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  1. ^so standard sony I guess? Anyone able to compare the battery life with that of a t3i or NX1?
  2. I guess this is slightly off topic, but how's battery life with this for stills and for video?
  3. Plaiades Full Show MusicHall NX1: http://youtu.be/_buW5dRZv6c Within the first few minutes of this video you can see examples of the color clipping phenomenon described in another thread regarding the a7s. What is happening and why exactly does it happen? How can you mitigate this blue clipping effect if you're shooting a concert or live event with similar lighting?
  4. Still sounds like NX1 is better... unless this does super slow mo like the rx
  5. Now to see if that holds up in video!
  6. vaga

    004 - Falling of Sky

    Just a t3i with a couple of Canon IS lenses (STM I think) for that video
  7. vaga

    004 - Falling of Sky

    ^Thanks man. Appreciate the feedback. It's a trailer, not a movie, so it's not designed to reveal a story. That's not me; it's a friend. He's not an actoractor (I agree he's not very good lol!). The thing is supposed to be a spoof (think super low budget Austin Powers type). It's also a travel video from my trip to China. Truth be told, I marketed this completely incorrectly because I wanted people to take it seriously. I didn't want people to dismiss it as some random piece of crap that an idiot student (who does not study film production at all in school unless you count YouTube videos) pu
  8. Is it worth trying 12 beta or is it not stable? Also does resolve 11 lite export in 4k DCI?
  9. They moved it so now instead of selecting 30 and then .25x you can directly select 120
  10. Also in your same video at 1:20, the bike goes by but its motion seems really choppy. Like it doesn't look like the bike is smoothly traveling across at a constant speed but rather kind of throttling - slowing down slightly and then revving up. That same kind of stuttering is evident in the pans in Samsung NX1 with Cheap m42 Lenses: http://youtu.be/gAzy7n27gXo I don't know if you can tell what I mean. It's a little convoluted way to describe the effect I think. Otherwise it looks great! So crisp and beautiful colors!
  11. ^i remember the coffee shop scene from your vid with the Illy cup. How much would a used s lens be there in Sweden? Perhaps it would be cheaper to ship a used one from there?
  12. @Mattias how is the autofocus on the lenses you have for the NX1? Is the autofocus as fast for whatever you use (which lenses do you have/recommend by the way?) as it is with the S lens? I've heard that the other lenses seem to have worse autofocus that the pro S lenses (which I probably can't afford lol). (It looks like the Samsung lenses don't seem to depreciate much in value... )
  13. ^RX10ii has longer recording times than the RX100iv
  14. One thing that irritates me with the Sony cams is the lack of touchscreen. I don't understand the reasoning. Some of my favorite footage from the NX1 comes from @Mattias Burling with 30mm pancake. The only thing I don't like is that his (and a lot of people's) skies are completely white instead of beautiful shades of blue but of course a lot of that is due to color grading.
  15. Why are dam near all his photos and videos overexposed though I felt like he blabbered on a lot. He's enthusiasm is inspiring confidence in my buying this though
  16. You might want to look at the ImageVision Z E1 camera on Kickstarter. Depending on what you're filming that could be a good option. MFT, 16mpmpstills with raw, 4k 60Mbps, 1080p60, 720p240 I'm in a very similar position as you. I'm looking at all of them for the high bitrate 4k and 1080 120fps slow mo (where GH4 has only 96fps) but rolling shutter does bother me in many cases and also I want to be able to get shallow dof. Also, I would like a good camera for stills that performs better than my t3i.
  17. I'm trying to see if 12 will run on my Lenovo Y570. 11 opens and then after a few minutes it crashes the entire computer (I think it overheats the graphics card). I have a GT555M with 1 GB DDR5 RAM.
  18. @Mattias are you running resolve on a Lenovo Y50?
  19. How can you say that based on photos downscaled to a much lower resolution.
  20. On a related note, one thing that seems to really bother me about NX1 footage is the jerkiness of the motion, especially evident with moving cars. This video is a good example: it seems like the car reverses an inch for every few it drives forward. DJI Ronin and Samsung NX1 Combo: http://youtu.be/jr0h_HkdjJI The benefits of gimbal stabilizers aren't as visually apparent in the videos I've seen with the NX1 as they are with a GH4 for example. That's the major thing that is giving me second thoughts about this camera. Is it just because people don't know how to set their shutter speed properl
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