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  1. Richard's photos are pretty nice. In general, the lowlight performance for stills looks pretty good. I still hope Panny improves the final video specs. Likelihood is low, yes. But I, and I'm sure many people would jump on this camera if they gave it higher bitrates and 1080p slow mo. It seems like most people would buy the Sony RX10ii or Samsung NX1 instead considering the price/performance ratio. Only benefits I see with this right now over the other 2 are Tilting EVF, Fully articulating screen.
  2. I would love to buy this thing, but I would like to see 1080p120 so that it would really be justified in paying more for this than for a Hero4 Black. Also the camera uses contrast detect af. Does that mean it will be prone to focus hunting?
  3. That looks really good. Bridging the gap between gopros and m4/3 video cameras. Did anyone see the sensor resolution listed? The creator saws you can take stills in RAW, but I couldn't find the resolution of the sensor. My guess is that, since it's a Panasonic-sourced sensor according to the creator it's 16mp.
  4. vaga

    Kinemax 6k Review

    That's a $9000 camera. What do you mean "for the price"? Isn't an URSA cheaper for comparable quality?
  5. I mean, for the price I think it's fair to compare ititwith the nx1
  6. ^Only benefit then: screen, viewfinder, and mic jack.
  7. Granted the models that the reviewers have played with are preproduction right? (So hopefully they fix some of the niggles like IBIS we have before it is fully released) The GH4 does DCI 4k in addition to UHD, right? What about the G7? According to B&H this does only UHD, which I find very odd. Also, why are there no slo-mo options at all? Looks like the RX10 ii will eat this Panasonic's lunch unless 1080p 120 is added in firmware. In the Camera Store TV video, a bit of rolling shutter is visible in the video sample from the GX8.
  8. Quick question: does this camera do 24fps in 4k? It seems, according to B&H that it only does 30fps in UHD with no DCI 4k option.
  9. vaga

    004 - Falling of Sky

    @Julian I really appreciate your taking tine to give me feedback (and solid feedback at that). Tbh I don't think it's that good or anything. I shot this 2 years ago before I really knew much about film techniques. I only got around to editing it last month. I only planned the intro out (didn't storyboard or write out a proper scriptscriptfor anything else). It was overall very impromptu. I really like the first scene till Ragabond enters the room. Other than that it is very pedestrian in my opinion. I said feature but really the plan was to make a 40-45 minute film. But now that I reviewed
  10. ^I agree with Julian on all accounts. Images look beautiful: very crisp, well cut, and awesome color grading. I liked the gripping nature and the development of the story. I didn't like the end scene right after the radio dies (doesn't really convey a sense of anything happening unlike the rest of the short). I would love to see this fleshed out into a 30 min film or so!
  11. Hi everyone. I am an amateur filmmaker. I'm presenting the trailer for my first feature film. Please offer any tips and suggestions. 004 - Falling of Sky: http://youtu.be/s6rIiUgI7Eg
  12. Also is there no way to add a USB mic or something? How's the battery life? Looks like I may not be able to afford the NX1, so I'm hoping that SAMSUNG will continue to update the NX500. My worries about this camera: No audio jack, 4k crop and 15 min time limit, No gamma dr?, No 1080p 120, No focus peaking (especially without the EVF - I've had terrible experience misfocusing based on my t3i screen), and a possible lack of updates (although the recent one is a good sign).
  13. ‚ÄčAt least from what I understand, if a video was grabbed using a sensor crop (which would be both vertical and horizontal to maintain the aspect ratio of course), the entire line is not scanned, but rather only the portion of the line that forms part of the cropped frame. So a sensor crop could indeed decrease the readout time between individual lines, meaning the perceived skew would decrease. This is I guess why the GH4 has a better shutter than the NX1? Line skipping could work to, that way the entire frame area can be maintained but fewer lines are read so the angle/degree of the skew is s
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