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  1. I have three of these. Fantastic budget solution compared to the Elgato CamLink. Just plug it into your camera and computer. Your Mac will automatically recognize your XC10 as a webcam. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HDMI-to-USB-2-0-Video-Capture-Card-1080P-HD-Recorder-Game-Video-Live-Streaming/114229848228?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  2. Amazing! Excited to see the progress and even more excited for the eventual full unveiling 🎉
  3. Yepp, this. I'd say it's cheaper to buy your way into the industry now, but it was easier years ago. Now, anyone with some savings could buy a decent camera setup, but so can a lot of other people. Wedding photography is the extreme example. During the film days you'd have to own a couple very expensive cameras, loads of film, and lighting to shoot a wedding. The skill was secondary to simply having the capital to buy the equipment. You had to be skilled obviously, but how many skilled photographers couldn't shoot weddings simply because they couldn't pony up the cash upfront to build their kit? Now, you can effectively shoot a wedding with $2000 worth of equipment. That's my only wedding reference on this thread, I promise!
  4. Gotcha. Well then the S1R is 40+ MP so that's plenty for a center crop.
  5. This. When rumors first started swirling about the S-line, I thought for sure Panasonic would design the system to make adapting m43 lenses possible. It would make sense. Have a 24mp full frame camera that acts exactly like a 12mp GH5s when you put a m43 lens on it - 10bit 4K with a 2x crop. Perfect way to ease m43 users into the system. But nope.
  6. I could be misremembering since it has been a while since I watched the challenge, but I believe the whole goal of it was to question if the image of the "best" cameras really were the "best". The challenged proved the point that even cheap cameras have reached the point where they are in the same ballpark as the big guys. Thus emphasizing that the other aspects of filmmaking like lighting, audio, blocking, and story are things to focus on. So again, I feel that there's no need for this image-centric type of test.
  7. So many thoughts and memories about that Zacuto shootout. What an amazing time that was. The 5D was certainly the catalyst to the DSLR revolution, but the GH2 was the true champion of it. I think the results directly influenced camera and accessory manufacturers moving forward. I don't think there's a need to ever do another challenge though. By this point, everyone knows that the gap between say a BMPCC4K and an Alexa is narrow enough for 90% of users.
  8. Vimeo's ace up their sleeve is livestreaming. Their Livestream Studio software is legitimately great and has been especially useful during COVID-19.
  9. I keep coming back to this myself. The 18-35mm with a ProMist has nearly as much mojo as a vintage 18mm, 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm set at a far smaller cost.
  10. That's where I'm at too. It's been more valuable for me to have put my money into multiple cameras than one or two "better" ones.
  11. Notice there's no overlap here 😜Not trying to stir the pot. I think @SteveV4D makes a fair point.
  12. @hyalinejim Please take comfort in knowing that I do the exact same thing all the time 😂 I'm trying to do better like @fuzzynormal recommends. This has plagued me since the GH4.
  13. All of this. Looking to the S1H as the most comparable camera on the market - I don't see how Canon could possible leapfrog Panasonic in such a dramatic way. My intuition tells me the only way Canon can achieve these specs is to limit recording times, crop, disable AF in certain modes, or all of the above. Still, I'm cautiously optimistic.
  14. Personally I love using m43 cams with native lenses for interviews. You can easily light for f/2.8, but with the benefit of f/5.6 DoF. It means I can use smaller, less powerful lights which helps keep the setup small.
  15. The S1 to the GH4 is too big of a jump IMO. Panasonic has tweaked their color science substantially since 2014 and pairing the two would be more of a headache than it's worth. The G85 will get you much closer, but really I would try to spring for a GH5. The 10 bit will be a huge help for you. If that's too much, then consider a used original Blackmagic Pocket. HD only, but it's great HD. Remember, when matching cameras you often have to match the best image to the inferior one. Don't cripple your S1 - get something that can almost replicate it. Just my $0.02.
  16. Spotted this last night on Curb Your Enthusiasm. A GH5s being used as a prop deposition camera. It’s in a cage which makes me think this is an actual production tool. Maybe a crash cam or second unit. Pretty cool.
  17. I used my P4K and OG Pocket together over the weekend. I used the Super Scale feature in Resolve to bring the OG's footage up to 4K. It's not quite as detailed, but can easily intercut with true 4K stuff in the eyes of the client. Very happy with the results.
  18. I'll be using my OG Pocket for a big (for me) corporate shoot this weekend. It still consistently can deliver the goods.
  19. This is exactly why I think Panasonic with stay with MFT at least through the GH6. They have a massive group of users that want a full featured video camera for ~$2000. MFT lets them do that. It's impossible in FF at least in 2020.
  20. Lol I probably jumped the gun with that GIF ? I know it seems like a s35 sensor behind a mft mount comes with lots of drawbacks, but honestly it doesn't. This is something many of us discovered at the release of the LS300. The implementation was honestly amazing. You saying you guess there would be significant drawbacks is sorta the point we're making - everyone dismissed the camera because it didn't seem possible, but it was! Just a sad missed opportunity for cameras that came afterwards.
  21. It's been done - the JVC LS300. Fantastic implementation, too. It just wasn't popular enough of a camera to spark a movement.
  22. Lightning in a bottle is my guess. Sigma released it very early on into their new Art line - maybe the first or second lens. I wouldn't be surprised if they priced it barely above cost in order to attract a ton of people. Then, they were able to keep their margins due to the massive scale. Everyone that wants this lens has one, so I don't know if it would be wise for another manufacturer to even try their own version. They probably wouldn't be able to match the price:quality value.
  23. The past 10 years have been mostly MTF for me, mainly Panasonic GH cameras. My kit now is probably the most disjointed it's ever been: GH5, G9, Pocket 4K, OG Pocket, and a C100 m2 with both MTF and EF mount lenses. Any one of them could be an excellent go-to camera for basically anything (except probably the OG Pocket), but I've decided to compartmentalize when each is used. Amazing times we're in.
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