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    Charlie got a reaction from capitanazo in Shoot a film in 6 hours   
    Normally i script everything, but with this film all the actors improvised....everything.........it was shot in just six hours........The best part is i only told the actor about the beginning.....the last part i surprised him just before we shot it........he was angry jjajjajajajaja
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    Charlie got a reaction from IronFilm in New Lens   
    Cant decide between the 20mm f1.2 and the 2000mm f3.9
    Any thoughts??????????????????
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    Charlie reacted to IronFilm in Shoot a film in 6 hours   
    Sometimes I'm tempted to go shoot an entire feature film improvised with only a rough outline, but that is just because I'm lazy and I need to find a script writer to partner with!

    It was an on camera mic? (oh wait, maybe maybe there was one lav)
    Nearly 10 minutes is quite a long short film to do in only 6hrs, I'd keep it more compact. From my skim over your film I feel it would benefit from snappier cuts?

    But then again a couple of weeks ago I shot around 20 pages of script in only a single day :-o Shit
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    Charlie reacted to kye in Shot this recently - To many talk about gear - nuff said   
    I'd be happy with your crappy old mirrorless...  if your GH5 or A7III start cluttering up your place I'll let you store them at mine!!  
    Charlies post got me thinking about this board and who is on here.  
    I think it tends to be a place for a few situations:
    Contemplating upgrades Keeping up with technology Socialising I don't see a problem with any of these, as even for people who shoot all the time there are still these situations
    I don't think there should be less talk about gear, but I'd love if there was more talk about the artistic aspects of film-making as well.  After all, once you buy a camera and learn the exposure triangle the rest is really working out what to point it at! ?
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    Charlie reacted to Cinegain in Shot this recently - To many talk about gear - nuff said   
    Maybe he was guilty of it himself and figured 'less talking, more doing'. Et voilá, the result!
    That in turn of course should motivate and inspire us to pick up our cameras and do the same! If I had a location and model as such, I certainly would. ?
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    Charlie reacted to zerocool22 in How do you practice?   
    I never practice, I practice during projects. So I #@{* up some projects now and then because I am trying out some new things. Sometimes it pans out, mostly it does not. You learn from your mistakes. I don't like filming stuff for practice (as in uninteresting subjects with bad lighting) as it would kill my love for shooting. 
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    Charlie reacted to BTM_Pix in Tips for achieving this style if cinematography   
    No, it will be the same across all sensor sizes but the noise levels will vary.
    Which, in the part of the world that we both currently are, is already currently 1/5000th at f2.8 at ISO100 so we should probably just stop worrying about motion cadence and equivalence and go the beach  
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    Charlie reacted to kye in Tips for achieving this style if cinematography   
    @Charlie Nice work!!  It's always nice to see a finished project come together and this one sure did, style and then some.
    I said in my post some time ago you were either a genius, or you were crazy, and I think it's somewhere in between, considering that it's pretty out there, but it still ticks the boxes for a wedding video in showing the right moments, showing the right people, and having a celebratory vibe that matches the couple but will still be ok for grandma.
    Everyone has an opinion, but there are only a few that matter, firstly the clients and if they were happy with it, and secondly if you were happy with it.  If you were happy (with allowances for you taking notes on improvements for next time - none of us ever thinks a project was perfect!) then that is what will get you over the line with the next couple when they call and you start talking about what you could do for them.
    Walk tall, offer a reliable service where you deliver on what you promise and the world is your oyster.   My wedding wasn't a traditional one and whenever anyone asks about it they always say things like "I wish I could have done that" or "wow, I'm not that brave" etc, so there is a latent desire in a surprising number of people to do something that's a bit more about them and a bit less like how things have been done for hundreds of years.
    Plenty of people get married and the Hallmark cinematographers will get the bulk, but live the dream and do it your way! ????
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    Charlie reacted to Gregormannschaft in Tips for achieving this style if cinematography   
    Incredible. I heard the A73 is much closer, but that is really impressive. One thing I will say with the movement is make sure it's motivated. At times it can look like you're moving for movement's sake. I think in these high end fashion videos of the same style, the movement tends to follow a 'logical' path the human eye would take. I checked the original video and the movement tends to go like this: eyes > feet, feet > eyes, swinging bag > eyes etc etc

    And if you watch again, there is a lot of movement, but a lot of shots are focused on the eyes with some swaying here and there. There's a shot where she's running through a pool, the camera focuses on her smile, and then moves down to view her feet going through the water. It feels like a natural and logical movement.

    That's probably a lot of words on pretty much the same point, but I think it's an interesting topic. Movement is so rarely discussed and is a huge part of cinematography.
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    Charlie reacted to BTM_Pix in Tips for achieving this style if cinematography   
    The flip side of that though is that the people who do get it and don't want the traditional one will be prepared to pay for that style and you won't constantly be in a pricing war with other producers who make those traditional ones.
    Go your own way, make your own market and own it.
    You won't get every job but you'll get the jobs where people want what you are creating more than they want the lower price you are charging.
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    Charlie reacted to Kisaha in Tips for achieving this style if cinematography   
    I understand that you are forming your style, I am sure you are going to earn a lot of money from weddings! I may be too oldschool, but I needed a few times of "pause", some time to breath in your edit, just my humble opinion of course.
    I noticed that you used a couple of prime lenses, again that is your style and I respect it greatly, but personally, I find a good zoom lens liberating for such jobs - that can be more stressful and demanding, later on in your career.
    Keep up the good work, and I am waiting eagerly your next project. Next level? Heineken!
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    Charlie reacted to kye in Tips for achieving this style if cinematography   
    Awesome - my concern was if they knew what they were getting but if they're into it then that will be really cool.  I like it when people do something a little different
    The combination of that song (the amount of style and how rhythmic it is) and your editing and shooting style will be something to see - your reel looked good and had a few cool moments where the visuals matched the music, but not so many that it distracted too much.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with ?
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    Charlie reacted to BTM_Pix in Tips for achieving this style if cinematography   
    He's probably currently doing the same thing everyone does after the first wedding they agree to shoot.

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    Charlie reacted to Django in Tips for achieving this style if cinematography   
    i'd say a mix of 16mm analog & digital. the shots at 0:10, 0:40, the biker jacket shots & couple other definitely appear digital. it's a dope ad in any case imo!
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    Charlie reacted to TwoScoops in Tips for achieving this style if cinematography   
    Besides the quick edits, cool location and amazing model help. Imagine it with a fat chick. ?
    Digital Bolex on a shoulder rig would probably give a better version of what this is trying to be. 
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    Charlie reacted to OliKMIA in Fast apertures on the GH5 = Full frame   
    Good article but what about the image quality at 0.95 ? I tried the 25mm on my GH4 and I was not very impressed by the quality wide open: ton of vignetting and CA, very soft image. The advantage of 35mm lenses on FF is that you can find very good options (e.g Sigma Art) and stop them down to f2 or f2.8 where they really shine.
    Don't forget the traditional "whaaaaat's up guyyyyyys" at the beginning of each video, along with "SUSCRIBE" with your hands pointing down toward the button...
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    Charlie reacted to Walter H in Downgrading my gear - Few Questions   
    Dude, you had me until your previous post. Now I wonder how sincere you are to make a move for in-the-moment needed cash. You are in the same breath lusting after other things (i.e. the most expensive route of a $2k new body) and saying that you are so broke you need a body in the $500 range. Which is it? And how much can you actually make by selling what you have to purchase other, lesser equipment.
    You love your camera and Zeiss lenses. Refer to posts by @Mark Romero 2 and @anonim. I am all for cutting out the hardware "fluff" and selling off anything you do not need, but the notion of downgrading might leave you very unsatisfied.
    I'd suggest being honest and doing a budget sheet to calculate what you could reasonably sell your kit for, actually sell two lenses you have not used in the past year (if they exist), calculate what a lesser "kit" would cost you, and then figure out HOW ELSE to raise the difference in cash you need. I've no idea of your circumstance but picking up some other part-time work and budgeting tightly for a couple months might be all you need.
    If this does not work, then sell the GH5 and m43 lens and any Zeiss glass you don't use. Keep the rest of the Zeiss glass and say, I'm giving myself a year to get my financial life in order and then re-enter passion film making. Learn some new skills in the meantime and shoot with your phone.
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    Charlie reacted to Kisaha in Downgrading my gear - Few Questions   
    Just keep the GH5, is a good hybrid and it has lost a lot of resale value already, so no need to worry about that! Sell everything except the 20mm, and buy a cheap kit, or the 12-60, and call it a day. You are covered from 24-120mm and you have a modern camera to take you to the 2020s easily.
    The a6XXX cameras are some of the worst cameras I have use in my life, nothing I liked about them (maybe the 18-105 lens, pretty cool for the price and nice stabilization) but if you go for cheap, then the a6000 is ok for casual photo and a little bit of video. If you want 4K, then the a6300, but the 1080p is really bad, and soon you will get bored of their amateur-ish nature and shortcomings, especially in hot hot Southern Spain!
    I do not know about the lesser Panasonics, as I have only used the GH series.
    EDIT: also, as you go up the chain (from a6000 to a6500) as well as just keep the GH5, because the a6500 aren't that cheap either, and you have to check lenses prices.
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    Charlie reacted to SR in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Think I need to change my underpants.
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    Charlie reacted to anonim in Downgrading my gear - Few Questions   
    I'd say - keep or buy what ergonomically makes best feeling to you and best suite to your needs. Even 500$ difference will be easy compensate if you really like and with enjoy to use your tool. One camera, one or two lens that make you can fully concentrate to and accomplish your goal. Maybe to think of shooting as to some sort of peaceful meditation - only relevant is that you could not be distracted by anything... everything else is in yourself.
    Of course, I'd say it more to myself than to you - because I'm always starting with presumption that you or anybody else knows better and more than me...
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    Charlie reacted to mercer in Downgrading my gear - Few Questions   
    I briefly had the a5100 and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, shortly after I bought it, I believed that the future was 4K, so I went 4K... I’m back to 1080p now. I recently watched a bunch of short films with the a6000 and they looked amazing.
    If you don’t mind a 1” sensor, the RX10 I and II are both very capable cameras. But if you don’t mind a 1” camera sensor, then you can probably get a good deal on the original Pocket camera pretty soon.
    Good luck. I love these threads when people realize that a lot of these specs are nonsense in the world we live in.
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    Charlie reacted to Mark Romero 2 in Downgrading my gear - Few Questions   
    Thanks for the clarifications about the codec upgrade and the overheating problem of the a5100.
    Yeah, I think for most sane people, a used panasonic would fit the bill.
    Wondering what the DR will be like of the new BMPCC4K when it is released.
    Well... I am a fountain of misinformation today. You are correct; no mic jack. Just a usb jack and a micro hdmi jack.  (Just checked on my a6000)
    I can say with (almost) absolute certainty that the a6000 does have the multi-interface shoe that allows for one to plug a sony mic into the hotshoe.
    After a brief search of SOLD cameras on ebay in the usa, looks like:
    Used G7 body only starts around $500
    Used a6000 body only starts around $375
    Used a5100 with 16-50 kit lens starts around $225.
    This was a quick search on the SOLD listings so please don't quote me on this.
    Hope this is helpful. Apologies in advance if it isn't.
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    Charlie reacted to Kisaha in I lost my GH5! - Please help answer this!   
    I assumed that a Brit in Alicante could be having one too many drinks, too often! I forgot things myself all the time, but my camera bags are big, difficult to hide them! I am glad there was a happy ending to your - almost - tragedy! 
    I see that new A7sii go for less than 2000 on Ebay (European seller). There should be an imminent A7siii release that will bring the prices further down, but 1900euros for a new A7sII is a bargain already. You paid more for your GH5/speedbooster.
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    Charlie reacted to Dustin in I lost my GH5! - Please help answer this!   
    And folks there you have it, the effects of alcohol on the brain! 
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    Charlie reacted to BTM_Pix in I lost my GH5! - Please help answer this!   
    Pop one of these into your camera bag next time you go out on the ale
    Works on pets, senior citizens and mirrorless cameras.

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