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  1. I heard something like 7 hours off a BP-60? Insane.
  2. Sale on BH right now. 187 a piece.
  3. It's all a trade off. It is likely there will be some chromatic aberration wide open. (The case on the FS7 / Metabones.) The lenses are also quite a bit larger. Look above at how ridiculous the 18-35 looks mounted so far out on such a small body. The focus ring looks uncomfortable to operate. It almost looks like it needs a rail system, certainly would for a 70-200. I do understand it is much more practical to have the 24-105 in EF and be able to choose between S35 and FF with a quick adapter swap, BUT the 24-105 in RF for example, has been reviewed as a much sharper lens compared to the
  4. I have a C70, the speed booster, and this lens on pre-order. I might pick up the 85mm F2 IS as well. The new 24-105 F4 IS looks interesting, as does the 24-70 2.8 IS. The RF mount features better AF, smaller sizes, and faster more light sensitive lenses. IMO buying this camera and not embracing the new lens options doesn't make much sense. Cool. Thanks. What frame rates work with the V60? 4K/24/10bit?
  5. Which cards are you using? I notice Sandisk only makes cards up to 128gb in V90. The V60 come in 256gb... Did the V60 seem to perform perfectly for 4k/24p/XFAVC? To be honest, I am a little bummed they went with SD. I would prefer c-fast or some sort of card that feels a bit more durable.
  6. They're worse... Every camera in the 90s and early 2000s at least had a viewfinder and was usable for extremely long periods of time handheld. I think the C70 a better design than the FX6. At least you can throw a loupe on the back and have two points of contact.
  7. Maybe true, but the baked in Profiles on the Canon just look better out of the box. I believe that is fact. The skin shows less flaws and appears smoother. I agree, opinions on color grading log files creates a different argument all together. I am really wanting to see more standard Rec 709 examples. Agreed. Personally, I think the subject looks better with a little more saturation in the skin and a bit more contrast. I am more concerned with the texture. It is just looks so sharp to a fault. Again, there could be additional sharpening, processing, etc. Who knows. I would love t
  8. Agreed. The C300iii looks great. The RF mount is very exciting and has an advantage over the EF. These two lenses in particular., both very fast lenses with IS and macro. The prices are also great. Both are under 600. Canon RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM Lens Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 Macro IS STM Lens
  9. Well yeah, I more meant the IR pollution. I know this has been taken care of on most of the hard stop filters. Still an issue with variable, no?
  10. Another example. There are tons of hidden costs and not even Black Magic documents issues like the IR pollution. True, but all of those cameras are ergonomically beautifully designed. Even a simple Bolex has a view finder, drop in NDs (which Canon just now is utilizing 60 years later,) and 50d stock that make shooting in daylight actually possible at a reasonable shutter speed without NDs. For better or for worse, the Black Magic pocket cameras are very much a stripped down sensor in a box. If it had NDs, XLR, a flip screen, and a view finder, it would cost just as much as the C200.
  11. I posted some frames above. The one in the middle is the R5. I am almost certain. The color is more accurate and the skin tones pop without the need to shift everything towards red/pink. (look at the dress.) No. I notice the exact same issue with the C300 Mk3 as well. (same sensor.) I though this example was pretty nice. The skin tones look very clean. That being said, there is something about all of the examples that have this very video looking feel. If you don't know what I mean, watch some Komodo footage.
  12. I had a pretty bad experience with the P4K. If I did it again, I would probably buy the 6k for the native S35 sensor, eliminating the need for the expensive speed booster. I also would skip the SSD and just bite the bullet and buy c-fast cards. I had a gnarly situation where the SSD lost connection and took me a few minutes to get it back up and running. A few minutes feel like an eternity when the camera won’t respond... On top of that, the Metabones adapter and external hard drive eat though battery. I was forced to use an external power source, which adds more cable clutter and the nee
  13. That's awesome! I would love to see some shots with EOS Standard or maybe just Wide DR to get an idea of what the the image looks like straight out of the camera. For instance, the color of the dress in this example jumps around dramatically. I think I am likely seeing the difference between maybe Log-2 on the C70 and the original C-Log on the R5? If I had to guess, I would suspect the R5 is producing the more golden looking skin tone, while the C70 looks a bit more red/orange. The saturation is a little crazy on the second frame, but the color looks more true / balanced to my eyes.
  14. Man, I just don't see it. I love the specs, but a lot of this footage just reminds me of cheap DSLR footage with a poor attempt at a "film look." The C300ii or older canon footage, (pre DGO sensor,) looks dynamic and beautiful with very accurate and balanced color. I do believe that you can a get a more neutral / classic look with this camera, but curious why a lot of the videos have a similar look. Maybe trying to grade a C-LOG2 file from scratch? I've heard multiple people mention they love the IQ and the reviewer above is raving about it. The specs and size are great, and t
  15. BenEricson

    Apple TV?

    I love the UI and how smooth and quickly it is to browse everything. Siri will automatically search all of your steaming services when searching for content. I also enjoy the Vimeo app.
  16. Awesome. That’s a great deal. You made the best choice. This looks a lot like my old setup, same batteries powering the recorder and everything.
  17. Black Magic Micro Cinema package. I'm looking for 1500 shipped OBO. I know these setups are getting hard to find. Throw a lens on this camera and you're ready to go! Beautiful setup made simple with the SWIT battery powering both the monitor and the camera body. This is like a mini RED setup. Really fun to operate and produces beautiful unique looking images. The monitor and batteries are basically brand new. (only used twice. One of the batteries wasn't even opened.) Black Magic Micro, Cage, Ursa Handle, Atomos Shinobi, SmallRig Mount, Breakout Box, 2x Swit Battery, LP-6 dummy
  18. My bmmcc rig. Powered from the SWIT batteries. It actually hasn't been getting enough use lately so I am selling the whole package if anyone is interested.
  19. I was told it was the same sensor as the FS7? I guess they were misinformed. I kinda think something like a C300 Mk2 Or C200 might make sense at that price point. (Unless you want all the high speed stuff.) I haven’t seen another model of Sony camera that has the magical quality of the F3, besides the F35.
  20. Looks pretty good for a phone. I'm having trouble seeing any improvements over the XS or iPhone 11 though. Is this the one with the supposedly larger sensor?
  21. No, a friend of mine was on the (very small) crew and mentioned they used the P6K.
  22. I guess the camera does actually matter!
  23. Yeah, the OG pocket cam is S16 and also has a similarity in the highlight sensitivity. Ergonomically though, beyond terrible, any of those cameras mentioned are like Fisher Price toys compared to the Eclair. Nobody ever even bothered to create a modern zoom lens that could compete with the old S16 ones. Maybe the Canon 18 - 80 on a C300?
  24. Fair enough. I didn't realize you were talking about reversal film or film prints. Reversal was extremely popular at that time. The Dark Knight was shot negative but done with a traditional film print work flow and saying it has poor dynamic range and is comparable to ML is a tough sell. The roll off on highlights is just so damn pretty! From my experience with color negative film, the amount of range and especially highlight detail far exceeds what you would ever need to pull out in post. An exposure needs to be set in the grade, but like you said, you have a ton of leeway. It is quite r
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