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  1. Sure, but we’re talking about this camera and those highlights don’t look so nice. The original frame was posted to rave about the DR. I don’t see it. I am fairly certain that even a c100 in log would handle that better.
  2. I can’t believe that the highlights clip that hard on a clip so under exposed. The handling of highlights are what kills this camera for me. The OG pocket had so many flaws but the image was not one of them. I think the GH5 might have an upper hand with the baked in color profiles as well. I always impressed with the files straight out of camera with then GH4. Has anybody been messing with shooting non log footage? Can you bake in LUTs to the BMP4K?
  3. Really nice looking piece. It should be noted that it really helps that every shot in this piece is either a sunset, silhouette, or some sort of low split light setting. The really great thing about the OG pocket camera is that you can get that cinematic look in the middle of the day, overcast, or even indoors. Watch this, shot with the pocket and 16mm film and you’ll see what I mean. Very vivid looking images. It will be interesting to see what people will create with th new pocket. Hope I can be proved wrong.
  4. This footage looks A LOT like the GH5 to me. The OG pocket doesn't clip like this? Could be post processing I suppose. Looks pretty gone to me.
  5. This is a great deal. Damn. The F3 produces a really nice image and has all the pro features.
  6. Is it really closer to the URSA Mini though? I see both sides of the argument, but the BMP4K looks closer to the GH5 than the original pocket camera. The original pocket camera looks closer to the Alexa than the Gh5 does... So? Can't wait to test it, but if I liked this look I would already own the Gh5 at this point. Am I missing something? Market: We want a 4K Pocket Camera! BMD: Here ya go! Market: Not Enough Mojo.
  7. Anyone know what's up with the texture on the bokeh? Is that the window? Looks like a texture that moves independently behind the model.
  8. I totally agree. For indoor/poor lighting, the C300ii wins hands down. With nice light, it is debatable and some might even prefer the bmpcc for softer, more filmic qualities. I still can't believe how a camera so small can perform so well. Been rocking with the Metabones and 35mm F2 IS. Really nice combo.
  9. I don't think that is totally accurate. I sold mine used for 650 about a year or more after the sale. The pocket was steady around 700 until maybe the last 6-12 months. The fire sale was like 3/4 years ago. The deals you can get on packages are incredible right now. I just bought one with a speed booster and cage for 630.
  10. I'm not particularly fond of this shot, but in that lighting condition this is basically a silhouette shot. Why would you need shadow detail at that level of exposure? If black was pulled down more it would pop a lot more. The shot looks like it could be exposed another two or three stops lower. There doesn't need to be shadow detail when you're shooting directly into the sun. This is exposing wrong for that type of shot. I attached a still I shot with the OG pocket last week. If you're shooting a light source like that, black can be black.
  11. Looks nice, but nothing the original pocket couldn't do? Especially only seeing this a 1080p version. The highlights seem to be clipping harder/differently than the original pocket. Looks more like the GH5 than the BMPCC to me.
  12. Are you saying you use it without the IR cut filter? In my experience the camera is about 5x better colorize when there's no IR contamination.
  13. I agree. Judging by purely the image quality, it seems to be pretty similar to the mavic, phantom, etc. Would love to change my mind, since the price and features seem awesome. Do you still need heavy ND filters to shoot 24p - 1/48 in the sun?
  14. Looks great. It's kinda crazy that BM didn't put a IR cut filter in the original pocket. The camera is not very usable without, but amazing with.
  15. It will be 4K 60p AND 10 bit. Not both at once.
  16. This doesn't look better than a C100 Mkii or C300 to me?
  17. Colors kind of remind me of the frames posted above. The F3 produces a really good image. Really underrated.
  18. I’m sure it can look great, but that example looked really bad, every characteristic of why I hated the fs700 image. Sense 8 was shot with the F55, not FS5. Id like to John still shoot a series as beautiful with the FS5 ”Camera: Sony F-55 Lens: Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses, and Fujinon 19-90 zoom lenses” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiewire.com/2017/08/emmy-2017-camera-nominated-cinematographers-1201868305/amp/
  19. It is insane how bad Sony footage can look. The iPhone renders colors much better.
  20. Not sure. Emailed them and they never emailed back. There’s another company makinf the filters and they did respond. Pocket came in the mail today. Wow the battery situation is terrible. The camera shuts down completely when you change the f stop with the metabones attached. Forgot about that one. I do have an external battery but wow I forgot how bad it can be.
  21. ^ The fact that a camera so small can produce an image so nice is pretty outstanding. Very filmic. Also found this video looking for bmmcc stuff. Looks like he shoots a color chart does some stuff in resolve. He also uses the RAWLite internal Moire/IR cut filter. Has anyone used any of the internal IR Cut/Moire filters? I just picked up the pocket camera again and want to try to one of those. Looking at pistol grip rigs. This is kind of goofy, but the weight on the bottom is probably nice. It's very difficult to find a heavy pistol grip. Someone should make a pistol grip battery handle. Maybe something that just takes a couple Canon batteries.
  22. Curious what you shoot with these? Just picked up a pocket with metabones EF for 600. So many deals on the eBay kits. I also own a few of those SSDs. So good.
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