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  1. You can probably message Jason (the creator). He's pretty good at responding. He tested 720p240 in his lab after I prodded him about slow-mo. It will be a final feature now.
  2. Hmm the LCD on the actual camera is a TN panel it seems
  3. how come you haven't written a book for it Andrew? I would be quite ready to buy it!
  4. wow that's an extreme double crop then! You could get some crazy range shooting and editing this way!
  5. ^try both and see what you like better!
  6. Lol I've been waiting for over a week now for the rx10ii review! We're going to have to give the man some time now that he's fallen in love with the a7Rii
  7. The only other camera I know of to do 1080@120fps cheap(ish) is the NX1 - $1300 new (not including lens).
  8. You totally got conned at that price! I don't see anything in that cable that would put it above $5-8 tops.
  9. Why not? How heavy are the lenses you're using?
  10. ^Yep, that was the point. For those of us that feel that we have a good enough film camera in our phones
  11. What do you guys think about this? http://www.amazon.com/Lanparte-RR-G3Ultra-steadycam-Stabilizer-Smartphones/dp/B00OXMSZG2/ref=sr_1_9?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1438029272&sr=1-9&keywords=one+hand+gimbal
  12. Yea, seems like a kind of random limitation to me! They went 95% with the Lite version, basically no 3D support and no control surface support. I wonder if the UHD only means that you cannot import anything DCI 4k or if that is only an export restriction. Not that obvious from the specs list.
  13. There are also seems to be some banding (Could be because of compression)
  14. That chinesey-english is really starting to show?
  15. Yep, that's the phone I have too. As far as I know, it's the only phone that does 4k24. Maybe the only phone that does 24fps in any resolution without a 3rd party app. The Note 4 has a better camera overall but only does UHD, 1440p, and 1080p @ 30, 1080p @ 60 (which is actually really nice), and upscaled 720p @ 120 and 240 fps. For what it's worth, the slow mo on these phones are generally really bad. And For some reason the OnePlus One doesn't record audio in 1080p 60.
  16. Does the Samsung NX1 do the same "focus by wire"? I remember reading that the focus ring does not directly change the focus like it would on many other cameras but rather activates a motor-controlled focusing.
  17. Sorry, the antecedent for "this" was pretty unclear. Mercer has my intention correct.
  18. Well, my phone does it... I don't see a reason not to on a $1200 camera when some of its closest competition does.
  19. Are the video features on this exactly the same as those on the G7?
  20. Do you have any samples with moiré on the nx1? I'm curious because I haven't seen it in any videos so far that I've seen. Its rolling shutter in 4k is pretty irksome from what I've watched though.
  21. Go Pro I believe is only 9ish. Roughly the same as most so smartphone cameras
  22. It looks like a video game trailer to me in terms of visual aesthetic. Like assassin's creed trailers.
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