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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to KnightsFan in Best camera designs   
    Great post! I think design, UI, and ergonomics are an under-reported element to our work. As every NX1 will say, it is such an enjoyable camera to use. Not just the chunky grip and sensible button placement, but the straightforward, simple menus deserve a shoutout. As a general use photo camera nothing comes close.
    Though I haven't used them, I think the Z6/Z7 are noteworthy for actually including a locator pin hole on the bottom--so simple, but so helpful.
    On the other side, the Z Cam E2 has some unique design choices that stand out. Lack of a grip makes gimbal balancing easier, and the presence of two 1/4-20 threads makes it super stable. Unlike larger pro cameras, it's tiny and much more easily managed for a single person crew. Then there's the phenomenal Z Cam app: wired/wireless monitoring and control from an iPhone.
    I noticed that! Definitely a nice touch.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Kisaha in Best camera designs   
    I am using photo and video cameras for a lot of decades now (since when we only had film), nothing is even close to the NX1, it is just unbelievable how right this camera feels/is.
    Super AMOLED screens, everything can be done in at least 3 ways, best touch screen implemantation so far, and still the best menus ever (Black Magic are amazing too, but they are just video cameras and their screens are bigger).
    If you just grip the camera and take a couple of photos, then you are hooked for life.
    Best size to weight ration also for me,.
    I am waiting the new Canon R cameras, maybe they will be the closest thing to perfection.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Kisaha in NX lens protocol   
    I saw this on dpr. Do not know if it is any significant but I would love to see my NX lenses on a Z50!
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to SR in Shooting Formula 1 at the Italian Grand Prix with the legendary Canon 200mm F1.8 and Blackmagic Pocket 6K   
    Every time the NX1 gets mentioned, I return.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Marco Tecno in NX1 Eterna Profile   
    Very interesting finding! This camera is a treasure even after more than 4 years! 
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to mnewxcv in NX1 Eterna Profile   
    I will take a test tomorrow with oled on/off with a color checker and see if I can determine a difference. Will post back in 24hrs.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to mnewxcv in NX1 Eterna Profile   
    I can confirm that turning OLED Color on/off creates a visible difference when shooting a colorchecker. Attached a photo of each. Looks like a bit higher saturation overall, but it is also not linearly increased for each color. Rather, blues seem to be a bit higher in saturation with OLED color on, and the magenta trace seems to pull true to magenta, while the magenta trace pulls slightly to the blue side of magenta with OLED color off. Also, my wallpaper, which I consider to be in the white family but containing some color looks much more yellow/warmer with OLED color on. However, the white squares on the color checker are almost identical between on and off, so white balance isn't really affected directly.
    oled off.bmp
    oled on.bmp
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to CyclingBen in NX1 Eterna Profile   
    Hi Gals and Guys. I've been trying to match the NX1 to the Fuji Eterna profile in camera for a couple weeks and think I finally have it dialed in.  Here are my settings:
    OLED color - ON Picture Wizard - Custom Color Green .95 Saturation -3 Sharpness -10 Contrast 0 Hue -6 Using FCPX and color match I'm able to get it to match perfectly in a click or two.
    If anyone has other ideas or better settings I'd be happy to try them and post results.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Lotfi Kaz in NX1 VS Canon C200 can you spot which one?   
    I've used a cinema camera in my latest project, the Canon C200 recorded in Raw 12bit and aswell as the NX1 which I've been using as my main camera for last 3 years.  it continues to be so impressive that I prefer its image to that of the c200 but you're the judge.  
    "the nx1 was whenever the video wasn't a fixed shot" 
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Juxx989 in Vintage NX-1 Camera! New Video! May 2018   
    Recently I took my antiquated Collectors Edition NX-1 out for nostalgia purposes. Came up with this.
    Shot it with the S-Lenses. Mostly 16-50 + 4 filters over it
    (BTW Autofocus is null & void with 4 Filters stacked on it)
    Ungraded Still below if Interested

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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Santiago de la Rosa in Playing with the 16-50 PZ and NX500   
    Hello all, I have been in Scotland for a week, what a beautiful country and people and I just want to share some pics and a short video playing with the very cheap 16-50PZ.
    All auto WB, 0 Sat, -10NR, +1 Contrast and 6ºHue.
    Video is just 7 seconds in Waverley Station testing autofocus. NX500 Hack NX-KS 140Mbps
    All colour in camera, no post.

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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to fletch murray in NX1 users workshop   
    Andrew, I hope you'll respond to this as well as let us set up an ongoing NX1 users forum (not just one reflecting on the past nor the hopes for the future and an NX2, and I would buy one tomorrow.  Since there's no tech support line to call, I hope to answer some questions about odd things that have happened.   I've been using my NX1 for four years and love it.    Here are my top three questions.  Question 1 is: "Why would the luminance "bounce" on this shot?"  Question 2: "Has anyone had their NX1 go green on a night shoot?"  https://vimeo.com/152670688  . Question 3: "Do you find that the NX1 will override your settings in video if it feels the shot is overexposed?" This happened on a shoot we did of a woman in open shade with bright wall behind her.  The NX1 stopped down (though not in AUTO ISO) to compensate for all the white.    So, I feel like I'm married to Marilyn Monroe. The NX1 is stellar in so many situations (unparalled auto focus performance in the video below,
    but once a year it goes a little nuts. NX1 goes green_SAM_0053_160121.mp4   Thanks - Fletch
    Nx1 Bouncing Luminance.mov
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Happy Daze in NX1 Extended Dynamic Range? New Settings.   
    I have lately been experimenting with video capture settings on the NX1 and I have been exploring a method of increasing dynamic range which I don't think has yet been touched upon.
    It's really no big deal and I am not making any great claims but it may be of interest to some so I produced a quick video How-To.
    Take is as fun, I have done very little real-world testing and it may be of little use, but over to you.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to keessie65 in NX1 Extended Dynamic Range? New Settings.   
    short film with settings RGB 1.99 , sat-2, sharpness -10, contrast -2. MB at 10. With anamorphic lens Bolex 16/32/1.5x.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Kisaha in Samsung NX2 camera release!?   
    they are not coming with anything, this rumor is based on the rumors we have mentioned here already. It is amazing in the era of social media and "always-on-line" how rumors and fake news travel, and become a reality!
    IF, and I say, IF ever try to make an NX2, I am sure it will be the most heavy spec-ed and future proof camera ever built!
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Juxx989 in NX-1 Best Alternative to A73   
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Kisaha in Samsung NX2 camera release!?   
    This is the good ol' rumor.
    What amazes me, and it is rather significant, is that the rumor is still circulating by many, and different sources, and despite the unbelievable specs, people accept that an NX2 could make them happen. That is how strong an impression the NX1 made in the industry and the initiated.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to bmusikaudio in NX1 Film   
    Thanks. We should be releasing a trailer in the next month or so. We are about 60 percent done editing. Had to grab some pick up scenes. 
    For lenses, I like using older ones for NX1. I shot at 2-2.8 split. This camera has some really deep inky blacks, which I love, but using older lenses lowers the contrast, which gives me an extra half to 3/4 stop when used in conjunction with filters.
    Generally I expose for mood. I use white pro mist/soft fx filters, fog/haze, nets to roll off harsh highlights or under expose to protect important highlights or just look in another direction to avoid them. I've found through testing that I can safely recover about 1.5 stop of shadow detail before the image begins falling apart. But honestly I just let things go dark. I rarely recover shadows. But if i need too, i know i can. If theres something that needs to be seen, I'll generally bring in a light fill bounce/light to bring up levels. I don't rely on bumping up iso. Messes with grain texture too much. I like to keep images clean and consistent. I rarely go above 400 iso. Sometimes 800 if I'm short on time.
    My thought process with limited DR cameras is to shoot for end goal. WYSIWYG. 
    We were influenced by Netflix Daredevil, which also goes pretty dark. You definitely have to have trust. Producers and Directors get scared of that amount of darkness. I always keep reference images on my phone to show them just in case. 
    Here are some additional images and BTS screens. 

    A rough clip of some pick up shoots. We haven't color graded, stabilized or fine tuned the edit. This is literally something I threw together to see how the scene feels. It's low bitrate to keep size down. The original is really clean. 
    I also use rolling shutter repair on most clips. It helps with motion cadence in my eyes. 
    The fight scene was shoot last year. Again, another rough cut.
    Test Scene Maya Conner.mp4
    Fight Scene Test.mp4
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to lucabutera in NX2 rumors   
    When talking about the Samsung NX1 camera, in the comments you clearly distinguish 2 types of people:
    The pessimists and the optimists.
    1) The pessimists are those who have never had an NX1 in their hands;
    2) The optimists, that is, the enthusiasts who own an NX1 and are happy and satisfied, some of them sold the NX1 by switching to another camera but regrets the NX1.
    I do not want to speculate on the news of a possible NX2 (although I would have reason, considering that I worked a lot and lost time to support the NX system with the NXL speed booster), I just want to say to the defeatists who think it is not convenient for Samsung, that the camera market is niche, which in 2018 will drop an asteroid on the earth, etc ...
    Maybe Sony is crazy about investing in the photo market? Yet he took a lot of the market away from Canikon!
    Nobody knows the business dynamics of a giant like Samsung, sometimes certain products are produced for different reasons, to be present in that sector too, to show muscles, to satisfy customers, to experiment with superior technologies to be used in another sector such as that of the smartphone.Some time ago I hypothesized that after the release of Red Hydrogen on the phone market, Samsung could get a professional camera that was able to incite fear to the Red camera, this thought is not so crazy if you think about it.
    The Iphonenauti sect is difficult to erase but the sales of the Galaxy 9S could be annoyed because of the many guys who are passionate about photography and video that would buy a Red phone instead of a Samsung.
    Did Samsung expect double the NX1 camera sales? Well, just double the sale price and get a better result! I for the NX2 would spend twice as much as I paid the NX1 and buy the new Galaxy 9S, why? Simply because it knows how to do everything right, it is a small and light camera that never disappoints you.
    When Andrew says that Samsung is the only one who can do it, it also means that Samsung has cut many design costs derived from NX1, also has all the components that are used in other appliances.
    I think they should focus only on a high-end model, the NX2, the top of the class, no compromise, the best camera on the market with a single set of S lenses including the monstrous 300mm f2.8 ready and never marketed!
    A dream maybe but dreaming does not cost anything and then it is not so far from reality.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Andrew Reid in NX2 rumors   
    The NX1 is so responsive out on a shoot. Never had a snappier camera. The S zooms were state of the art. There is OIS + hardware accelerated warp stabilisation in-camera for handheld shots that are more locked down that 5 axis IBIS. You can even walk with it. When I hark back to my trip in Lisbon with it, got nothing but fond memories! The colour! The easy laidback operation! The insane resolution! Monitoring off an AMOLED right there in the street! Feels like a luxury living room not a shoot! It's super light and the pancake 30mm F2 is a bundle of fun. Loved Ed's new york films shot on the NX1 as well.

    When it came to some of the drawbacks, many of them turned out to be software related.
    For example the dynamic range was fixed by remapping to 16-235.
    Then the firmware update allowed you to do this in-camera and even raise the master pedestal black levels.
    The blue-sky banding was related to certain transcoding methods for H.265. Again much better now.
    And you can now edit it natively quite comfortably on a modest spec of machine!
    The hack then came out on top of the firmware updates... and although the high bitrates in 4K don't make a huge difference, the very fact it happened at all was a miracle and no camera aside from the GH2/4/5 had a larger gang of hardcore enthusiasts around it, with hacking projects, dedicated sites and forums springing up all over.
    Some aspects of the build quality is as good as the Leica SL, particularly the top panel LCD with sexy orange backlight and the seal on that, the finish around parts of the body is absolutely a class act.
    It was way ahead of the time... way over people's heads... at a time when the NX range was lower-end heavy and too exposed to the market shift. Timing was just all wrong. The timing for an NX2 now however is just right. Although having said that the US stock market did just crash and there is a run on Bitcoin
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Kisaha in NX2 rumors   
    @Damphousse dude! we are far from burned! most friends and professionals have changed 2-3 systems since 2014 in search of a better system, and I am confident in my equipment for at least a year or two! 16 and 20mgpxls were the sensor's technology back then, and for some even now, Super Amoled EVFs and touch screens were a luxury or a total miss, and for some even now, uncroped APS-C 4K/no overheating/H265 are still novelties (even latest A6500 does not comply). The first and truest pro APS-C mirrorless (until A9 and A7Riii). NX1 was a hybrid for the future (which is now!).
    We tend to forget that products and companies are pushing the envelope. Back then, the GH4 was a big step forward, I have friends now saying the worst things about that camera, but they forget what were the other options, really. GH5, the same. NX1 was such a camera. We have to look at history when is happening, not of what we wish could have happened (history is my hobby!).
    @Andrew Reid If anyone could do a prototype such this, then Samsung would be the one. The newer processor is so much powerful (eating Snapdragons for lunch and dinner!), and I am sure they would have optimized their older chips where it counted. They have unlimited resources and mobile phone cameras is one of the strongest selling point in that industry right now, and in the near future.
    NX1 was made exclusively by Samsung, in house, and in most components (SAMOLEDs, touch interfaces, RAM, mobile processors and efficiency, data transfer etc) are the best in business, not just good.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Andrew Reid in NX2 rumors   
    Burned? Not sure about that mate. NX1 owners are a very satisfied bunch. I should know, I am one. And the 16-50mm F2 is the best S35 zoom I own.
    Would do it all again in a heartbeat if they brought out another camera.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to Andrew Reid in NX2 rumors   
    Lots of convincing detail in the rumors post. USB C with DisplayPort enabled for 4K video output is a good idea, for instance. The gyro shutter thing is interesting.
    I have no idea if real or not but one thing that strikes me as strange is that the NX1 is was never based around one chip (like the Exynos) and instead had lots of different custom hardware, dealing with separate tasks, like AF tracking, video encoding, etc. So not sure if building a prototype around one chip even makes sense with NX1 architecture the way it is (or was).
    Also to develop a brand new sensor for a prototype seems like an expensive thing to do if they have no intention on releasing it.
    Would be amazing if Samsung made an NX2 as a tent-pole of some kind to say to the world - look what we can do in cameras, now buy our S9 for a taste of the same specs.
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to hoodlum in new updates NX1 ???   
    We can always dream.
    High-end Samsung APS-C camera based on Exynos 9810 SoC
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    Francesco Tasselli reacted to MountneerMan in new updates NX1 ???   
    This is hardly a rumor, it was simply a three line response to the countless request for comment that says "maybe you will get a gift while you fight" this means absolutely nothing and out of the very long list of what this could mean an NX3 is very very very far down that list.
    Here is my list of what this could mean in order of probably
    1. Probably means nothing and we are not getting anything.
    2. A software update that helps with compatibility with newer phones
    3. A software update that helps with compatibility with newer phones & gives minor phone interface improvements because it was easier to connect their new cell phone camera app to the NX1 then to make the old app work with the newer cameras.
    10,000. They have taken all the tech they learned with the NX to make a concept camera of the future for display at tech shows and showboat what they could do if they wanted.
    1,000,00. they have an NX3 that will be released in two years that is nothing like a camera as we know it and more like a cellphone with 1" sensor like all the other cell phone companies are coming out with now. (actually, this is probably not that unlikely but really has nothing to do with cameras or the NX1)
    10,000,000. they have an NX3 that is an iteration of the NX2 and can use NX lenses.
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