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    Thpriest reacted to Video Hummus in Why is the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 still not surpassed?   
    Apparently Laowa is developing a new f/0.95 MFT lens.
    Rumored to be in the 20-35mm zoom range (40-70).
    Would be awesome if they got closer to andrews 28-50.
    Doesn't need to be pin sharp if it’s going to be manual and a video lens.
    Venus Optics and 7artisans are doing interesting stuff. 
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    Thpriest reacted to Andrew Reid in Why is the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 still not surpassed?   
    Olympus Four Thirds 14-35mm F2.0 is a very good lens.
    They had the skills to make it a long time ago.
    Would like to see a 14-50mm F1.8 from Panasonic when GH6 comes out. Really push the boat out
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    Thpriest reacted to Emanuel in Best MFT backup / second camera body   
    Apart the Japanese menus and to invariably miss the much professional interface design because simplicity is to excel the filmmaking norm matching a superior IQ quality of my P4K, I love my GX85 and my three GH1 units as well, great cams, will never sell not even one of them ; ) Yet on 1080 fence, my two GF5 units instead look like even smaller toys made of dreamlike and reliable standards anyway. Wonderful tiny capture device format factor BTW. MFT is the best format ever, let alone the incredible unique light glass itself when not for peanuts price : P
    If you'd just want a 4K bargain to add to your arsenal, buy the G7 (I only have four of them! LOL : ) you'll be able to get in the range of 300-400 bucks.
    On those words, I just try to resume the framework which grounds my MFT option route. I confess : D cams are an addition, so we need to buy good for affordable... : X
    E : -)
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    Thpriest reacted to Amazeballs in A 41MP Olympus Mirrorless Camera will be Announced Soon   
    All of this doesnt matter for me if they dont add PDAF. They can go 16k or whatever. I am fine with 4k6010bit internal, but bring me PDAF, built-in ND and more DR. 
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    Thpriest reacted to IronFilm in Good Lighting kit makes quite a difference   
    Please don't use a blimp indoors :-( 

    And definitely don't use it indoors with a wookie condom on it!
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    Thpriest got a reaction from Andrew Reid in Clive James - UK and Aussies have lost a great talent   
    I enjoyed Unreliable Memoirs. I wrote a critisism of it for my Highers back in the day.
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    Thpriest reacted to Video Hummus in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    I think they have an incredible high bar to meet so they are taking their time.
    The GH series cameras from the beginning are all about pushing the limits.
    I don’t need HFR 4K. I want practical features. Improved IBIS, recording to SSD via USB-C, USB-C power delivery, better DR, internal ND, improved weather sealing.
    A GH6 with these features and the 10-25 f/1.7 or a speedbooster with a vintage lens would be an absolute beast. An internal ND + speedbooster would be very compelling for even FF zealots.
    Removing the shutter, and replacing it with some kind of ND unit would be the single best thing they could do!
    Sensor readout speeds on MFT are really good. Just have electronic shutter for GH6 and the future photo-centric G9/G10/G11 or whatever can keep the shutter.
    AF, eh, I’m fairly happy now. Would I like PDAF? Yes, of course but I’ll take next gen DfD too if I get an internal Nd solution.
    Please don’t repeat another GH6S debacle. I would say they would do better to minaturise the EVA1 to fill the role of any potential GH6S.
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    Thpriest reacted to Michi in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    No no, you got it all wrong. This video is kept in log by purpose so Mr. Trump can for once have natural looking skin tones too. Several highly skilled colorists worked very hard for a very long time to come up with this solution...  
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    Thpriest reacted to Video Hummus in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    So who decides what is law and how it will be enforced in this 1% gov’t? Or are proposing wild west and prairie justice?
    Have you driven on a road lately? Who built it? Flown in a plane to somewhere? Who made sure it didn’t collide with another plane? How did you buy your cameras? And with what? Did you pay in sea shells and gold flakes?
    I get that gov’t doesn’t work for everybody. Gov’t fails people, sometimes in spectacular ways. But throwing out, wholesale, a system that frankly you use everyday for even the tiniest niceties in your life is asinine. Reform it. Don’t destroy it.
    Frankly I agree with you on one aspect.
    There is way to much emotion and not enough self-awareness in this day and age.
    If only we could debate the Ideas and politics like we do the image out of a camera. But frankly, emotion seeps it’s way into that too.
    God help us.
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    Thpriest reacted to vincegortho in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    Trump 2020. 
    Democrats don't even talk policy anymore. They've now debased themselves in to trying cheap tactics to impeach him. Even Obama is telling the progressive party to chill out with the cancel culture woke lexicon. What happened? How did conservatives become the cool* counter culture? 
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    Thpriest reacted to nickname in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    I'm afraid the only one looking like an idiot is the person who claims to have opened a factory after he got a tour at a plant that has been running for years. 
    Couldn't invent it. Who needs comedians when we have trump? 
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    Thpriest reacted to Adam Kuźniar in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    A couple of quick screengrabs from a recent Jazz concert I shot. I must say I was super impressed with the GH5 on this one - not only it recorded for 1h30m straight with no issues but it did so on one single battery! Meanwhile Sony shooters that were there kept saying on the voice comms "I need to switch the battery" over and over again ?

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    Thpriest reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic s1h terrified presentation   
    Yep he's a top bloke and knows his stuff.
    I am a bit jealous of that Cooke anamorphic in the video. Perhaps the stilted performance is down to internally thinking HOW we can make off with this lens afterwards. That's what I would be thinking.
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    Thpriest reacted to BjornT in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    A 2 min documentary profile I did over the summer. GH5,HLG,Sigma 18-35 and graded in resolve with filmconvert.
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    Thpriest reacted to Video Hummus in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    Can confirm GH5S + 10-25 f/1.7 with a Smallrig L-Bracket cage balances perfectly on the Weebill-S.
    I also have an 8Sinn cage but it won’t balance perfectly due to the bump out of the cage cold shoe mount on the right side hitting the roll axis arm. The motors can still handle it and it works pretty well; just not optimal.

    First impressions? Footage is pretty smooth straight out of camera. Still need warp stabilizer if you want butter smooth footage.
    For $439 it’s a great gimbal. Love the size.
    But...I still can’t wait to have improved IBIS and EIS in future cameras so I don’t need a gimbal.
    EDIT: To clarify you need warp stabilizer for butter smooth footage on the GH5S that doesn’t have IBIS. Any camera that does have IBIS will work like a dream with this gimbal.
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    Thpriest reacted to BTM_Pix in 43Rumours criticising Vitaily Kiselev for Clickbait   
    I'm going to go for a new slant on the genre and start JohnsonRumours, where I post reports of statements that the Prime Minister has made that might actually be true.
    I'll grant you the US franchise so you can do the same with TrumpRumors.
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    Thpriest reacted to BTM_Pix in 43Rumours criticising Vitaily Kiselev for Clickbait   
    I like it when rumour sites give a rating to the veracity of their own rumours.
    Its pretty much the equivalent to people ranking their own farts.
    My new favourite is when they are self important enough to announce the countdown to the unveiling of a new rumour.
    "I'm going to announce something that is highly likely to be untrue but by ramping up your anticipation and making you wait for the announcement this gives it some degree of importance so you are far more likely to believe it to be true".
    Which reminds me, when is the Tory manifesto being released ?
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    Thpriest reacted to Kisaha in Any ideas for a general-purpose zoom for MFT?   
    This, may, or may not, could be interesting for an all arounder. Definitely slower in the 23-50 range, but it is longer and has some macro capabilities.
    Sigma 17-70mm F/2.8-4 DC OS HSM Macro 
    Also, with the Dec Regain, a 18-135mm USM could be a handy 13.5-100mm.
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    Thpriest reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Panasonic G9 Becomes GH5, almost.   
    Full Vlog would be a big deal for me. Don't you think being about to shoot a clean 6400 iso and pretty usable 12,800 iso would be pretty cool tho?
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    Thpriest reacted to dslnc in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    It happened to me with the firmware 6.1? (the cdng release version from one year ago) with a sandisk extreme 512GB ssd - with sdcards I never had an issue. It seemed to me as if it was calculating something. Amount minutes left to record and clips recorded and it somehow took quite a bit of time. And worst - one could not start recording until then.
    but with the next camera update (the braw one) it was gone (at least for me )
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    Thpriest reacted to currensheldon in Panasonic G9 Becomes GH5, almost.   
    I think the GH6 will really pack in the features as it is the only way to differentiate the MFT market (just like the GH5 did 3 years ago). Basically, what can't full-frame mirrorless cameras do yet? A few years ago, it was 10-bit 4K, high frame rates, and great IBIS. Really only Panasonic's own cameras have surpassed that, but Nikon, Sony, and Canon are coming close (and Canon crushing with 1DX III specs that will surely make their way into a mirrorless camera soon-ish).
    So the GH6 needs to go all-in.
    - Raw externally to an SSD
    - Dual ISO that is great to at least 6400 ISO (like the GH5s)
    - 6K recording (not a huge deal for me as I'd rather have 12-bit 444 or raw in HD and 4K, but everyone else is doing it, soo...)
    - G9 or better IBIS (EM1X territory)
    - 120fps in 4K (and in 10-bit!)
    - Great AF - definitely starting to find this more and more important to keep my gimbal weight down.
    - And the BIG ONE: INTERNAL NDs!!
    I'm all about Panasonic's full-frame and excited about where Canon is heading after two knockout releases (C500II and 1DXIII) and amazing RF glass, but a GH6 with the above features with the 10-25mm f1.7 attached would compete on almost all levels.
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    Thpriest reacted to Video Hummus in Panasonic G9 Becomes GH5, almost.   
    I think 6K in 16:9 is a must given so many cameras seem to be adding it.
    I’m not so bullish on 8K. Would rather see a nice crisp cinematic 6K with great DR and internal ND solution.
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    Thpriest reacted to Video Hummus in Panasonic G9 Becomes GH5, almost.   
    LCD is not as high resolution / color accurate.
    No C4K.
    No 400Mbps All-I
    No Cine 24.00 Hz
    No anamorphic
    No shutter angle / synchro scan
    No focus transition feature
    No XLR-1 support
    No timecode
    No HDMI LUT display / record trigger
    No video property display layout
    No unlimited recording
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    Thpriest reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Panasonic G9 Becomes GH5, almost.   
    I think low light performance is very important so if that means a 12mp sensor I am all for it. 

    120fps in 4k is a must, the Z-cam E2 can do 150 and that is the same sensor as the 5S. RAW recording is a must, the Sigma FP can do it to an SSD and so should every camera from this point on IMHO. 

    422 10 bit up to 4k 60fps, again the Z cam can already do this. Prores internal recording should really happen. 
    Full vlog is a must and of course IBIS. 
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    Thpriest reacted to theSUBVERSIVE in Panasonic G9 Becomes GH5, almost.   
    When these cameras were not out yet, a few years back, I thought that Panasonic should pack video-feats in the G9 just like upcoming GH5.
    At the time I though the GH5 would be something like the GH5s but with IBIS, so it would offer better low-light like the A7S line up, better rolling shutter and readout speed but the G9 could still offer compatible V-log L capabilities to work as a B-cam for video. That way, you could have higher-res pics with the G9 and better video with the GH5 and they would complement each other pretty nicely, in a similar way Sony does.
    In the end the G9 didn't get the video-feats - well, until now -, the G9 and GH5 ended up sharing the same 20MP sensor and there was a separated GH5s with better low light, multi-aspect sensor and no IBIS.
    Panasonic has backed down from the early promise of 8K by 2020 for the GH6, they showed their 8K camera with organic sensor, but from what I've read, it's a power hungry sensor, so it doesn't look like the technology is quite ready for consumers cameras. Will the GH6 or G10 come with ToF AF?
    higher MP count IBIS reliable continuous AF for sports high-speed and high-capacity buffer maybe dual-gain circuit if they can 4K 10-bit GH6: 
    new 20-ish MP sensor dual-gain IBIS 240+fps slow-mo maybe 4K90p or 120p? 4K60p 10-bit internally  reliable AF without hunting/pulsing in video S1H's hinge/fully articulated screen at least the same RAW recording as the S1H It seems like a reasonable list, the major doubts are the new sensors and ToF AF or PDAF, but if Panasonic can pull that off, they will be a pretty good pair for photo, video and hybrid shooters, enough to keep the Micro4/3 interesting without disrupting their S-series.
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