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  1. Bad battery life! Oh, that defeats the purpose of a DSLM for me. My compact LX15 has bad battery life and I don´t enjoy having it with me based on that. I like to believe @deezids  observations reagarding the cinematic quality of the output without artificial sharpness and mushyness at higher iso. Youtube tests show, it holds much better on to colour and resolution than a GH5s in lowlight. CineD compared its latitude with a A7IV. So low light and organic output should be a big plus. If battery life would be the same as from my GX85 I would consider it okay. Lack of cropping modes is a lost opportunity though such as lack of stellar battery life. GH5II looks interesting with its improved processing and the internal 10bit 4K60p, still providing the delicious crop modes and the great battery life.

    The combination of faster readout and IBIS still works significantly better for me when it comes to moving the camera. So I was putting hopes on the GH6 as it ticks a lot of boxes with its supposely great "organic" image and stellar readout and IBIS. Well, good reason to practice more on my S1.

  2. Update for Prores RAW and Prores mode for more resolutions is out now. Akward, they don´t seem to support Prores for UHD modes if i got that right.

    So how do you like your GH6, image in Dual Gain mode, battery life, etc?  @hyalinejim

  3. Awesome! The screenshots look astonishing. I would love to see the same grading in the video. I remember how DP posted awesome screenshots from a F3 shortfilm but then the director pushed for a different grade, which was fine but not as beautiful as the one coming from the DP. Really looking forward to your video and hopefully I will get into motion myself. I am still stingy on replacing my broke mini SDI cable. 😆

  4. I never got into the intuitive side of grading again as much as I did with the G6. It was a camera which only lacked one thing to me, a 100mbit codec without noise reduction. I have been saying this a dozen times on the forum, I know. 🙂 Still got my G6 laying on my desk, like a good spirit, though it gave up working. The 28 nFD is a gem of a lens, especially in lit scenarios but also outside. The G6 not haveng IBIS made me film very carefully. I might pick up my almost unused G7 and give it some run. Kinda exiting thought!

  5. @kye It´s maybe Neo- Hitchock which evokes the master. I get really sucked into the images, due to use of perspective, focal length, how you chose your camera position and angle. It looks meticulously done. I could tell or imagine a story or scene for each of these shots. F.i. shot number five is graphicaly perfect, how the arc gets pulled down from top to toe by the lens and position. It evokes a sense of being there. The perfect example of physical position and optical distance (focal length) and the right choice of subject and framing. Telling filmic space is an art by itself. I don´t want to sound like I know the biggest deal about but a bit I do and a lot I recognize it, when I see it.

    The Hitch part would be the loneliness but alos the dreamlike palette, an peaceful setting but also one of the imagination coming true. It looks forecasting and unsettling. No3 f.i. the start of a scene with a downfall of a character to its end, not by its proposal of formal visual parameters but evenmoreso by its suggestive emotional power, which means that formal laws of visuality are applied, just additionally they also connect on a subconcious level. Frame No. 4 just looks out of this world. Love it. Light, time of the day, hues and tones are to the point as well.

    Never thought about this lens. It´s fixed focus, right? Very liberating to think of.

  6. @FHDcrew It´s a pretty big difference. 24mm to 28mm already is, 20mm to 24mm even moreso. 20mm of FF is something really fun and cool to try. You could get a cheap 20mm from Soligor or Vivitar brand. I might try one myself, though I already have and love my Canon nFD 20mm.

    @Emanuel My friend, I am a sucker for lenses. If you ever get tired of your Russian gems, I would love to borrow them from you some day. 🙂

  7. @deezidLike  kye, I am a great fan of the HD image from the GH5, liking the nice 4K as well. It is a bit too sharp ooc but also high resolving. I must admit, VLog L can produce blotchyness on certain skintones under harsh conditions when graded towards a colorful cinematic look.

    You have been a fan of the 10bit 150Mbit codec and its image on the S1. So not that much anymore? Neither of the S1H 400mbit prowess? How comes your change of mind? I am pretty impressed by the former. Just having troubles with it in green enviroments with harsh light. But who doesn´t with any camera. 🙂

    Looking forward to some GH6 beauty coming from your hands. How does it compare to the other 10bit 422 codecs? How is your general opinion on those? Prores update for many other resolution and modes coming soon! Many questions, I know.:)




  8. HD 25p has always been of lesser quality on GH1,2 and G6,7,85, GX85. @webrunner5

    Shooting in 4K on the adequate cameras helps, that exludes the GH2 and others of course. Or film in 24p and enjoy the classic GH2 image. Congratulations, btw to your purchase. GAS is an akward thang, BMPCC in the pocket but still you needed that legendary GH2, besides your legendary AF100. 🙂 

  9. 19 hours ago, FHDcrew said:

    Agreed. I’ve loved focusing on things like lighting and color grading. Composition. Things that actually make a difference to your image. So much on YT is gear reviews of expensive cameras, as I’ve said before we are at an image quality threshold, so all we can do is get better ourselves. I find there is a great mixture on this forum; we can all have fun geeking out about the next new camera or RAW codec, but then we will all turn around, reminisce about an old Gh1 or F3, and talk about lighting/color grading practice, with a dose of anamorphic lenses thrown in. Great forum, I wish it had as much traction as it used to get. I also miss Andrew’s constant articles of the past. 

    Beautifully written!

    @deezid Awesome to read from you! Bought the S1 two years ago after Andrews article and after your deep dive observations regarding an honest hq cinema image without nasty processing artefacts. Hope to see more sneak peaks of your projects. Your GH4 footage was and is a legendary treat for lovers of the little camera with the big image. "Americana" was the name of the piece. A A7S3, FX3 with the processing of a FX6 would be a uber camera though.

  10. 100% viewfinder, that sounds like a great treat. @hyalinejim I´ve had a AE1 for maybe eight years or so but only once sent a roll of film through it. Now, years later, cameras are cheap but film has become expensive. Good thing I had enjoyed my Oly XA, Mju2, RC35 a good deal, among Canon AF35 plastic fantastic with awesome lens and a few others, Yashica 35cc with a f1.8 lens not to forget!

    @webrunner5 You could also do that with the RAW files or maybe even Jpegs from a good ole Lumix LX3 or Canon S90, which still give you a different approach and different feeling in the hands and using them. I enjoy taking snaps with my phone, but I also enjoy holding a camera. You are right about good photo quality coming from phones and the advantage of light weight, image stabi, small footprint.

  11. I see a S1H, S1, S5 or GH5/6 as a cinema camera such as those from blackmagic. Great image, ergonomics, built quality and battery.

    Best AF in video for those who need it, no. Best image quality and codec, image stabilisation and camera bodies, yes, Panasonic. S5 going for only 300eur higher than a R7, offering a true cinema image and best in class low light latitude. Plus pixel to pixel S35 4K 24-60p, besides full frame downsampled 4k 24-30p.

    For Canon AF fans with 10bit love and good 4k up to 30p, the R7 looks fine.

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