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    shanebrutal reacted to Andrew Reid in Just a quick thank you for supporting EOSHD over the years   
    Looking back I owe everyone a big thank-you for using the forum and taking an interest in the blog, it is amazing what it has turned into with so little effort on my part  I think this place must be the only website on the entire internet without adverts. Long may it continue like that.
    Got a GX9 arriving tomorrow... about time I did a review of something cheap with the big shift to high-end stuff. Let me know what you'd like to see in the review of it.
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    shanebrutal reacted to Oliver Daniel in New music video for British legends "The Damned", shot on GH5   
    The video was shot with a single GH5 (with a little A6500 in there) in 10 hours, edited, graded and effects done in 4 days (by me). 
    The new album (last I heard) was at No.7 in the official UK chart. 
    I'm a big fan of what Panasonic has done with this camera. 
    That said, the shining star of this video is the band. 
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    shanebrutal reacted to Dave Maze in Old Cameras Still Shine Today   
    I made this so so long ago on the Canon 50D with ML raw and I remember it had a very cinematic look to it. 
    Also...I know some of you guys saw I was selling my 1DC....well the eBay buyer flaked on me and now I still have it. Im never doing that again. I almost had a heart attack thinking about saying goodbye to it
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    shanebrutal got a reaction from pablogs86 in NX1 How to deal with white balance?   
    Here's what I do: Use the custom white balance with a grey card in most indoor situations. Especially when setting up lights.  If I'm outdoors in daylight I'll just use auto. Sometimes auto during golden hour doesn't get it warm enough so I'll choose cloudy preset. But I don't like the presets that much. 
    I agree the Kelvin setting is glitched out. Random tinted frames. Such a shame.
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    shanebrutal reacted to Mattias Burling in How stills killed casual video for me   
    This is just a little something I shot on the subway, absolutely nothing special. But it made me think.
    I used to shoot a lot of casual video on the streets. But ever since I became passionate about stills, more specifically street photography I never do it. Mostly because when recording video I feel like Im just missing out on great stills. An this was no exception. In fact its 1.5 years since I shot casual video out and about if we don't count "test shots" around the house.
    The irony is that I started shooting street photography to become a better videographer. I used to love shooting video. The best part for me was composition and grading. So I started taking Raw stills in order to get to practice bigger quantities of grading. The plan was to eventually make a video about it and recommend all aspiring videographers to shoot a lot of stills. Just like the DP's in the Zacuto shoot out says (forgot which).
    But along the way it completely switched on me. I started liking stills more. Specially the challenge. To capture a whole scene, the entire atmosphere, all the feelings in one single frame. Compressing an entire story into one single moment. 
Im not in anyway implying that Im good at it. But I love trying.

    Now when I watch vlogging street shooters on youtube, you know the type, Gopro in the hot shoe and a montage to hip-hop beats, I just get annoyed. In the video montages they miss out on so many great images. 
Same thing for me today. In this short video montage of nothingness I see at least 4 potentially great images.
    So, thats it. I still recommend all here that are aspiring DP's to shoot more stills. With something like a GRii you can always have it ready. Look for light, composition and story.
 Just be aware that you might switch to the dark side like I have. 
    Don’t underestimate its power.
    What about you guys? Who shoots stills, why, why not?
    (btw, really soft lens in action here. It looked awesome with gorilla grain on my computer but I removed it since youtube always messes it up imo. And therefor its pretty darn soft. A couple of focus misses doesn't help either.)
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    shanebrutal reacted to Andrew Reid in NX1 dynamic range in 2018   
    Blown away by the codec...
    This shot had some serious underexposure going on.
    At least 3 stops head-room in the highlights.
    Brought the shadows up in Premiere and remapped to 16-235 (Fast Color Corrector)
    There's almost zero signs of compression in the shadows!! Which came up from invisible.

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    shanebrutal reacted to SuperSet in Samsung NX1 with 16-50mm f/2.0-2.8 S and 30mm f/2   
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    shanebrutal reacted to IronFilm in Panasonic GH5S Memes   
    I've collected a few gems from Facebook:

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    shanebrutal reacted to BTM_Pix in Would You Perhaps Be Interested In A Different GX80/85 Colour Profile???   
    So for anyone wanting to try this, I have made a really simple method to do it.
    I have tested this numerous times on my GX80 and it has lived to tell the tale but obviously do this at your own risk.
    All that this process does is fool the camera into thinking its talking to the smartphone app and then the commands it sends are exactly what the smartphone app sends. Or would do if the smartphone app thought it was talking to a camera equipped with Cinelike D !
    So as such it is only getting sent what the Panasonic app would be sending to it so there are no hacky or sneaky debug things getting sent to it. 
    Again, though, proceed at your own risk.
    Although I would say, if you’ve tried that region switching hack on YouTube with the 10 million key press combos during power up then you’re already brave enough to try this!
    Bear in mind that my unit is a GX80 and the firmware is version 1.0
    If you have a GX85 or have got a different firmware then I just don’t know because obviously I haven’t got any other devices to test it on.
    Here we go then….
    Follow these instructions exactly and you should have Cinelike D on your GX80/85
    You will need a laptop or a phone with a browser, the camera and to download the simple html file attached.
    1) Switch on camera and turn on wifi as though you were connecting the app and you should see the waiting screen on the camera
    2) Load the Deploy Cinelike D.html file into your browser
    3) Select ‘Handshake’ 
    4) You should see the browser page change and it confirm that its connected to a GX80
    5) Hit the back key on the browser
    6) Select ‘Connect’
    7) You should see the browser page change to say ‘ok’ and the camera give you an ‘Under Remote Control’ message
    8) Wait until the camera screen shows you a live view
    9) Hit the back key on the browser
    10) Select ‘Deploy’
    11) You should see the browser page change to say ‘ok’ and the camera should NOT now be displaying the Photo Style you had selected (i.e. Standard, Vivid etc) 
    12) Cinelike D is now active on the camera
    13) If you go into the menu on the camera and select Photo Style you will see that it is blank and you can’t navigate to other Photo Styles such as Standard etc. 
    14) To restore the Photo Styles hit the back button on the browser and select ‘Restore’ and the camera will display the Standard photo style and you should then be able to go into Photo Styles and change them.
    15) Repeat 9-14 to switch between them to your hearts content!
    So, like other settings, the Cinelike D profile will persist when you switch the camera off so if you want to use the other Photo Styles again then you MUST go this process again to re-enable them.
    However, if you would like to switch between them without using this method again (and who wouldn’t) here is a neat way round it.
    When you’ve done Step 12 and got Cinelike D on, set all your other parameters (4K24p etc) as you’d like them and save these into C1 of the custom settings.
    Then go to Step 14 and use the ‘Restore’ to get your standard Photo Styles back, set all your other parameters (4K24p etc) as you’d like them and then save these into C2 of the custom settings.
    Now when you switch the camera on, you simply choose C1 to have Cinelike D or C2 for the standard Photo Styles and forget about using any nonsense about using browsers and wifi connections!
    In couple of weeks I’m hoping to show you how you can do stuff like this and some other useful bits and pieces from a little hardware gadget that will work on the Panasonic cameras but have fun with this in the meantime.
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    shanebrutal reacted to Andrew Reid in An update on the NX-L speed booster for the Samsung NX1   
    (Above, shot on the NX1 & full frame NX-L).
    The Samsung NX1 is at this moment in time the best value for money 4K Super 35mm camera with the best ergonomics and autofocus.
    I still end up using my NX1 more than my Sony A6500 and Fuji X-T20, which pale into insignificance vs what Samsung did nearly 3 years ago.
    Now the NX-L speed booster has developed further since my last article and I've been shooting a lot more with it.
    Read the full article
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    shanebrutal reacted to Oliver Daniel in More love for the Sony A6500?   
    In December 2016, I wanted a stills camera. After some thought, I was swayed by the A6500 because of the video features. (typical!). 
    I've been testing this camera mostly on the excellent Zhiyun Crane (on a price / value ratio I'd say it's the best gimbal you can buy). 
    On my most recent shoot, I put it in the deep end. I used Slog2, the 18-105mm kit lens and exclusively used autofocus for the entire shoot. Felt weird. (stills attached)
    Overall, this has the potential to be a very special camera... but it's not...quite...there...yet. 
    Here's my mini mini mini review: 
    The 4k image is the best 8 bit 4k I've used. Certainly the best in Sony's lineup. There's a very special sauce going on here - it's super gradeable, detailed and the A6500 colour is much improved.  Colour is improved? The image and skin tones are very, very pleasing - both using a standard everyday look and a stylised look (which I tend to go for). Sony look? Not here.  Autofocus is very responsive. Absolutely essential on the Zhiyun Crane, makes it so much easier to focus on the shot as the image is 99% always in focus, even at shallow DOF.  Compact power. Very nice to hold in the hand without a rig. Super light.  120fps is surprisingly good. Sharpened up and exposed nicely, it's a stellar 120fps.  CONS
    Rolling shutter is a problem. It's easily avoidable however it can be annoying and ruin a shot. There's very little in the 120fps mode.  Battery life is poor. This is a constant issue with Sony mirrorless. Even if they make the bodies a bit bigger for a higher capacity battery, needs sorting! The LCD dims very low. Maybe this is to manage heat or whatever. But the LCD does dim quite significantly.  LCD gets scratched easily. These cameras need a cover to come with the camera, or flip the other way round. Got 3 scratches on my LCD from transit.  Some of the buttons are flimsy and thin. Sony need to extrude the buttons more. The wheel on the back i especially fiddly to use.  CONCLUSION
    The 4k image in XAVC-S is absolutely fantastic - I've not been wowed by image quality in a while. But it do get giddy when editing it. What's going on there? 
    The shortcomings do dilute the experience a little - and Sony should sort them out for the A6700. With other expected updates, this would be a classic camera. 
    There should be more love for this camera, as it sits under the hype shadow of the GH5. (I expect the GH5 to be awesome, but haven't used it). 
    Overall - it's a very useful tool in the bag with some stunning features, great for stills too. 

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    shanebrutal reacted to Antonis in Pulling 4K stills from NX1 video.   
    Gave it a try over the weekend. Works surprisingly well.
    4K 24fps shutter 1/50
    NX1 50-200 OIS III AF:

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    shanebrutal reacted to Andrew Reid in Samsung NX1's Smart Range+ and 0-255 luma   
    When the NX1 came out Philip Bloom bought it but didn't use it very much as he said the dynamic range was limited.
    I thought it was a bit limited too, turns out we were both wrong...
    Here is the effect of Fast Colour Corrector in Premiere changing output levels to 16-235 for NX1 clips recorded in 0-255 RGB range mode.

    Original file - blown out clouds...

    And here is an additional 1-2 stops in the highlights from enabling Smart Range + in-camera -

    I'd put this camera right up there for image quality now... Right near the top of the pile.
    Both sample images shot with the superb NXL adapter by the way with Canon 50mm F1.2L full frame FOV and DOF. Thanks Luca
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    shanebrutal got a reaction from Ivanhurba in Recommend me a GH5 Kit   
    I'm looking into gh5 as well. I was eyeing up the olympus 12-40 pro 2.8 and the 40-150 2.8 as an alternative native lens combo. They don't have ois but I wonder how well the ibis alone on the gh5 works with them. That glass might have a different (in some eyes better) character than the Panasonic's. Not sure though, I'm just asking. 
    Oops, just saw @Ivanhurba post. Thanks!
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    shanebrutal reacted to bmusikaudio in NX1 Film   
    I've had the NX1 for about 6 mos or so. The images it produces has become one of my favorite. 
    Mostly shot on Nikkors  Ais and Rokinons. 
    Gamma: Normal, -3 Contrast, -2 Sat, -10 Sharpness, 
    16-235 for some and 0-255 for others. 

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    shanebrutal reacted to Ed_David in Things I've Learned of Recent for the Camera   
    1.  Trust your own opinions.  Don't follow what someone likes, even if they are a big shot DP.  Do tests.  Use your eyes.
    2. Don't be lazy.  Being lazy is the worst.  Get low on the floor.  Move that light higher or try something different.
    3. Be prepared.  Be organized and think before the shoot as much as you can.  Make diagrams and lists.
    4. Do not overlight.  Trust yourself in the moment.  Step away from the monitor then come back.  
    5. Bounce the light.  Try that first, then direct.
    6. Use a capture device like the odyssey 7q and then take screengrabs and you can compare your lighting and blocking.
    7.  Communicate as much as you can with your crew ahead of time of how you work.
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    shanebrutal reacted to omega1978 in Samsung NX1 - Post Your Latest Video   
    not the only one  NX1 mixed with A7S and Phantom 4 Pro
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    shanebrutal reacted to Inazuma in Samsung NX1 vs Fujifilm X-T2 vs Nikon D5500 vs Sony a5100 shootout   
    Ever since I gave up my Nikon D5200 a few years ago for the Panasonic GX7, I've been dearly missing one lens. The 17-50mm f2.8. I tried the 12-35mm f2.8 on the Panasonic but didn't like it. Then the Samsung NX1 came out along with the 16-50mm f2-2.8. At the time, it was way above my budget. So I've since considered other systems such as the Sony but for one reason or another, they didn't fit my needs. But now, over 2 years later, I've finally been able and willing to pick one up. Luckily as well, the camera body is entirely unused. The manufacturer sealing was still in place. 
    One of the first things I do when I get a new camera is to compare it to my other camera(s) for things like colour, dynamic range and noise. I've made many such tests before but never usually post them. This time I've taken the time to do it properly and edit it together for all to see. 
    First up is the X-T2 vs NX1 shootout. The main point of this was to see the differences in colour and tonality. See the video description for all the fine details on settings.
    And next is this high iso comparison with two other cameras I currently have. Again, you can see the video description for all the setting details.
    Some thoughts on the differences between the X-T2 and NX1:
    AF-C and focus pulling with AF works much better on the older NX1 than the X-T2; in video anyway.  The 16-50mm f2-2.8 is a ridiculously good lens, image wise. And the focus rings works just like a classic lens. The grip and button layout of the NX1 is far better. I've always felt the retro styling of Fujifilm were a detriment to their functionality. The downside to the NX1 is that it is far inferior to the XT2 in low light. The last shot in the shootout was shot at ISO 800 on the NX1 and 1600 on the XT2, yet the NX1 shows less detail and more muddiness due to the noise reduction.  Also the NX1 is far sharper in 4k and HD but has more aliasing and moiré in the latter.  
    Anyway, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the difference between the images I'm yet undecided of which system to keep, even though the NX1 would finally fulfil my want.. or need of a 16-50mm f2.8. 
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    shanebrutal reacted to MountneerMan in Should I buy a Samsung NX1 now May 2017???   
    No, buy a GH5 or a6500. It will cost about the same as the NX1 but will have a slightly better camera with more lens options.
    Not saying that the NX1 is a bad camera its just that I cant recommend it when there are better options out there for the same price that are not dead systems.
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    shanebrutal reacted to Hans Punk in Meanwhile, at DPReview...   
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    shanebrutal got a reaction from ricardo_sousa11 in NX1 / NX500   
    Regrading gamma DR (with .95 green channel and +5 mbl), I find myself using it again as of late. Something about it just works for my workflow. But I really enjoy Ricardo's settings as well. Been trying gamma DR with impulz luts for a more normal color look and then I use Ricardo's natural settings and vellichor luts for a stylized look.
    Yeah, dis degrades image quality. At least if you're pixel peeping. Better off using warp stabilizer in premiere.
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    shanebrutal got a reaction from Inazuma in NX1 / NX500   
    Regrading gamma DR (with .95 green channel and +5 mbl), I find myself using it again as of late. Something about it just works for my workflow. But I really enjoy Ricardo's settings as well. Been trying gamma DR with impulz luts for a more normal color look and then I use Ricardo's natural settings and vellichor luts for a stylized look.
    Yeah, dis degrades image quality. At least if you're pixel peeping. Better off using warp stabilizer in premiere.
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    shanebrutal reacted to jcs in The Fate of the Furious - Review   
    My good friend Elena Diaz was in Furious 7 and we got to meet the cast & crew at Tyrese's house- truly down to earth people who are grateful for the opportunity to make these fun films.

    We watched The Fate of the Furious at the Arclight in Santa Monica in 'Widescreen' with Dolby Atmos audio (killer 3D sound). Most of the time a bigscreen and surround sound at home is good enough, however this kind of movie is totally worth it in this kind of theater. When you meet people in person you get a sense of their energy, and it comes across on the screen. They had a blast making this movie and it translates in their performances. I have to say this is the most ridiculous, over-the-top silly video-game-like-movie I have seen to date: something like the ending of ConAir or Armageddon, except for almost the entire movie. At the same time they sneak in good messages and the jokes are many and well done.
    The camera work, special effects (tons of practicals!), and fight scenes rival the best that have ever been done. They used the ARRI Alexa XT Plus, Sony F55, Red Weapon Dragon, Black Magic Micro Cinema, along with Zeiss Ultra Prime / Compact Prime, Fujinon Premier Cabrio and Angenieux Optimo Lenses , and it looked f@cking amazing! Go watch it- leave your brain at home and bring your friends and a smile!  
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    shanebrutal reacted to Dave Maze in I'm shooting YouTube content with my 1DC and CONTAX lenses   
    I have been diving into YouTube and am excited about putting out more and more content. My two cameras now are the Canon G7X II which I use for Vlogs and my Canon 1DC. I have a Love/Hate relationship with my 1DC. I really really wish I had autofocus but every time I look at the IQ I am so happy. Clog is what I shoot on and thats it. I have shot on the EOSHD flat profile and used the Canon EOS Utility app on my Mac to control focus and settings for studio stuff and that helps a bit (You can't use any autofocus while in Clog) By the way...the video below has "sharpening" in post. I put it on there but its too much. Going to tone it down next time. 
    When I am fully operating the camera it is great! Especially at my full time job where I am creating YouTube content for someone else. Operating the camera is a breeze and with a Zacuto Gratical EVF on top I get all the video camera things I need like Waveform and Focus Peaking. My CONTAX Zeiss glass always looks so great. I am converting everything to 4K ProRes LT to save space and to run better. Its annoying but its ok. I just set it and let it run while I do other things at work. Im doing one video a week for Anthony ONeal and plan on continuing to use my 1DC for it. IDK what to do. Really want something with AF but also with a flip out screen that shoots 4K. Considering the GH5 but am waiting for NAB.. 
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