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    dslnc reacted to Trek of Joy in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
    More testing, against some machines with lots of cores, fat video cards and egpu's. 

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    dslnc reacted to MrSMW in Fuji GFX 100 loses to Huawei P40 Pro Plus smartphone for dynamic range   
    Respectfully, it’s not.
    The lens is just one part of the equation.
    You can put great glass on a shit camera and it’s still a shit camera just as a shit lens on a great camera is still a shit lens.
    A great photographer with an average camera will always out-shoot a complete muppet with uber-expensive kit.
    I will put skills before kit every time.
    But phones, some of them are looking a bit good and I’m one of those people that went to just using my phone over a camera...but gone back to camera despite the ‘inconvenience’.
    Can’t deny the capability of some phones these days in the right hands however. There’s some great stuff in another thread on this forum.
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    dslnc reacted to Andrew Reid in Fuji GFX 100 loses to Huawei P40 Pro Plus smartphone for dynamic range   
    Have smartphones overtaken the best medium format cameras for dynamic range?
    This is a comparison that should worry everybody in the camera industry.
    Full blog post:
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    dslnc reacted to Andrew Reid in Fuji GFX 100 loses to Huawei P40 Pro Plus smartphone for dynamic range   
    Yes of course it's multiple frames at different exposes fused together. Tap the shutter button and it's done for you, by a neural network no-less, with AI. And certainly more than just 3 frames fused together, due to the speed of the sensor.
    The GFX 100 burst isn't fast enough for this to work.
    It does show that small, fast smartphone sensors can overcome shortcomings like dynamic range, with computational photography.
    They have never been able to beat a medium format camera, massive 44x33mm sensor with 100 megapixel before.
    The Huawei is the first to do this.
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    dslnc reacted to Yurolov in Sony A7S III   
    The real problem is that it doesn't even surpass products that have already been on the market for quite a while. 
    The s1h surpasses it in many respects.
    For example, a7siii might have the following flaws: crap ergonomics, crap ibis, crap color, no autofocus with external recording, heat management issues in hot weather and associated recording limits, crap weather sealing, less DR, less video shooting modes, less megapixels for photo mode, less detail in 4k, crap preamps (as with a7iii), less reliable, etc.
    But its benefits are 4k60p and 120p and autofocus (which most pros don't rely on).  
    Its just a bit meh. 
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    dslnc reacted to Video Hummus in Sony A7S III   
    I don’t get all the negativity.
    This is a very sensible camera from Sony as long as it doesn’t overheat and ruin a real world shoot. Everybody wanted a FF 4K60p 10-bit camera. We have it now. With excellent AF, ALL-I, log, no pixel binning in sight (!) and hopefully no overheating in practical terms.
    Sure, the flip screen is low resolution and rubbish. The menus are straight out of kindergarden classroom. And its only 12MP. Who cares. It’s about the sausage in the end.
    I hate to say it but Sony is probably going to be the company to give us that internal eND in a mirrorless body someday.
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    dslnc reacted to Laurier in Sony A7S III   
    I used a S1h for a project, the only advantage would be the IBS for me. The 6k image is not as good as the 4k image and the 60fps crop is just annoying as it s force you to change lenses to get coverage.
    The S1H is seriously large for an hybrid. In the end I found it make little sense to use it over a BMPCC 6k.
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    dslnc reacted to Xavier Plagaro Mussard in Sony A7S III   
    Thank God they didn't went up in megapixels. It will probably be very good at high ISOs. And let's say the truth, who needs 8K??
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    dslnc reacted to wondo in Highly contradictory reviews on EOS R6 overheating limitation   
    problem solved 🙂

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    dslnc reacted to sanveer in Highly contradictory reviews on EOS R6 overheating limitation   
    It's all in the head. One of the issues that M43 must sort is the pipeline. It should either be 14-bit, or better still, 16-bit. It may help with the whole highlight rolloff (apart from reworking the algorithms and changing rhe VLog to the full version). 
    They have way better rolling shutter, way better battery life, and generally much higher reliability. And frame rates could be pushed, even beyond what the GH5s and XT4 do (they do 1080p at 240fps).
    Most people agree that PDAF is the biggest shortcoming right now. In pretty much everything in Mirrorless, M43 has been the pioneer. 
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    dslnc reacted to A_Urquhart in Highly contradictory reviews on EOS R6 overheating limitation   
    What I mean is that for people who want to use this as a serious video tool, which I think is C5D's target audience, he's basically saying "don't bother". 
    The run times indoors, outdoors etc that you wanted listed, while yes, they would have been interesting info to have, are not things anyone interested in video production should have to worry about in 2020. 
    I'm eager to see what the Sony A7SIII is like but no matter how great the features are, if it overheats at all, it's a non starter. What good is the best AF and IBIS (Not the reasons I'll be buying the camera) if the camera is shut down for 20mins and you can't shoot?
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    dslnc reacted to Alpicat in Highly contradictory reviews on EOS R6 overheating limitation   
    Johnnie provides some info about how long he was filming for in his comments:
    "Looking at my interview timeline, the max i could record was around 9 minutes. Saying that, I guess the camera “gathered heat” while filming some short clips before and when left on “standby” in order to arrange my framing and light."
    "I did’t get near the 40 minutes benchmark Canon measured. I guess what they did, is taking a camera “out of the box” and let it run up until it overheats. In reality, we work a bit differently. We film short clips. We leave the camera “on” in standby mode for composing the shot and take care of other (Little) issues like lighting and sound. All this is building a certain heat inside the camera body, so it can be that by the time you need to film your main interview, the camera will shut off much earlier than the claimed 40 minutes."
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    dslnc reacted to Danilo Del Tufo in Highly contradictory reviews on EOS R6 overheating limitation   
    I'm following this problem from the beginning of the introduction of the new Canon cameras. Overheating on R5/R6 is a serious problem as I've always supposed, we are receiving too many reports from the professionals. I'm sure that professional people will not use them to capture video as Canon claims, I suppose the only solution is the A7Siii, I will consider Sony if it doesn't overheat for one hour of continuous shooting, if S1H had a good autofocus it would be no brainer to choice over Canon, but it's also not lightweight camera. After comparing all the cameras on the paper, based only about rumors, Sony could win for sure. On my iMac Pro it's impossibile to check 8k RAW footage from R5, only via Resolve, dropping frames. It's a workstation that costly me rough 15.000 euros and frankly I will never use proxies with such power. So my advice is waiting for Sony and leaving the idea to consider Canon to shoot professional videos. Next firmware on Canon can't change problems with overheating, maybe 1/2 minutes of better dissipation but forget to use the camera for casual shooting... 
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    dslnc reacted to A_Urquhart in Highly contradictory reviews on EOS R6 overheating limitation   
    We had one that contributed to the forum, he shared a ton of great information and got zero respect from users here so left. 
    Just watched Behrini's video and I think he did a good job of confirming what I already knew. Out in the real world, this camera is useless for video. At least he produced a real world video...Peter Mckinnon zoomed around on quad bikes........as a motorcyclist myself, when you are moving out in the open at 40+kph , the wind chill factor really helps keep things cool!!No wonder his camera didn't overheat, it had constant airflow!
     While Gerald may have given some run times, did he say if these run times where on a tripod or in the hand? Judging by most users here,  people who want a camera with IBIS and AF are wanting a camera that they can use in the hand, nun n gun and to be inconspicuous. I think the camera in the hand will overheat faster than on a tripod. 
    No-one has given the perfect review yet but at least Johnny did a good job of providing real world information and a finished product that gave the viewer a rough idea of how he used the camera. 
    One thing I do find interesting is that people are more willing to make do with overheating vs poor battery life. As an example, The Pocket4K on release had (and still has!) poor battery life. But, after 45mins I can put in a fresh battery and keep shooting. The uproar from many forum members was way over the top and suggested that the camera was useless.
    Now, imagine if your cameras battery died after 30mins but........you couldn't put a new battery in for at least 20mins and even then, the new battery was only going to last 3-4mins of shooting. THIS is what we are pretty much seeing in the R5/6. This is reason to get angry! Who want's a camera that could decide to shut down at ANY given moment and then can't be revived for 20+mins? 
    Basically, for video, it's not fit for purpose.
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    dslnc reacted to anonim in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    For those that aren't visiting BM forum, here is quote of Juan Melara's cheer and ask about gen 5 color science - as mentioned earlier, also with further playing with gen 5, similarity with P4KAlexa lut is astonishing - it seems as that BM engineers took his achievement as pattern to replicate in effect:
    "Just spent an hour or so checking out the new Gen5 colour science. The new gamma curve is great. Pretty much exactly what I’ve always wanted from BMD. Top work.
    But Captainhook, Blackmagic Design, any chance you could include an option to disable the Gen5 gamut mapping/limiting? Or include a colour space that has it disabled?
    A lot of grading workflows require access to the full unconstrained gamut. For example negative film emulation. Currently neg film emulation works so well on BMD cameras as they see and hold onto extremely saturated colours. The results I’m getting on the P6K in Gen4 are as good as any other camera I’ve shot and profiled.
    I’ve got extremely saturated test charts shot on the P6K and on Vision3 film and what the P6K sees in Gen4 is pretty amazing. On the Vision3 charts I can see a gradient of red values getting deeper as they saturate, then organically curving towards orange as they reach peak saturation. On the P6K in Gen4 I can see the same smooth gradient of reds as they reach the same end point but with less of the curve towards orange.
    In a profiled LUT based match, that organic curve towards orange is easy to achieve. In a procedural Yedlin style match that curve is easy enough to recreate.
    But in Gen5, that gradient of deep red values doesn’t exist, as they’ve been constrained and homogenised into a light pink tone. All the amazing colour separation is gone, which makes it difficult if not impossible to accurately emulate neg film. As you can imagine this is slightly disappointing.
    If the URSA 12k and the other BMD cameras are expected to integrate into high end workflows when shooting Gen5, make some colourists and colour scientists happy and please allow access to the full unconstrained gamut."
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    dslnc reacted to Laurier in Blackmagic casually announces 12K URSA Mini Pro Camera   
    Yet you still hear people complain about the Alexa green cast, the Red yellow wash and the pinkish skin from canon colours.
    Put a Zeiss lens you get a blue cast, put a canon or a Cooke you get yellow, but a sigma you loose some red/yellow ect...
    Shoot on film, you get several colour cast depending which lab is going to develop .
    If the image is striking , no one is complaining about the sky being the wrong shade of blue.
    Once you cut through the marketing BS and learn how to use a grading suite, none of that matter.
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    dslnc got a reaction from filmmakereu in Blackmagic casually announces 12K URSA Mini Pro Camera   
    Great blog post from Brawley - as close to the source as we possible can get. At least he is not speculating but actually reporting.
    The price of the camera means that it will be pretty economical to rent as too.
    good times.
    I like the braw codec and how davinci makes my computers feel almost new again. At least comparing to premiere.

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    dslnc reacted to kye in Blackmagic casually announces 12K URSA Mini Pro Camera   
    I can't comment on the hardware side of BM, but I've been using Resolve for some time and I can say that they've made it much more reliable over the last few years.  It used to crash once or twice per hour of use, for me anyway, but I don't think I've seen it crash in the last year even once.  They've done that even while adding the Fairlight, Fusion, and Cut pages, which integrated two other software programs into Resolve, no small feat.
    Resolve seems accessible, so I think it's easy to forget that it was only a decade ago that it cost upwards of $100,000 and even today it is one of the two worlds-best colour grading platforms and used by everything up to and including the highest budget productions there are.  In that sense, making it reliable is a must as serious people expect that.
    In this sense, I think BM know that reliability and service are fundamental to having a premium product, because they already own one and have customers in that market segment already.
    John Brawley includes lots of detail about the sensor here: https://johnbrawley.wordpress.com
    It's a great write-up and may answer your question above.
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    dslnc reacted to Video Hummus in Blackmagic casually announces 12K URSA Mini Pro Camera   
    I seriously doubt anybody buying a 12K camera is buying it because they can now show audiences a 12K feature film. 12K opens up other possibilities.
    I’m getting pretty sick and tired of the pervasive Luddite mentality being displayed on this forum.
    There is always going to be compromises with gear. It will either work for you or it doesn’t. You give feedback. You move on. 
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    dslnc reacted to Dimitris Stasinos in Blackmagic casually announces 12K URSA Mini Pro Camera   
    It seems that while i was sleeping last night, binary computing stepped up. I feel so old now that i have to stick with my good old 8K camera which i haven’t bought yet. A paradox maybe?
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    dslnc reacted to heart0less in The Resolve / Colour Grading resource thread   
    Take it with a grain of salt, BUT despite the clickbaity title (which is totally intentional), it's a solid piece of advice and shows how a professional DP tackles basic color grading.
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    dslnc reacted to leslie in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    but if you have it, you may as well use it right 😉
    as forest would say, life is like a box of chocolates 😎
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    dslnc reacted to Yannick Willox in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    More than a year later, seems like braw is a much underrated codec.
    It edits quite easily on a budget pc, does not generate huge files, and is free to use for other manufacturers.
    There is nothing like the p4k for the money, i needed resolve studio, so the bmpcc4k actually cost me 950 euro. More so, because I already had some decent m43 lenses.
    The 6k is another story, plenty of competition there.
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    dslnc reacted to SteveV4D in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Editing BRAW in Resolve is a dream compared to my H264 files I work with from my GH5 and GH5s.  Editing H265 from my drone is even worse, but I think RAW on a Mavic Pro drone is a wish I shall be waiting a long time for.   Thankfully I've never edited MJPEG files, not since the early days of video DSLR.  The Nikon D90 I owned, which first introduced me to the idea of shooting video with a photo camera.  That was almost 10 years ago. Video has progressed a lot since then.
    I'm almost reluctant to look at any camera now that uses H264 as it's codec.   Though if my GH5(s) is set to all-i, it's workable.  The only issue with ProRes and BRAW recording is power, which is frankly a pain.  
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    dslnc reacted to Wild Ranger in Filming a short film in isolation. self-made narrative.   
    Well since that quarantine got us all...
    I struggle a lot with inactivity, so i had to make a short film... Almost alone, by my self.
    The point of this is just to entertain and motivate others to make, create even on this times. 
    PD: I had a Panasonic S1 that was let to me for testing. I used this for the film.
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