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  1. https://www.dxomark.com/Reviews/Canon-EOS-5D-Mark-IV-Sensor-Review-Game-changer 13.6 stops DR.... Come on magic lantern, get the party started! What is interesting is the chart against the Nikon D810... It has 14.9 stops (amazing) but that is only for ISO50, at ISO150 they are equal (both 13.6 stops). From there on in, the Canon has the advantage. The A7R II is actually the best overall performer for DR. I think it is safe to say Canon have taken a big leap forward though...
  2. ? 4K VR would be 2K x 2K per eye. You would need 2K vertical resolution... eg, shooting 4K video. Btw - I've already given a view on codec (i'd go REDraw).... Discussion are allowed to develop though.
  3. Again... I'm not so sure.... though I work in VR a fair bit, so might be biased in my opinion. A couple of years ago it was hard to see the end of traditional gaming ... but I would bet my house that in 15 years, very few people will be sat playing 2d games on a screen. Narrative has more challenges than gaming... but 15 years will see those challenges diminish. At the very least... the way we consume 2d content will change... I can already sit in oculus cinema and watch a film on an imax sized screen (in VR) even when sat on an airplane. This has shifted my thinking away from 1080p towards as high a resolution as possible. VR and AR will need 4k, probably 8k
  4. I'm not so sure.... things change quickly now. Ask a millennial kid if they would rather have access to books or emojis and alot will choose the latter. If and when VR is perfected.... 2D narrative might become something young people lose interest in. Within 15 years, we could be very far removed from how entertainment currently is served.
  5. You've really got two choices.... Shoot the best you can afford that, on paper, will be future proof on the devices we use now... TV, mobile, 2D screens etc Or take a leap of faith on tech like 3d or 360 video. I'd go for the first option and aim as high as possible ... maybe see if you can rent red weapon 6k or 8k
  6. The DPAF stands out again, stunning. He's a brave man going around filming kids on a playpark though, in the UK... You could get a right beating if the wrong person thinks you are filming their kid.
  7. Why does Canon always get a mention? Sony have been able to do 4K/120p Raw for years via the FS700, yet they still churn out crappy 8 bit 4:2:0 in their DSLR/Mirrorless range. Nikon don't even have a high end, yet still also churn out 8bit 4:2:0 If Panasonic push the boundaries of the GH5, it is because they are aggressive in that sub sector, not because of some $20k codex recording camera. All these companies should understand that they could make amazing DSLR video and alot of people would still buy their pro range for the NDs, XLRs, Ergonomics etc (and also buy a few of the DSLRs for B/C cams)
  8. There is a warmth to that video I posted that just reminds me of film so much (beautiful saturated oranges/reds). I know looks can be dialled in, but skintones can sometimes suffer... The C500 raw seems to allow for those beautiful warm colours and maintain the skintones. Maybe it is just a great, great grade... But it really shocked me when I saw that was from a C500. I genuinely thought it was film.
  9. Maybe I can answer that with a video:
  10. That's because it is in no way a testing shot. Any cam with 9+ stops would look similar.. be it a DSLR or alexa
  11. Jimmy


    Anybody can create an S-curve. Only the manufacturer, or possibly a hacker, can add an actual log profile.
  12. Hence why I said "if they get it right"
  13. I think they do make some exceptions. But it seems most A cam stuff needs to be 4k. This is the only little gap in the market that I can see the c700 gaining ground... some don't like red or Sony and seem to overlook the beautiful varicam
  14. Maybe the rumour dude just forgot to mention it... would be a ridiculous thing to leave out of the flagship model
  15. Can't believe we might be on the verge of a tiny camera that can shoot 4k/60p 10 bit 4:4:2 log ... possibly with ibis. If they get it right, this is the ultimate indie shooter.... a true game changer. I'll grab two of these and not even look at new cameras for a good long time.
  16. I guess in your rush to decry the Canon... you missed the part where I said it's place might be in 4k acquisition for the streaming sites, ruling out Alexa from my particular point.
  17. Not sure this has been posted yet in it's entirety.... The grade is surprisingly sloppy, imho... but there are a few wow shows from halfway in:
  18. It really doesn't have to be significantly better.... Just fit the taste of the DP or whoever else is making the decision on which camera to rent/use on a high end production. Skintone could play a big part in that decision.
  19. There is a market for the C700 (and F55, RED and Varicam)... Namely the streaming services that demand 4K and will only accept Alexa shot footage in special circumstances. If the image out of the C700 surpasses that of the F55, RED Weapon and Varicam, then it could do very well in that particular area and start to build traction on bigger and bigger shoots. As for the size, I don't think it is an issue on a major drama or film set. Rigs get huge, even if it is a RED. Any word if the Odyssey 7Q gets a raw signal from the C700? Could help with ergonomics.
  20. Hahaha, people are so quick to get angry and offended, they just see the video title and get the pitchfork. It's a good parody...
  21. I think I might have to. I like the epic mx but know full well that it is not even close to these new cameras. to suggest this camera is four years behind it's time just doesn't add up unless you focus on one or two paper specs.... redcode is a wonder though.... that is the one spec that was genius.
  22. Interesting... but judging by bloom's comments... sounds to me like the guy has made a flat S curve in the profile builder.... might be nice, but would not be a log profile. Let's see.
  23. Yea... the market was flooded with 4K 60p 15 stop DR low light DPAF great skintone cams back then!! I will never ever own a c700 as the size doesn't suit my style, so won't lose any sleep about this launch. But it seems a nice camera.... unless you are thinking about a $30k camera and we're somehow banking on the c700 to shoot your masterpiece... why get worked up?
  24. If ML crack this baby, i'll be all over it. 1080/60p raw and 13.5 stops would be fine by me.
  25. I don't really see the issue with the XC15.... They were never gonna release a v2 so soon, so why cry about them putting out an improved v1?
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