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  1. Potato Jet has access to all that gear through a variety of ways. He is an active video producer so he has access to rentals and other equipment used for that. He has many filmmaker friends that loan him stuff. He has many sponsors that send him items for review. And he is has a healthy case of G.A.S as well that leads to many of his own purchases. If you watch enough of his videos, he eventually tells you how/why he has basically every piece of kit. Sometimes he'll reference a RED he rented or borrowed for a video from months prior, for example. TBH Potato Jet is my favorite Youtuber right now. He feels very genuine and I legitimately like watching his stuff.
  2. That fire sale summer was an amazing time. It was such a clear, wonderful message from Blackmagic, "Here, low-budget filmmakers. Go make something awesome."
  3. My gear of the decade is also the gear that started my career: the GH2. That camera came around at the precise moment I started making the transition from photography to videography. It offered superb image quality with the hacks, but it wasn't magic. You still had to work hard for it to deliver the goods. It sucked in low light and had sub-par audio. I was a poor college student so I had to learn how to light with work lights and shower curtain diffusers and sync audio from a handy recorder. The GH2 made it all worth it though. I've always said that I couldn't have gotten my start at any other time in history. Any earlier and I wouldn't have been able to commit to the time and energy of cutting together DV clips. Any later and things would be too easy and I wouldn't be at the level I am today. The GH2 was the catalyst to everything for me.
  4. Up at the top, click "Sync * A005_12070220_C002.braw"
  5. As I was reading your post, I immediately thought of the Tenba Cineluxe. Then I saw that you already have the small one and you potentially need to fly with it. Your best bet is the Pelican 1510. It completely meets all FAA regulations for carry-on. Something to think about is how you'll be using the bag/case because these two things are often mutually exclusive: 1) Ability to drop camera(s) in fully assembled with lenses, monitors, etc. 2) Bag/case is compact and sturdy enough for safe carry-on air travel.
  6. Same here! I can't believe it's taken me so long to get one (now two!). Completely revolutionized my entire lens lineup - breathed new life into my most used and even least used lenses. Almost feels like I've doubled my collection.
  7. For me it’s a balancing act amongst all the different aspects of the camera: ergonomics, weight, size, battery life, AF (or lack of), IBIS (or lack of), codecs, frame rates, ISO performance recording media, lens mount, weather sealing, affordability, etc. I literally charted out all my needs for a camera based on this list and tried to find the perfect camera to fit it all. Obviously no such camera exists so I took the necessary compromises and weighed what was most important to me. The camera that accomplishes the majority of my goals is the Panasonic GH5. Everything is a compromise though no matter what. For me, ease of operation and ease of workflow trump all. Hence the GH5 is my favorite camera even over my BMPCC4K. Jobs vary though. Sometimes the Pocket 4K is my A cam and the GH5 is B cam. Sometimes it’s the opposite.
  8. You were saying? https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-to-add-24p-recording-to-the-canon-eos-90d-canon-eos-rp-canon-eos-m6-mark-ii/
  9. You were making a good case until this statement. Canon removing 24p from current and probably future cameras is absolutely purposefully crippling them. There is no extra strain on the processor for 24p/25p versus 30p. It's predatory behavior from a company that is trying to push its customers around - not cool.
  10. Unfortunately, this is the case for more than a few m43 lenses. Pana/Oly both apply some hidden lens corrections even in raw. BM doesn't obviously.
  11. Hollywood does it on occasion. The Dark Knight had a few IMAX shots sprinkled in where the aspect ratio went from ~2.39:1 to ~1.85:1. The Grand Budapest Hotel goes from 4:3 to 16:9 for stylistic reasons to show whether scene is current day or a story by the narrator. So long as it serves a purpose, I think this is completely fine.
  12. Tom Antos has posted his review of the 6K. He's definitely the Youtuber who's done the most work for a Pocket 6K review thus far. Pretty comprehensive.
  13. The new BMPCC4k speedbooster is indeed sharper, but the regular one is still very high performing. I've seen no credible complaints about the performance of the Ultra .71 on the BMPCC4k until the new one came out for people to compare it against. Again, my own experience is that every one of my lenses has become sharper with the MB on my cameras. YMMV.
  14. Thank you. I've found that the two main detractors of speedboosters either have never used one or have used an inferior one. My Metabones improves every lens I put it on.
  15. Agreed. I think they just chose the "Pocket" name for marketing purposes. The BMPCC sold the most units by far and really helped adopt people over to Resolve, which is their whole plan anyways.
  16. Theoretically, you'd get a very similar image yes. One difference could be in noise level. The slightly larger sensor should have better performance at any given ISO, but the difference between m43 and s35 really isn't that big.
  17. Completely agree here. Against my better judgement I chose to use my P4K instead of my usual GH5s on a run and gun shoot yesterday. By the time I rigged it up to match basic usability features like battery life and articulating screen of the GH5s, the P4K was a bit cumbersome. People have different tolerances for such things, but I'd much rather have the tiny, nimble GH5s for shoots like this from now on. Still, it was a good test of the P4K for this kind of shoot. I still love it for narrative and interviews.
  18. Cool! I didn’t realize I’d get anything but happy to have them.
  19. I just got a notification from UPS that I’m getting a package from JVC tomorrow. I definitely didn’t order anything but I did complete the survey. Anyone else getting something?
  20. Honestly, I think it's because many BM users are whiny and entitled. Announcements would get hyped up beyond reason and ultimately people would be underwhelmed by the actual improvements. Look at what happened with some of the GH5 AF improvement announcements: people jumped the gun and starting declaring that it would be Canon Dual Pixel level performance immediately, only to be disappointed when the firmware was actually released. Better to just surprise people. I say this as a BM user and lover.
  21. Same here! Other monitors are cheaper, but the Focus ticks all the major boxes to make it ideal for me. The micro HDMI kinda sucks for certain rig configurations of mine, but I'm happy to work around that for all the other benefits.
  22. They did something very similar to this with the GH5 launch. Had a first look with limited information in late 2016 then had a more complete unveiling in early 2017 and released very shortly thereafter. The difference is that back then all we were expected is an update to the GH4. This S1H release seems to have way more at stake with a much more crowded field of competitors.
  23. I use this: https://www.amazon.com/Ansso-Battery-Supply-Aviation-Connector/dp/B07MZLRKRN/ You can mount it directly to a cage or put it on a rail block. I prefer to use V Mount at this point though. If I'm going to rig the camera up, I prefer to have tons of juice.
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