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  1. I think it is probably relatively easy to design an adapter and 3D print it so that the flange distance and where the lens sits is the same. I could probably try it in the summer. Of course, making a smart adapter is a little more complicated but I too have been wondering why that hasn't happened for the nx1 at all.
  2. That is true: I haven't either
  3. Too many posts for me to read through everything right now. Have you all seen this?
  4. looks like @nokker's suggestion worked, but the question still remains: if I want to remove my account from the OnePlus 2 so I can give it to my uncle (he doesn't need to see my emails! Lol) will the camera app still be fully registered?
  5. I get what you're saying, but the problem I seem to be having is that I downloaded the app with a secondary account but the app seems to check only if the primary account has purchased the app. @nokker would it be possibly to add other resolutions like 4096x2160 (DCI 4K) and maybe 2560x1440? At least the first one? Thanks!
  6. Can you provide a link to a valid source that indicates 4k60 and RAW 35fps? Everything I've read says 4k @ 30fps (I've not seen anything about the RAW burst) If those features are true, then forget an NX1 or GH4! I will stick with a phone as my photography and filmmaking tool!
  7. Hey Cinema 4k App developer: Please fix: I bought the full version with 1 google account, but when I added another account (as my primary account), the app keeps asking me to buy the full version again using my new account. If I remove the second account, then I can use the full version again. Basically, make the app check if ANY Google Play accounts on the phone have already purchased the full version, not just the Primary account. Also, you could add a boolean hasBeenActivated (or something like that) so that if the full version was activated at any point, it should set it to true so the a
  8. Does the app support slow mo? I think the l camera dev was able to manipulate frame rates with camera2 API He also ended up getting video crop modes for 1080p for example
  9. Mattias's samples looked great! This is literally the only time I felt stupid buying a OnePlus One (but the Note 4 doesn't have camera2 either, so I guess I'm not that mad)
  10. I'm very excited for this one! Hopefully it should be fairly affordable. I'm wondering, is there any way to adjust your settings and/or touch the camera itself while it's on the gimbal? Or will the gimbal "freak out"?
  11. Not all 5.1.1 ROMs support Camera2 API, which I presume this app uses. Many of the features you mentioned likely require the ROM to have that API implemented.
  12. What's the RS compared to a RED Epic camera in 6k? In 4k on the NX1 there's no like skipping so it's scanning the entire sensor (6.5k and downscaling). I just don't understand why these cameras don't scan multiple lines at once.
  13. Well, one thing is that both of you with the problem are using PAL whereas couple of the people who have said they don't have the problem are NTSC. Could just be coincidence.
  14. Is there any lens adapter to use Samsung NX lenses on Canon bodies?
  15. ^there are still tons of micro vibrations within the image. The only thing it does is make the overall motion of the frame smoother.
  16. vaga

    New laptop

    @Mattias Burling what made you want to switch from the lenovo y50? Screen? Glitches? Bad battery life? http://gizmodo.com/heres-the-box-that-can-turn-your-puny-laptop-into-a-gra-1724958260 Also, here's a prototype of a laptop with tb3 and external graphics.
  17. I wonder how well you'll be able to play games on a quadro card. But you could use tb3 to set up an external GPU system!
  18. vaga

    New laptop

    Haha I saw that too, but it's too heavy for my needs and also no pen input If some manufacturer adds thunderbolt 3 to their existing portable laptops, then we could connect external GPUs at PCIe x4 speeds and this dilemma would cease to exist
  19. vaga

    New laptop

    I am planning on buying a new laptop for general purpose use and for school. For me, pen ability and 6+ hour battery are musts, so the market narrows considerably. Also, I want to be able to edit (preferably in Resolve or Vegas) on this machine... I'm very interested in 2 devices: The HP Spectre x360. Broadwell i7-5500U, Intel 5500 integrated graphics, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 13.3 1920x1080 95 to 102% sRGB based on reviews with deltaE of 1.25 avg. Question is, will Resolve 12 or Vegas (13 is latest?) run for 4k? I'm not concerned with realtime playback in 4k, but will it be usable? The VAIO Z Canv
  20. vaga

    Blue Color Clipping

    Lol. Nice discussion. Very informative. I like how we automatically started talking about Sony stuff when the original video posted was from the Samsung NX1 I've always wondered how color spectrums that are wider than the visible spectrum display colors! I know human eyes can sometimes ssee supersaturated colors, but that's because of nerve fatigue basically.
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