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  1. It said "I will be hooking up my Atomos Ninja Star to the D750 in part 2 of the review." back in the "Nikon D750 review – initial thoughts and real-world footage – ladies and gentleman we have a contender!" so I originally always secretly hoped there might come something following on it. Was probably reading too much between the lines. The review was one of the reasons I bought the D750 (my focus is photography so far) and never regreted. So thanks in any case :-) Just sad there's not much of a following / community around using it for video, most of the things on Vimeo I found filmed with it were not so nice.
  2. I guess there will never be a second part of the D750 review coming, seeing how it was included in the gear sale?
  3. Did you use the auto-match feature in Resolve? I've read some articles about why the X-Rite ColorChecker like used for photography is a wrong choice and a DSC OneShot is better but to be honest I think anything that gets the colors into the right ballpark to begin with is a great help.
  4. The thing is, between 5D IV, C100 II, C300 II, C500 and respective successors I don't see why Canon would implement these things in the 5D IV. Looking at the focus of the cameras and their respective price points, Canon seems decidedly to go in direction of a clear segmented product portfolio with no cannibalisation. You probably won't get the C100 II features in the 5D IV, at least it would be a huge surprise, they clearly try to make the incentive for people to upgrade to the Cinema EOS line.
  5. http://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/some-disruptive-samsung-rumor-coming-soon/ Sounds quite dramatic, they have my curiosity.
  6. Phil A

    EOSHD Gear Sale

    I'm curious about the status of the sale, mailed regarding one of the items over 24 hours ago and still got no reply. Nevertheless, great deals can be had for some lucky people. I imagine Andrew got at least a thousand mails and half of the people are asking for ridiculous additional discounts or some obscure additional information staying vague about willingness to buy, at least that's my experience with selling used gear in internet forum.
  7. Sorry to bump this topic up after such a long time but I always wondered about the HDMI out with an external recorder, which was hinted at for the second part of the review which apparently never happened. My question would be, how much does external recording in a less compressed format like ProRes LT or HQ help on the D750 with wide shots like landscapes, especially when there's a fair bit of movement (grass, trees, the sea, etc.)? Did anyone test this?
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