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  1. What blacks? They look brown to me. 😬 Interesting that people have claimed the IR pollution is gone. You can see it right there, clear as day. Has anyone else tested this?
  2. Yikes. IR pollution is definitely still a problem with this camera. You can clearly see it at 3:58. This can lead to all kinds of weird problems with the image, but most noticeably problems with black fabrics.
  3. Well there are no extreme highlights. I think the way it is graded helps too.
  4. The world needs less brown looking Black Magic Design footage. Flash backs to when nobody knew you needed an IR cut filter.
  5. Purely image quality wise, the C200 or C300ii just looks way better though. The skin tones are close to Arri. It depends what you shoot I suppose.
  6. I agree this does look really clean. I think the flat grade also gives it more of that look that a lot of people associate with the bmpcc, but that's not really where that camera thrives. What's happening here with the highlights on the hood and the sky through the tree edges? Chromatic Aberration? Blue highlight bloom on the power line too.
  7. From the looks of it, shoot in nothing but 400 or 3200 ISO. Why even have those other ISOs available if they produce such gross looking highlights?
  8. Crazy. I hope this is why there is so much harsh highlight clipping in most of the videos I have seen. Is there an ISO200? What ISO are most people shooting?
  9. And more blob highlights. It’s not the camera though. 🤔
  10. Looks amazing until you clip the highlights.
  11. I’m surprised so many professionals use copyrighted songs... 🤔
  12. It's a 10mb 4k png still... Yes, I think a lot can be revealed about the image when raising the gamma slightly. The file is basically flat anyway...
  13. Looks really nice, but when you bring the levels back up, you start to see those highlights that I keep seeing in the P4K footage. If you add a bit of a shoulder, you lose detail but it smooths out the highlights. You probably lose a stop of DR as well. I'm not a colorist, but the c300ii I use often looks closer to the version with the curve, right out of the camera. I find the OG pocket to similar in that regard. The highlights have a lot of roll off.
  14. Agreed. I haven’t seen any RAW from the P4K that looks better than even the 1080p ProRes from the old pocket. 🤔
  15. Better looking footage than any of the BMPCC4K I have seen. I recently rebought the pocket as well. You need an external battery and the IR Cut filter, but once outfitted, the camera is really excellent.
  16. So much better than the BMP4K thread. This was great.
  17. Sure, but we’re talking about this camera and those highlights don’t look so nice. The original frame was posted to rave about the DR. I don’t see it. I am fairly certain that even a c100 in log would handle that better.
  18. I can’t believe that the highlights clip that hard on a clip so under exposed. The handling of highlights are what kills this camera for me. The OG pocket had so many flaws but the image was not one of them. I think the GH5 might have an upper hand with the baked in color profiles as well. I always impressed with the files straight out of camera with then GH4. Has anybody been messing with shooting non log footage? Can you bake in LUTs to the BMP4K?
  19. Really nice looking piece. It should be noted that it really helps that every shot in this piece is either a sunset, silhouette, or some sort of low split light setting. The really great thing about the OG pocket camera is that you can get that cinematic look in the middle of the day, overcast, or even indoors. Watch this, shot with the pocket and 16mm film and you’ll see what I mean. Very vivid looking images. It will be interesting to see what people will create with th new pocket. Hope I can be proved wrong.
  20. This footage looks A LOT like the GH5 to me. The OG pocket doesn't clip like this? Could be post processing I suppose. Looks pretty gone to me.
  21. This is a great deal. Damn. The F3 produces a really nice image and has all the pro features.
  22. Is it really closer to the URSA Mini though? I see both sides of the argument, but the BMP4K looks closer to the GH5 than the original pocket camera. The original pocket camera looks closer to the Alexa than the Gh5 does... So? Can't wait to test it, but if I liked this look I would already own the Gh5 at this point. Am I missing something? Market: We want a 4K Pocket Camera! BMD: Here ya go! Market: Not Enough Mojo.
  23. Anyone know what's up with the texture on the bokeh? Is that the window? Looks like a texture that moves independently behind the model.
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