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    Samin reacted to BTM_Pix in Airport X-ray can affect DSLRs and bring hot pixels?   
    After taking numerous cameras from numerous manufacturers through numerous different airports, I'm going to venture my anecdotal experience of the only risk to your gear going through the scanner being someone "accidentally" picking your bag up at the other end if you yourself don't get through the metal detector fast enough.
    There are also some airports (Manchester in the UK for example is a bastard for this) where they make their own rules up about what electronics have to be separated out and make you take all of your electronic items out to go through the machine separately which means you can have a ton of very expensive gear sat there on very public display on the end of the conveyor while you are waiting in a queue behind half a dozen idiots who've left coins in their pockets .
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    Samin reacted to Ehetyz in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    So I've been shooting a new mockumentary/short movie where I'm using both the URSA Mini 4.6K and the Pocket 4K side by side, for interviews etc. Did some preliminary tests on grading the footage today, and they match quite nicely. Nothing scientific (and not all 100% going for cinematic since it is a mockumentary) about this one so it's not as if you can take it as a direct comparison - but I think some of you might find it interesting. Both cameras were at 800ISO (which theoretically is sub-optimal ISO for the Pocket but eh) and shooting at 4K Prores HQ, only difference in grading is that tint is set to -8 on the URSA and 0 on the pocket.


    Top one is Pocket, bottom one URSA.
    Looking at them full-res, the most obvious difference is that yes, the Pocket is sharper. I may have mistaken about in-camera sharpening in Prores - on the other hand, they have drastically different lenses too; Pocket is running on Sigma 18-35 at 1.8 and a speedbooster while URSA was shooting with a Takumar 50/1.2 which is quite milky by nature.
    Anyways, it's proving to be a nice b-cam for the big bro Ursa.
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    Samin reacted to Andrew Reid in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I remove my car doors so I can get in and out faster.
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    Samin reacted to Shirozina in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Bright conditions + wide apertures require very strong ND to control exposure and many ND filters don't block IR as well as visible light which the sensor can pick up and cause a colour shift in dark tones. Naturally you can also stop down the lens but then you may as well get a native M43 lens.
    I'm not seeing anything that couldn't be done with a GH5 or GH5s and a (heavy) grade - apart from the 4k 60p internal. 
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    Samin reacted to AaronChicago in GH5s anamorphic short   
    I rented a Master Anamorphic 50mm for another project on the Helium, but walked over to Chinatown in Chicago with a couple of friends to shoot this little short with the GH5s. All at 3200 ISO.
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    Samin reacted to SR in Lenses for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Have officially booked the camera. Hope you guys have too. I'm trying to start a dedicated thread just for lenses you'd be pairing the Blackmagic Pocket 4k with (please include video samples of the lens in action)
    I'm strongly considering the Tokina AT-X Pro 28-70mm f/2.6-2.8 AF (making it 40-100mm with the Viltrox EF-M2 0.71X). The breathing seems minimal and the image filmic, a good candidate for short films.
    Next is probably the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8. (25.5-50mm with the 0.71x adapter). This should have me covered for a lot of future commercial work, where sharpness might be paramount.
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    Samin reacted to SR in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Lenses to go with the BMPCC4k needs a new thread. This is something I'd follow.
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    Samin got a reaction from webrunner5 in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    I did some tests as well and definitely, there is an improvement but still not useable and reliable for my liking.  I think at the current stage GH5's autofocusing is as good as it gets! can't expect much from contrast based focusing system. 
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    Samin got a reaction from Adept in DJI Ronin S   
    There you go:
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    Samin got a reaction from Phil A in DJI Ronin S   
    There you go:
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    Samin reacted to anonim in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I'd suggest Leica R zooms - I found that their construction is second to none except modern Voigts. They don't protrude, focus and zoom rings are incredible smooth, again only comparable with Noktons. If lenses are in nice conditions (and their long life  period is unbeatable) they achieved quality that is the most important to me but I don't know how to better explain it: cleanness. Simply, image without predominant tone/shadow veil. Most of vintage lenses has it - and although it may be interesting in effect, it is near impossible to remove it completely in grading to get proper initial/neutral/clean grading point.
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    Samin reacted to JordanWright in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    The price on those 1.2 primes was the main reason I haven't gone for them, all the footage i've seen looks fantastic.
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    Samin reacted to Jim Giberti in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    On the push pull zoom topic, FWIW I offer the Nikkor 50-135mm f/3.5 Ai-s.
    This is one of those "under the radar" lenses that was only on the market very briefly but is pretty widely loved by the folks that have shot with them. 
    We've used it on the UMP and Micro with MB dumb and SB adapters.
    It's built like a tank but really wieldy with a 62mm front. Unboosted on the new P4k it will be a 100-270mm which would be a pretty great compliment to a Sigma at a relative 35-70mm. 
    The IQ is pretty stunning on my and other copies I've seen. Great contrast and uniform detail across the zoom range. Definitely the vintage nikkor look w/a slightly cool rendering vs Canon glass, for instance.
    You can find them ridiculously cheap on ebay $100-$200. 
    Absolute no brainer if you can find a good copy.
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    Samin reacted to graphicnatured in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I'll start with what I've been using and see how everything looks, then I'll start visiting this and other forums to see what you guys are using and the results everyone may share.
    24-70, 70-200, 35mm F2, 85mm 1.8
    100 Macro, 11-16
    50 1.4
    Helios 40 and 44, Jupiter 9
    Kowa 1.5x
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    Samin reacted to Parker in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I sold my Tokina/baby Angénieux 28-70 f/2.6-2.8 just a few months ago, I wasn't ever using it after I moved to a pretty much all Zeiss Contax lineup (the 35-70mm f3.4 on a speedbooster is an incredible lens, just amazing, I can't wait to see what it looks like on the new BMPCC). 

    But the Tokina does have very beautiful, filmic rendering. Basically I sold it because I had an EF version (so no way to change the aperture) and that drove me crazy since it is quite soft wide open. Little did I know, if I had just held onto it for a few months... anyway, here's a pic that shows off the Tokina's bokeh and special look for those that are curious:

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    Samin reacted to JordanWright in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Just ordered the Tokina 28-70 2.6-2.8 from ebay for £130, not bad for that zoom range. Eventually I think ill put together a set of primes to compliment it, maybe Contax Zeiss or Leica R's...
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    Samin reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Me too, although I can use it on the cameras I already have, so if it doesn't work for some reason on the p4k, it's not so much of an issue for me. I also have a metabones adapter with no glass, so I image I can also use that on the p4k with no problems. If both adapters work, I'll essentially double my lens collection, giving each lens a little further reach with the non speedbooster.
    As for lenses, I'll mostly be using the Sigma 18-35 1.8 and Canon 50mm 1.8. They're both great lenses and give me all the focal lengths I need with lots of light. Especially if I keep both adapters with me. When I need something more discreet, I'll more than likely be using my trusty old Sigma 30mm 1.4 with the speedbooter. I find for holidays and more walk about kind of stuff, it's the perfect focal length and looks great, even with the worst lighting you can imagine. Especially since the booster makes it f1.0.
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    Samin reacted to Snuff in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    In this video you can compare Sigma 18-35 and Tokina 28-70. Shot with Ursa Mini 4.6K. Tokina is very filmic (starts at 2:36).
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    Samin reacted to Snuff in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I'm going to use with the new Pocket 4K vintage full frame manual lenses with Metabones Speed Booster XL 0.64x (Nikon to M4/3). 
    1. Tokina 28-70 f/2.8, with BMPCC4K (crop 1.9) and 0.64x booster it covers 34-85mm f/1.8.
    2. Leica Summicron-R 50mm f/2.
    3. And I would like to get Angenieux 70-210mm f/3.5.
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    Samin reacted to Axel in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    To say that those Pana/Oly system lenses with very soft fly-by-wire focus (usually ideal for fast and quiet AF) are 'suboptimal' is way too weak. They're completely useless here.
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    Samin got a reaction from Snuff in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I was wondering those who have pre-ordered or planning to buy this camera, which lens/lenses have in mind to pair it with bmpcc4k?
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    Samin reacted to webrunner5 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Well I plan on using my old standby Panny14-45mm , and the later G7 kit lens 14-140mm. Both are pretty crazy good copies I will never sell. Both just seem to work when you need something to get the job done. Not the most romantic lenses in the world, but they make stuff happen. But yeah a person needs some fast MF Cine lenses. Wide ones at that.
    Trouble is all the above lenses are sort of too good for a Cine look. So I have found the cheaper the lens sometimes the better they look. Old Yashica,, Vivitar stuff is interesting, more so than Canon L glass to me. I sort of like to get a lot of character from lenses more than using a LuT, or filters to achieve. Soft edges, distortion, etc. isn't always a bad thing.
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    Samin reacted to SR in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Viltrox EF-m2 0.71x 
    Tokina 28-70mm f/2.6
    Possibly Sigma 18-35 1.8.
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    Samin got a reaction from Eduardo Granadsztejn in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I was wondering those who have pre-ordered or planning to buy this camera, which lens/lenses have in mind to pair it with bmpcc4k?
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