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  1. ¿Cómo lo sabes Grimor? Mañana me voy pa Torre del Mar a quitarme una semanita del calor, jejeje.
  2. Hi Ben and thank you for watching my work! I´ve been enjoying yours right now, I liked a lot. I only have shot once in 16mm here in Spain and the workflow is not simple (there are no labs in Spain), so even I would love to try it again, I have many other preferences right now to learn and improve...and spend money, unfortunately ajaja. I just started in the DIY anamorphic world now and I want to improve my gear in this area...but in the future, I would love to shot in film with any doubts so I will start to look for those K3. Thank you again.
  3. Thank you Ben. I used this simple "super8" rig style. It is very easy to attach and dettach the pistol grip and the viewfinder, so I had it all in a dslr bag. Totally agree! I thought many times to buy a second hand C300 or C100MkII for the usability (good audio preamps, internals nds, high capacity batteries)...but I knew that I would not like those clipping highlights that reminds me an old Canon DSLR when I had to edit and do the color grading. Thank you!. I think exactly the same as you. I have a GH4 and I had and an A7s (I also worked many times with A7sii, A7iii, Fs5 and Fs7) and a GH5s, and I had to spend a lot of time reasearching in internet and testing, to get a more filmic texture and good skintones from them. Also, I think that the old blackmagics are the best (cheap) cameras for mixing light (and poor CRI) conditions. Now I am preparing a documentary and I have convinced the director to shoot with the micro and the old pocket for various reasons, one of them is that due to the fear of covid some of the protagonists refuse the make up to avoid a person so close, and I know that blackmagics cameras will help with skintones.
  4. This video was shot entirely with the pocket and the panny 14mm 2.5...the exposure and the color grading sometimes is really bad, but overall I really like the organic texture it has, like old indie feature films. And as you says, despite of being a 14mm, with the 2.88x crop turns out to be a very good close up lens for people, I don´t see any distortion on human faces when they are close to the camera. pass: vacaciones
  5. Wow, thank you very much Kye. This is a very good information and very well explained. In the first project that I mixed the Bmpcc4k with the Micro and the Old pocket in the same scene, I was really shocked about the video-ish texture of the Bmpcc4k, and because I had a very short time in post, I couldn´t test anything to make it more filmic. This is the scene: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/493122238 The wide shot is the Bmpcc4k (also the insert shots) In the music video, I have used blur (I don´t remember which one) in the Bmpcc4k shots to get rid of the video digital look and also add grain (also to avoid Youtube banding in shadows and gradients). All in all, I think that the Bmpcc4k is really a great camera and it can do a lot of things, and also it can look very filmic, I wonder if the Bmpcc6k worth the upgrade or maybe I should get an old Bmpc4k if I want a S35 sensor with more filmic texture than the Bmpcc4k. I will follow your tips Kye, thank you very much!
  6. Thanks for the info Kye!. I have to use the 14mm more than I usually do, mainly family and holidays videos with the bmpcc, because I´m thinking now that I don´t remember to notice moire or aliasing problems in those videos (also in prores)...so maybe it could be one of the best lenses for the microcinema.
  7. Wow, amazing shots! How did you manage the moire and aliasing that the micro usually has in shots like these? Are you using an olpf from rawlite? or there is nothing here but the micro and the 14mm 2.5 (I also have this great tiny lens)? By the way, I have posted a couple of music videos where I have used de Micro Cinema in this thread:
  8. This is a videoclip that I shot mixing the Bmpcc4k (C/Y Zeiss Primes + Speedbooster) and the Microcinema with russian 16mm Lens (Meopta Largor and Openar), both in CDNG. I also use the Microcinema as an A cam with a more modern look, like in this other videoclip, shot with speedbooster and Sigma 18-35mm (car interiors) and Tokina 11-16mm (day exteriors) I´m still learning and trying to get a more organic look from the Bmpcc4k. I have test the new Gen 5 (not in this videoclip) in Resolve 17 and I found it more pleasant than the Gen4 as most of users says but for now I´m still prefer the more organic texture of the old fairchild sensor. And sorry for my english!
  9. I hope your father can defeat the cancer @Sage. I have experienced a similar situation with my father (throat cancer) one year ago...they had to cut his vocal chords (translation from google) and now his voice is something like the Donald Duck...but he is fine and he was not a singer or something that needs his voice...so we are very happy and we hope that cancer never appears again (this is the most important thing). Anyway...congrats four your good job on the gh5 alexa conversion, surely I will try it in the future (now, with all my currents and future jobs cancelled and with no idea of when I could work again, I should not spend money but only on what is necessary).
  10. Really awesome! I´m still choosing my bmpcc and bmmcc over the gh5s, or whatever new camera I have at the moment, when I know than I can deal with their weaknesses and get those beautiful digital images.
  11. Hello (and sorry for my english). I am waiting to see some examples of the new GH5s version of the Ghalex lut, but in the meantime I tried to use the official Arri Log to Rec709 Lut included in Davinci and I have found that it works really good as a starting point. I haven´t done any color space conversion, just applied the lut, and I like the colors much more than with the Vlog to rec709 from Panasonic (that I think Panasonic should have developed specifically for each camera model colour science). Then a few tweaks in exposure, wb and contrast, and finally another lut (a 709 Kodak Vision from Impulz) and grain to get this result with direct sunlight mostly, the worst situation for the gh5s highlights rollof capabilities. I´m very happy with this first test.
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