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  1. I thought @vasile was able to get the nx500 to record uncropped 4k with the latest hack?
  2. @Marco Tecno I understand the effect but I want to understand the physics So literally all the focal reducer is is a converging lens...
  3. @lucabutera can you explain what exactly a "speed booster" is and why that's different than a regular adapter? I get that it has a lens in it.
  4. I don't think you will need FPGA or anything more complicated. The most complicated parts seem to be the setup of the lens in the nx protocol. After the setup section, it should be more or less straight look up.
  5. As I'm reading blueringer, My thought would be to model the adapter signals to the camera based on the nx lens that has the most features and fastest AF. Do you all think that is a reasonable idea?
  6. I've been briefly reading into this, and it seems that for canon lenses, if you can provide a 6V power source, the motors will be fine. So can the NX output 6V? Probably. You may need a voltage divider or a (rechargeable) battery in the adapter. I haven't really looked into the NX side thoroughly yet. According to blueringer, NX outputs 5V, so depending on tolerance, you may need a small battery in the adapter. Of course, it will be important to know how much power the motors take. The data channels take almost no power (low current)
  7. That adapter looks really well made! I'm impressed. So are you planning to do smart stuff? Maybe I can help you with that
  8. Can't seem to see the video at the link anymore. Can you post a direct link?
  9. If you're giving away the Nebula, I'll take it
  10. Then? How did they have live coverage of games, Olympics, other events?
  11. ^I mean, in the 90s and 80s, for example, how did they shoot on film cameras and convert that data which is stored on celluloid and not progressed in a dark room to a visual image via broadcasting?
  12. Thanks for the insight. I meant, how do they telecine live?
  13. I've always wondered how they used film to shoot things live. Anyone know? These sports events don't broadcast 4k, so the c100 makes perfect sense. @Ed_David I honestly think the Alexa motion cadence looks choppy sometimes.
  14. @vasile how is the progress on integrating things into Samsung's menu itself?
  15. Hmm I guess that's the same thing. Can someone try loading a profile? @kidzrevil
  16. How optimized is Vegas vs Resolve? That's the main reason I can't reliably use Resolve on my laptop: playback at 10 frames and stuttery, and random glitches causing all videos to randomly change colors every second.
  17. @kinoseed seems to have found a way to change the resolutions and framing parameters M's l passed to the camera so there may be some advances in this regard soon.
  18. How about long-pressing a button to bring up the menu? Ideally the button sequence can be the same for both cameras.
  19. I'm pretty sure that's what those profiles are. Is there any instructions on how to make profiles?
  20. vaga

    Resolve 12.5 Is Out

    I've had so many bugs with Resolve 11 and 12. It really doesn't run well on either of either of my laptops (granted the newer one doesn't have a dedicated graphics card - waiting for a thunderbolt 3 GPU to plug in). They really need to optimize resolve. Fusion runs pretty well on my laptop (Dell XPS 12 with 4k screen) and so does autodesk inventor for that matter.
  21. Looks like Samsung hotshoe mic doesn't work with NX500 or NX1. Ideally, there should be a mic/headphone jack hot shoe attachment. I guess the battery is something to take into account as well.
  22. How is the battery life any worse in the NX500? Don't both cameras use the same battery? I've used my friend's NX500, and I thought the build was pretty good. Lack of weather sealing is indeed an important consideration though. I don't really use flash, so I don't really care about that omission but the lack of mic jack is definitely a major issue. I thought at first that the lack of Gamma DR would be an issue but having seen @kinoseed's beautiful flower footage and night footage, I really don't think it is an issue at all. Anything else?
  23. OK so my plan to purchase the NX1 from Canada fell through, and The Boss didn't approve of the expense for the purchase. I'm thinking I might make another attempt, this time for the NX500. With the hacks, it now has almost complete feature parity with the added benefit of more compact body and 2.5k mode. Other than lack of EVF, Uncropped 4k, Digital Image Stabilization, and 1080p120 (it has 720p120) and smaller buffer for burst are there any other differences I need to be aware of?
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