to it. Might even consider turning the IBIS off for certain styles, you know... 

    I still find it a bit puzzling for getting flamed as disrespectful when someone calls a video shit in every aspect, not being able to discuss it on a more in depth level, which I have offered. This is only demanding me for being a bit tickly and saying: well, could you do it better?

    2 hours ago, kye said:


    Unless we design a machine that we mount a camera to that puts the camera through a completely controlled and repeatable set of vibrations and then compare the results from different cameras with identical fields-of-view, shutter angles, and both centre and distribution of mass, then we will never really know how different systems compare.

    It seems you know what you are talking about from a technical perspective. I do not agree from a marketing perspective. I generally would expect a camera manufacturer to market every single innovation they can make. And from a cost perspective, why bother innovating the stabilization system without need? Each innovation has some amount of fixed costs to it. 

    After all, the focus should still be that I have proven more reasons to believe they have the same system installed, with software causing the newer models to work better with Dual stablization. But as I move on to more heavy rigs, I do not need to make up for lower weight, so I am fine. 

    Grips and rigs are less then 100 bucks, and will make the gx80 function better then the tascam dr-05 plus lavalier 100 bucks. I am not gloryfying the gx80, at some point I will have to move on. But I do not see anything except for the gh5 anamorphic modes which really make me want to invest more in something that is losing value as fast as cameras. my lenses in total are now worth more then 10 times the price. @mercer keep me updated if you get hold of the bmmcc, rigged up this poses as similar david/goliath as the gx80/gh5 does for me. :)

  13. 15 minutes ago, mercer said:

    Idk about Dual IS Two but I do know the IBIS on the GX85 required me to use the digital IS to get the same level of steadiness that I was getting with just sensor IBIS with the G85.

    I guess one could argue that I’ve been shooting more handheld between the two tests so I have a steadier hand now?

    I suppose that’s possible but I also suppose that with the next generation of Dual IS, sensor IBIS also improved... it truly seems like the latter to me since I was thoroughly unimpressed with the IBIS from the GX85 and the G85 felt more like Olympus IBIS.

    I disagree, the g85 was published very little after the gx80. And if this was the case, they would market it. I already felt susipicious that the "IBIS 2" comments where coming from articles and reviews that do nothing else then quoting official specs.

    I think you should just look at the source I have provided, which suggest/uncover there is no doubt about what I said. On some of the g85 models, dual I.S. 2 came by installing a firmware update, you can find the thread on dpreview. There is no IBIS 2 found on any official website and I will continue to treat this as a rumour. If ther was a new IBIS system, they would have sure marketed it. They did all they could to advertise dual i.s 2, which to me seems quite unrelevant as I only own one pana lens. 

    I see a huge differens in IBIS performance when using my heavy sigma 18-35 to small adapted lenses. 340 grams between the two cameras and a worse grip pose a huge difference to micro shakes entering the stabilization. 

  14. On 1/22/2019 at 11:13 PM, webrunner5 said:

    Right down where it says compared to it's Peers.

    https://***URL removed***/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-g85-g80

    And in this article also below the Beer Bottle picture. IBIS 2 they are calling it.




    I did a little search as well and from what I found out there is no IBIS 2, but dual I.S two, that is only supported with certain lenses.



    I am looking at the official panasonic support site, so you will have a hard time proving me wrong with other sources.


    By logic, this would mean dual i.s. 2 is a question about the lens and firmware of the body , but not the I.S of the body itself. So this has zero relevance when not using pana lenses and with the same weight, I.S should be the same on the gx80 and g85. 

  15. 13 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    And your opening line in this reply is with respect? The second paragraph is also, hmm, maybe my other eye is blind also? And then you argue with Mercer about the IBIS being the same, well it's not, the G85 has IBIS II. It's a newer version in a more expensive camera. He has had both also. I will take his word it's worse. He who is without sin sort of applies here..

    Of course this is black and white, throwing around arguments, mister, you did not further your opinion or talk about the content of my message at all. If you think that weight does not affect IBIS, 400g to 700g in terms of microshakes, fair enough. I have a rig including handles so I am sure my stabilization works perfect with IBIS because I am giving enough weight to eliminate microshakes. I have never heard about the "IBIS II" you talk about and I do not think that Panasonic marketed this until you prove it different. 

  16. 5 minutes ago, TheRealOG said:

    "I hate that F ing video GH3 or not LoL." is a great statement. It is not a not a critique of the video itself, but a comment on the GH3 itself. You can use any tool that you want to create your work. Use a t2i, an arri, a bowlex, a 5Dmkii with magic lantern... The video was created in 2014, which at the time the GH3 was cutting  edge. 4k was not accessible to the masses. I own a canon 80D and owned a c100, and they are my favorite cameras. I have also owned the latest cameras, but I stick with the 80D because I enjoy it. It isn't any better than the GH3. I'm not turning up my nose at that video. Take your blinders off mate. I've been doing video work for a long time, proving myself to a stranger is a zero sum game.


    Your comment summed up: Talking about the way you discuss, not about the video, or what I did not like about the way you act here. Do you have your own opinion or do you just hang on someone elses blank statement? I do not ask you to show off your skills (in fact the original post), but there is a way to communicate that makes it seem like your are not actually confident, but the opposite. When you are on the table talking about things you like about a movie (let this be our table), the person starting to say, I fking hate this video, is usually not just having an opinion but often in need to reeveluate their own position, in this case by you giving credit to a blank disrespectful statement rather than detailled critique and description of taste.

  17. On 1/20/2019 at 3:23 PM, webrunner5 said:

    No I will stand by my statement. Rapid camera cuts like that can even give people seizures. I just don't like that style. Be he has 78,289 subscribers so I guess someone likes it. And all the videos he does are just like it.

    As to the craftsmanship part, well that is sort of like the most beautiful woman in the world beating the living crap out of me with the best made ball peen hammer in the world. I would still F ing hate it. ?<span>



    14 hours ago, TheRealOG said:

    LOL Ur comment wins!

    Guys, I do not know if you know the rules about open discussion, but it is said that you express your opinion without respect. Having an opinion is not about winning, this is a forum not a fight. Your opinion is not more credible because you have had more commens or likes in this forum, I am having my discussions not just in this forum, but in real life, family, cafe's and student classes. 

    saying: your comment wins, I find this a very ungrown way to lead discussions- and i am young. The video is of a craft that has at that time won a video arthouse price in vimeo, we are not judging things here by the means of a filmmaker, but most people here are videomakers. This is a video that is so good, that just because it is hectic, does not ask to be hated. I get the feeling your strong espression of "fking hate" does not only come from dislike, but maybe also fear. Is this something you can easily recreate, making so many different shots, or is this also something that is overwhelming you through the quality of images that you can achieve? youtube allows you to play everything at speed 0,25, an easy fix not to cause any seizures. Have you watched lord of the rings, do you fking hate one of the most iconic movie scenes by hitchcock in psycho, cut way under 1 second in average? 

    The sounddesign of this video is also very high, is sound something that you do not care about? About the grading, what you say makes it seem that you hate coen brothers movies and most movies since the 2000's except arthouse, as this is a standard complementary grade of colors, which has been used by painters. 

    Feel free to clear me up about your opinion, I am interested in discussing this with you. But I have seen ignorance in many parts of this forum, so it would not surpise me if not. The ratio here is talking about your favourite lens < creating something yourself. I am making a thesis that you are not a better filmmaker than allesandri, and you would not be able to create such movie with a gh3 - prove me wrong.

    On 1/20/2019 at 2:21 PM, BTM_Pix said:

    You won't find it in the stock profiles, but if you would like to use Cinelike D and Cinelike V the instructions on how to enable it are here.

    Once you have enabled it, use the C1 etc profiles to save it so that you can recall it 

    I have also attached the most recent version of the html file that you should use to implement it (ignore that its called GX800 TESTER as it will work for the GX80/5 as well) 

    GX800 TESTER V2.html


    GX800 TESTER V2.html

    Thanks :) Is there any difference in the new version because of witch I should rehack my gx80?

  18. 13 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    I hate that F ing video GH3 or not LoL.

    hate is a strong word, at least you can respect the craftsmanship if it is not your style. 

    3 hours ago, Kangaroo said:

    Thank you! Right now I'm testing picture profiles, what do you think it's the best?

    That's a really nice camera, I've looked at it but I think that now that I now what IBIS is capable of I don't wan't to lose it!

    IMO the best is cinelike D for gradability in post, using something like noam kroll settings. http://noamkroll.com/the-best-gh4-settings-for-video-why-you-shouldnt-be-tweaking-things-too-much/

    If you want something straight out of camera and little projects I would recommend natural. 

  19. 5 hours ago, mercer said:

    Well, it’s all relative. I owned both the GX85 and the G85 and I preferred the ergonomics of the G85 to the GX85 and I felt the IBIS was a little better... not as good as Olympus’ but a little better than the GX85. Also if you’re talking sub $1000, you can buy a G9 for less than a grand now, and the IBIS on that camera is supposedly 2 stops better than the GX85 plus it has 4K up to 60p... so it’s all relative.

    With that being said, the GX85 is a great camera and other than a used Pocket/Micro it’s the best camera under $500.

    I do not think that IBIS is better, this comes most likely from the additional weight and better grip with the g85. Right now, I have a cage around my gx85 so if I would do a test video of "my"/the gx85 ibis it would appear to be better. The good thing is if I rig the camera up, at the end of the day I am happy about less weight, and the ergonomics do not matter anymore.

    You are right that there are better cameras, I did not follow the very last trends in terms of pricing :) In terms of value for money, I think the gx85 is up top, but of course, this is always subjective depending on what you need in the camera. 

    It is also worth to remind yourself what nice things have been shot with what cameras. I always remind myself of the fact that watchtower of turkey has been shot with the gh3, making me want to have that camera for slow-motion, even though I am happy with the gx85 :)


  20. 20 hours ago, mercer said:

    Being an FCPX user, ProRes is definitely the most interesting aspect to me. With that being said, I have zero need for 4K right now, so even though the camera is a steal, for a second camera, a Micro would/could make more sense for me. But then the allure of that Dual ISO sensor is appealing. Has anyone shot and shared any 1080p ProRes? In my brief search for it, I haven’t found much 1080p from the P4K, especially in 24p. 

    I agree with you, the micro is very appealing at a lower budget. 

  21. 5 hours ago, Kangaroo said:

    BTW I got the gx85 in the end, the ibis is really amazing, with an adapted 50mm (so 100mm equiv) I can achieve some amazing steady shots, the body itself seems to be built much better than the g7 and with a pancake lens the camera is almost pocketable. The only downloadside is the missing jack input but I can charge the battery using my phone power bank, that's really useful! 

    Good job! If you need any more tips regarding the gx85 feel free to ask me, I own it for some time now.

  22. On 1/15/2019 at 10:04 AM, ac6000cw said:

    No - the GX85 is a bit older, and the internal processing is set up differently - take a look at the 'Video stills comparison' (for 1080p) on dpreview - the GX85 is much softer. Also the G85 has a few more adjustments (like continuous autofocus speed) that can be useful (I own both of the cameras).

    This is some of the bullshit you only read in online forums. If you say something like that, is is only because you are justifying paying more for the g85 over the gx80. The gx80 has equivalent 4k to the g85. That is what matters. If you really think that they process the image differently in fhd, then give me an official enginnering source or make that judgment over your own footage, do not just reference another test because you are lazy to do your own.

    I think a couple of points have to be added here. 

    The GX80 is by far the better professional budget option then the g85. Who cares if the fhd is worse then something else, you are not gonna buy a porsche and then only drive it at 100kms an hour, comparing the sound to a fiat. 

    Why? In 4k, there is no visual difference to be seen to the gh5 4k, and equivalence to the g85 4k. We have recently shot a documentary and noone could tell much difference to the gh5, even at 200mbs, to the 100mbs 4k of the gx85. Feel free to post a screengrab with the gh5, I will give you one of my gx80 that will look as good.

    You get the gx80 for around 200 to 300 bucks less then the g85. The gx85 is missing external audio jack, but this does not matter, since if you shoot professionally, you will not allow bad pre amps or camera sounds to go on your audio and go dual audio.

    One other thing is weight, people say the gx80 is missing weight, but as a b-camera, this is a huge upside. We were shooting while hiking and carrying the gh5 on a gimbal/glidecam slash the gx80, we always ended up using the gx80 on the glideplus a 40mm voigtlander, and we got the most beutiful shots. 

    The gx85 has professional features that if you go dual audio, you not really need and, if you have the same budget, it allows you to get a cage, grip and a zoom h1, which will take your gh5 audio apart.

    To summarize, the gx85 is in my opinion the best price/value under 1000 dollars, its a beast. So getting the gx85 over the g85 is a no brainer. 

    Comparing it to the gh3, I think the gh3 is a beautiful camera, and if there would be image stabilization, I would recommend the gh3 over the gx80. But ibis is still what kills the gh3. On top, I am currently building up anamorphic, and the gx85 allows you to shoot 4:3 in 4k photo mode, which the gh3 does not. On the other hand, the gh3 has internal audio (bad preamps). 

    The gh3 also gives you better slow motion then the gx80 at 50mbit/s vs 28mbit/s.

    The G7 is the gh3 with worse slow-motion and worse fhd, so I would go for the gh3 over the g7 and the gx80 beats the g7 as well because of ibis.

    I don't wanna be mean but there has been some junk written in this thread about high iso and soft footage of the gx80.
     If you are gonna use iso higher iso than 1000 with a m43 camera, you are already doing something wrong. Without loss of IQ, you are gonna use fast lenses or lighting to shoot at the right light. 

    I do own the gx80 and I can recommend over the g7 and g85 as a first cam, b-roll cam or professional b-cam, for a gimbal/glidecam for stuff like weddings, or as the first camera to get at the current state of technology (which is 4k) 


  23. On 1/3/2019 at 3:27 PM, funkyou86 said:

    It does squeezes 2x as well, but GH5's HDMI will output 4:3 image in 16:9, so it will appear as a picture in picture. Keep that in mind.

    I use Feelworld F7 which has custom zoom and custom anamorphic stretch options, works like a charm with GH5.

    Do you know if there is a difference between feelworld f7 or t7? have the same zoom functions. 

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