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  1. Anyone see the leaked XT2 images? http://petapixel.com/2016/04/15/first-blurry-real-life-images-x-t2-leaked/ It seems really weird that the articulating screen opens on the right side. I've never seen a camera made like that. It wouldn't work if you wanted to stand in front of the camera and see the output...strange.
  2. Looks pretty good! I love watching drifting cars! Some of your shots were great! The motion cadence seemed pretty clean (it was a little jerky at places, but not distractingly so as it can be sometimes). I'm guessing that you added motion blur (rather than a Gaussian or some other generic blur)? Honestly speaking, I'm not a fan of the colors, and the footage looked abnormally soft. Perhaps those are both because of a LUT or something related.
  3. Has anyone tried to use a USB battery source and maybe a dummy battery inside the camera to see if it still overheats?
  4. I think if they can get a scaled-up version of Sony's sensors for the RX10ii & iii or a scaled up Sony IMX260 (including the phase-detect AF) for the GH5, then the camera could be extremely good and also possess a high (at least stills) resolution and good slow motion options. Or perhaps Sony or Samsung has new sensors that will work well for this.
  5. Yea, I agree with you. Hopefully, they keep the lenses discounted when the camera comes back in. Anyone know what B&H's return policy is?
  6. Is it possible to record video on the NX1 targeting the AdobeRGB color space? I know you can take AdobeRGB pictures.
  7. ^$1700 is more than I'm willing to pay for this camera, unfortunately. Also, I don't want the regular 16-50 lens. When they were available, the $1049 body only or kit deals with the mic (like B&H) were attractive.
  8. Looks like many of the Samsung lenses are on sale right now (including $300 off each of the S Lenses) at B&H. Unfortunately, the NX1 camera body seems to be discontinued everywhere. (Sad news for people like me that don't want to buy used camera bodies).
  9. This is not quite the right place, but still warrants the question: is this an official Samsung ad? This is the first time I've seen it, and the video in it looks very clean.
  10. I generally agree with you all on the LUTs and images with raised blacks and wonky colors being irritating, but I think the LUT in Ed's example works really well because the raised-black silhouettes give the video a very mystical feel (and I'm guessing that was the intention). @Liam and @DBounce I had always thought there was a weird shutter issue with NX1 videos for the longest time as well! I think the odd motion cadence is some type of artifact of rolling shutter, because the NX1 1080p doesn't seem to suffer the same issues that 4K does in that regard (stuttery/jumpiness). (This is why
  11. 2.5k doesn't yet work on NX1, right? Ideally/hopefully they can come up with a way to have a manual resolution input option (maybe couple with bitrate and frame rate selection as well) so you can even use resolutions like 3200*1800.
  12. Looks great! There you go! Most of the problems solved
  13. I think it looks pretty nice. I wish they had gone for a higher resolution sensor though so that it could be used as a stills cam as well :P what can I say, wishful thinking.
  14. Where did Vasile post the working 2.5k solution? I don't see it here or on DPReview
  15. Hmm if 2.5k works, can someone do a rolling shutter test? @TILT
  16. Dang! The camera is almost DSLR size (or at least medium format size)! But by the time you get all the accessories, the total package will end up closer to $10k I presume?
  17. @Vasile to make sure I understand v2.0 and 3.0 correctly, now you set bitrates you want for Pro and HQ? So for example, if I use Otto's new script hack version, I can set Pro to say 150Mbps and HQ to 100Mbps so if I have a fast card I can use Pro or if I have a slower card I can use HQ?
  18. 3 to 5 years! If only we had that kind of time!
  19. I made the same mistake. It is indeed 23.98
  20. Wow! All the clips look really nice! There's certainly some noise but the performance is really surprisingly good! I feel that a good cinematographer could take a feature film with this (if only just to make a statement). The grain/noise looks very random and pleasing because there's not much chroma noise. What is the bitrate? And what level of manual control do you get?
  21. What about a custom button (either a physical one or one always on screen) that just brings up the resolution and frame rate menu?
  22. You could use the NX lenses on Sony E Mount and m43 with an adapter. The adapter would be 7.5mm thick.
  23. The video looks great when you're not moving around! The internal mic actually seems quite good!
  24. Is it possible to port the 2560*1440 mode to the NX1? I would use it for car sequences or action sequences to take advantage of reduced rolling shutter.
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