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  1. OK so my plan to purchase the NX1 from Canada fell through, and The Boss didn't approve of the expense for the purchase. I'm thinking I might make another attempt, this time for the NX500. With the hacks, it now has almost complete feature parity with the added benefit of more compact body and 2.5k mode. Other than lack of EVF, Uncropped 4k, Digital Image Stabilization, and 1080p120 (it has 720p120) and smaller buffer for burst are there any other differences I need to be aware of?
  2. I think it shows a very impressive performance in lowlight. Also, I like the skin tones. @kidzrevil I love the colors in your last 2 outdoor street samples. They look very grunge and would fit in perfectly tonally speaking with a show like Daredevil.
  3. Is there any Swede in this forum?
  4. ^Yep, I realized that. That's why I'm trying to see if I can ship it from Norway or some other country where it is still in stock and prices are reasonable for New. I am interested to see what the XT2 brings as well, but reading XPro 2 reviews, I have a premonition that the autofocus will not be as good as the NX1's, that it may not have 120fps slow mo, and that its battery life may be kind of poor.
  5. ^Not a bad deal considering the extra battery and adapters. (Not sure if I'm interested considering I prefer new stuff, but solid deal nonetheless) Out of curiosity, why are you selling your camera? What are you switching to?
  6. @SMGJohn great link! Do you know if these guys ship to the US? (Also how reliable/reputable they are) Looks like the S Lens package is sold out but the camera only is still available.
  7. Demo is basically an open box, right? (I don't like open box) How much are import fees? Probably good to take those into account when I'm comparing deals. Anyone know of any good package forwarding services from Norway or Sweden to the US?
  8. Hi guys, I live in the US and have been looking for a good deal on the NX1. Ideally, I want the NX1 + 16-50 S Lens package. There was a deal in FotoKungen for 13990 kr (which is roughly $1700), but looks they sold out of that bundle and also seems like they don't ship to the US. Any other comparable deals out there for the NX1 and S Lens? Worse case, I am ok with a good deal on the body and buying the S Lens (and some other lenses) from B&H or maybe eBay. I am not okay with getting a used camera body. FotoKungen also has the body only listed at 6990 kr (which translates to $840).
  9. If Kino Seed can get this out of his NX500 with bitrate hack, I think you have very little to worry about using this camera in lowlight. @kinoseed what are your in camera settings? (I guess there's no Gamma DR on the NX500, so this will make a very interesting answer, I think.)
  10. @vasile @kidzrevil @v.paul There's no way to choose 2.5k 24fps? What if you replace one of the other resolution slots?
  11. After the first two scenes, the motion seems to be really smooth to me. I think, perhaps why I felt that the motion cadence was jerky before the hack was dropped frames. I guess, somehow, the hack (for certain samples I've seen at least) seems to improve the cadence a lot.
  12. Any updates on changing the color sampling method for video? I know Kino Seed (and someone else, I think) found a set of parameters and I think color settings including RGB and 444 were options in OP2. Also any progress on removing all time limits on NX500, and adding uncropped 4k?
  13. The car going by at the end is still jerky. I didn't realize the sky had the blue-green color in your original footage! It looks strange... Definitely, the footage looks very crisp, and DR potential is evident. I think my plan will be to shoot 2.5k for any scene with cars/fast action and 4k for closeups and people centric things or wide openings.
  14. Nice footage. I personally think the grade looks very overdone and terrible, but it shows the power of the camera and bitrate hacks. (The cover photo for your video looks great, however!) That's with DIS off I'm assuming?
  15. @Otto K Is there any confirmation that your memory dumping hack works so that video recordings don't crash at 70 something minutes?
  16. Nice! Still doesn't fix overheating cameras though!
  17. H265 doesn't work on the standard resolve? Either way, this isunfortunate news!
  18. I think it could be a very convincing buy for $2k though
  19. I too was wondering if there is a way to update the menu based on bitrate hacks so that the VGA slot shows an icon 2.5k if that option is enabled and that the bitrate options in the UI actually match the adjusted rate.
  20. @vasile Replacing the resolution in the VGA slot on the NX500 gave you 2.5k 30 and 60 fps. By replacing the resolution in 720p 120fps option, can you get 1080 (or maybe even 2.5k!) 120 slow mo?
  21. Hmm very interesting that the NX1 photo high ISO is that clean in the tests. I think one of the main reasons NX1 noise looks better than a6300's is because it has a higher resolution sensor, so the grains ate individually smaller. @vasile I guess you're right: must not be entirely ISO noise. The pattern didn't look completely like still image one. It also seems to have less color noise.
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