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  1. At this point I don’t see enough upsides to get the 4.6K. Personally I bought the Ursa Mini Pro earlier this year which is largely the same camera. It’s big and heavy making it a pain in the ass sometimes compared to my Pocket 6K. BUT, the ND filters, BRAW to SD cards, shoulder kit and EVF, SDI, and full XLR inputs give it an edge over my other cams. If your intention is to shoot on sticks or handheld, I think the Pockets are far better choices than the 4.6K right now.
  2. But that's not unique to just this camera. Once you make that jump to a legit cinema camera, the accessories go up in price. But lighting, rigging, and support equipment isn't exclusive to big cameras. I can use the same amount of expensive lights and rigging for a shoot with my Panasonic S1 as I do with my UMP.
  3. Very exciting news! I feel like the price drop is similar to the OG Pocket fire sale. No immediate replacement imminent... just doing it to do it. Some may say the 12K is overkill, but BRAW made that resolution very manageable from what I've seen.
  4. Rumor has it that the S1/S1R/S5 will be getting a firmware update next week adding BRAW output from the HDMI port. That to me puts the S line even higher up the list as the best hybrid cameras on the market right now. I'd love to have BRAW out of the USB C port a la the Pocket line though.
  5. There are many more specs to tease out, DR being a major one. They did the same thing with the GH5: the development announcement had a few enticing features to get people excited and their wallets ready, then the full announcement dished out all the goods.
  6. I sooooo wanted JVC to find success here. The camera itself wasn't quite right for me, but a Panasonic or Blackmagic camera doing the same thing would almost certainly found its way into my kit.
  7. I wonder (hope) if there are some bigger benefits that perhaps this limited spec sheet doesn't show? The same sensor, but with a much better processor could mean faster readout, better DR, cleaner ISO, etc., right? Maybe internal 4K60p 10 bit? Maybe... Although this is a pretty damning situation
  8. I hear you. Instead of eBay, I do a lot of selling on Fred Miranda forums. You have to pay a fee to sell on the site and you must build up good feedback to sell. Because it's a niche market, you end up with scrupulous buyers and sellers.
  9. +1 going through a reputable used dealer, but definitely shop around when trying to sell your gear. Adorama gave me an embarrassingly low quote for my mint condition Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2. They wanted to give me $300 for it since they had many used copies already in stock. So, it made me nervous but I went the private route and was able to get $800 for it. Risk and reward sometimes.
  10. Holy shit @Andrew Reid this is insane. I've often felt like a crazy person being so nervous to sell anything of value on eBay, but this justifies my fears. I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope some better resolution can come of it!
  11. This is fantastic! The use case I'm scoping out with the GO II is walking tour of a college campus. It will be great to be able to have a single audio source for the on-camera segments and the scripted, voiceover stuff with b-roll. I did something similar a couple years ago with a traditional wireless set. The presenter would meander through talking points making the constant starting and stopping of recording on video a bit of a pain, so having the full recording will be helpful. Super specific use case, but useful for me haha.
  12. I actually think they have one of the best naming conventions in the whole industry. All the cameras are in the E2 generation, but M4 is m43 4K, S6 is s35 6K, F6 is FF 6K, and F8 is FF 8K. Compare that to a7siii, FX3, C70, etc. when trying to judge specs at a glance. Even Blackmagic's convoluted naming at least lets you know what the cameras offer 😅
  13. Taking away a major internal feature from the P6K to make your argument doesn't really work, though. For my money, two P6K Pros are worth more than one C70. You may feel differently. Everyone has a different balance they need to reach.
  14. Internal NDs, tilt screen, and dual mini XLR make it worth the extra $500 over the 6K. This is probably the perfect camera for them to release right now.
  15. Yes!! Not a very pretty camera though lol
  16. I was about to be furious about the Extreme's pricing until he said that there was a separate ISO model. I already begrudgingly sold my Atem Mini Pro when the ISO came out only months later so the thought that they'd add 4 more inputs for only $100 more was giving me flashbacks. The two new models seem very well priced/specced.
  17. I can get on board with this if implemented right. Put some sort of connection at the bottom of the camera (a la battery grip contacts) to attach a purpose-built SSD enclosure for extended recording. Make it compatible with standard internal 2.5" SSDs.
  18. Micro four thirds is in a much worse place than it was when the GH5 first came out. We all know how evolutionary, if not revolutionary, it was at launch: internal 10 bit 422 up to 4K30, 8 bit 420 at 4K60, IBIS, flip screen, etc. etc. We were willing to overlook its faults (AF mostly) because it was amazing in so many ways. The unfortunate truth is that other camera systems have completely caught up and overtaken the GH5. Even Panasonic's own full frame S5 presents a way better value proposition. As @newfoundmass highlighted above, the highly influential Youtube segment has largely stepped away from the GH5. I think it will take a complete showstopper camera in order to bring them back. My personal wishlist that I think will do the job: 6K30p and 4K120p 10bit 422 internally, ProRes Raw or BRAW externally, IBIS, Full V-Log, Dual native ISO, GREAT AF, similar build/ergonomics to GH5 but with better battery life. Additionally, I think they need a few tricks up their sleeves: webcam functionality through USB C, wireless monitor through mobile app, fancy flip screen from S1H.
  19. I love my 1/4 Pro Mist. It has such a pleasing look that cuts through the clinical sharpness of some of today's cameras. That said, the 1/4 strength can be overkill in certain situations when light sources enter the frame. So, for a more subtle effect that probably has broader uses I recommend the 1/8 strength to start.
  20. I think AF was the primary reason Panasonic went with the integrated lens there. I sooooo wish they made an interchangeable lens version alongside it.
  21. Update: I’m completely loving the UMP and feel I made the right choice to buy. I’m going to need to sell some stuff to offset the cost, but the value it adds to my kit is extraordinary. Woo!
  22. Sometimes you've got to jump on a good deal and it seems like you made a smart move. I'm hoping my purchase of the UMP was made under the same sort of rationalization. Admittedly, as it's out for delivery today I've felt both relief and remorse haha. If I choose to keep it, I'll have to make similar steps to finance it, probably meaning selling my Nocticron and BMPCC4K to at least take a chunk out of the cost. Best of luck to you in the coming year!
  23. Things are in constant flux, but it does seem that productions in my region are amping up albeit with some good restrictions to keep people safe. I've spent the last 18 months or so making some major changes to my camera kit to adjust for COVID times and less work, but then right at the end of 2020 I got a bunch of work that shifted things back the other way. I told myself that I wouldn't make any major investments in 2021 and instead just let it ride with the gear I have already. Well, that thought didn't even last two weeks as today I bought a used Ursa Mini Pro G1. I've already got in my kit: BMPCC4K, BMPCC6K, Panasonic GH5, and Panasonic G9. I've been missing having an actual production camera after selling my C100 Mk2, so I don't feel horrible about this buy. But, I can't help feeling I jumped the gun a bit lol. Anyways, anyone have thoughts? And, what are your camera owning goals in 2021?
  24. I myself recently upgraded my tripod to the Flowtech 75 with E-image GH06 head after using a set of Slik 700 Pro DX legs with various heads for about a decade. This was the most satisfying purchase I’ve ever made; no regrets. It is a complete quality-of-life upgrade. My pans and tilts have never been smoother and setting up my tripod has never been easier. I’ll benefit from this upgrade on every single shoot. Since you just bought a new light, can you say the same about an additional light purchase? Or, like me, could you see more benefit from a new tripod? 😁
  25. Seems like an interesting alternative. I love FilmConvert and have used it for years. Some advantages FC definitely has are a massive list of supported cameras as well as years of good reputation.
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