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  1. I'm weary of the internal IS, but it can work as well. It's good at removing minor shake if you're trying to get a locked off looking shot. I bet it would work great with a 18-35 Sigma. This dude used the internal IS for an entire mini doc. Pretty surprising that someone would have that much confidence in it. His quote below is pretty solid. http://www.danmccomb.com/covid-nurse-short-doc-tests-c500mkii-on-front-lines-of-the-pandemic/ "The C500mkii is the first professional digital cinema camera that Canon has made that features IS built right into the camera body. In testing, I
  2. CLOG3 / BT.709 can be nice though. You don't need a LUT and it is easily gradable by just adding contrast. You don't actually gain any information in the highlights, just way way down in the shadows.
  3. I agree that weight is nice, but this camera does not have enough. I added a cage and monitor with a battery and it feels a bit better. I still think IS lenses are clutch. My C70 with the cage (no monitor) is only 10 ounces less than a stripped down C300 Mkii. Kind of interesting. The C70 is still a better gimbal camera and easier to pack around, but it's not exactly a light weight DSLR. The big bummer is the lack of EVF. You lose that point of contact. It was on purpose so people would be forced to buy a C300iii for a true documentary camera.
  4. Same. I own both with the RAW Lite filters and barely use the bmmcc. I keep telling myself I will use it for weird POV angles and pick up shots but haven't yet. I'm trying to keep the 60p to a minimum so it has been sitting.
  5. I would LOVE the bmmcc if it could steam wireless to my phone or if it had even a tiny reference screen. I often throw the OG pocket up on a tripod. Takes two seconds and looks good without much hassle. I wonder if they'll ever make a 4K version. The Go Pro itself doesn't even sell very well because the iPhone looks similar and often better because of the color processing and resolution on the new phones.
  6. Really clean work with the BMMCC. The P4K with nice lenses in that environment is also really nice. I just followed you on Vimeo. I've seen the "Calvas y Bellas_Trailer b" trailer when searching for BMMCC footage on Vimeo. I'm shooting a piece right now, mixing 16mm and the bmpcc. They match really well and I can use the same set of Kern lenses on both cameras. Have you ever shot 16mm? You can get a K3 for really cheap. Bolex prices kind of Sky Rocket unfortunately.
  7. But does it look better than 1080p from an Alexa?
  8. Damn, do you own stock in Canon and Sony? The only thing you left out is that they shot the season finale of house on the 5D.
  9. You're right, but Alexa is WAY better than Canon. Once to you notice it, it's kind of a bummer.
  10. Canon claims 15 stops and the sun still renders out a disgusting clipped out BLOB if you shoot towards it. On film, it would be a tint pin point. Black Magic Pocket 6K same story. Immediately looks cheap when you point it towards a bright light source. I would like to believe they will figure out how to get more highlight detail, but I really doubt it.
  11. If anyone is interested, I bought the RawLite OLPF filter but it took so long to ship, that I ended up buying a pocket that already had one installed... (took over a month to arrive.) If anyone is interested, I will give you a deal. Unopened. I paid 390 shipped. https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/53711-olpf-for-og-bmpcc-or-bmmcc-32500/
  12. I'll push it to f2.8 on a 70 - 200 tight or f2 on a 50mm on wide in manual mode. Of course you need to monitor the camera, but with a decent monitor this isn't a huge problem. f/1.8 on a full frame sensor is a whole different story.
  13. I'm just curious... Why use auto focus for a talking head interview? I've shot 100s of interviews with the C300 Mkii for years and now the C70. I would never do that, simply for the fact that it can be unreliable. I suppose if you're shooting on a gimbal or the person is moving around, or a unmanned camera, but a traditional interview I always have focus on manual. I could never work without NDs or XLR though. Kind of the number one selling point with the C70.
  14. This cost me 390 shipped and over a month to receive in the mail. During this delay, I was able to purchase a bmpcc that already had the filter installed. For those who don't know, this the RAWLITE OLPF removes all moire and aliasing that badly plague the original bmpcc and bmmcc. The filter is brand new and unopened. I'm dropping 65 off the sticker price.
  15. I'm with ya. This is why I would vote for the C300 Mkii or C300 Mkiii if you're doing a lot of handheld work. The weight of the camera, coupled with a view finder, makes for smooth handheld footage. It all depends. The Internal IS on the Canon is only okay to me. I would probably never risk using it on a paid job, maybe to fake a tripod shot in a pinch, but I couldn't imagine shooting that over an IS lens or choosing to warp stabilize in post.
  16. Canon Dealer's will all do 0% APR / 2 Year. I own the C70. Used it on a job the other day. The camera is solid. I think the price is fair for the image quality you get. If I wasn't trying to use it on a gimbal and shot a ton of handheld, I might consider a used C300 Mkii package for peanuts or a C300 Mkiii.
  17. Good call. It also is very wide but still has threads for an ND filter.
  18. Beautiful. I wouldn't say anything in that looks bad. It all looks great to me. From the first shot the image just feels right. Curious how your setup is rigged? I might need to pick up one of those lenses. I wish they made a pancake 8mm. I know there's a 10mm SLR Magic. Maybe a little heavy though.
  19. Visually really cool. The subject is super interesting. Wasn't even thinking about the gear. I would love to see more shots with a deeper DOF to see detail around the garden. I guess more wide shots in general and less contrast. I also thought the bright red modern car felt a little out of place, but maybe the juxtaposition is interesting. The piece has such a nice timeless feel and place without it. Look forward to seeing the full length doc!
  20. I own the C70 (Same Sensor.) I think the potential for nice color is definitely there. Really clean sensor. The color work flow Canon has provided is really terrible though. The LUTs are 6 years old and were built for the original C300 Mkii. Nothing has been updated. The LUT pack for C70 even includes LUTs for gamma profiles that no longer exist. (Clog2 / BT.709) I think at this point, when a cell phone can shoot nice photos and videos, the camera manufactures really should be focusing on a solid post work flow that produces beautiful, consistent results or they will lose customers.
  21. I think the color in general has always suffered as the light sensitivity gets better. Look at the original Black Magic Pocket, Digital Bolex, Arri Alexa. None of the those are lowlight cameras but in the right light they look really really good.
  22. Yeah, those Rec709 grades with like 7 or 8 stops of dynamic range look so rich and vibrant. Film print style. Even 35mm film shot right now has a lot less punch than it used to. I always though the baked in profiles on the C300 Mkii or maybe the 1DC or 1DX look really really nice. Yes, you have to be more intentional with your exposing but the results are really nice. Not all log footage is the same though. Flat film scans are incredibly easy to grade. You don't need any LUTs, just a standard correction will look really good and natural.
  23. Nah, it's pretty bad. Do a search for even Canon C70 footage. Nothing you can find will look this good. There's tons of flat looking footage, but almost nothing with a standard balanced REC709 grade. The C300 Mkii looked good to me as well. One of the easiest cameras to get beautiful skin tone out of.
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