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  1. I felt like their 2015 software was also awful and they kind of tidied everything up last year. Unfortunately, it was only a brief stable period and you're right, the software is atrocious now.
  2. This is exciting. I'm done with Premiere after I finish a current project I'm working on, on my spec'd out Macbook Pro from 2015 (OK, a little old, but still...) it constantly crashes, stutters and screws up.
  3. Are you using an ND filter? Have you tried using a grey card for WB?
  4. Brilliant. Would be interested in a black and white comparison. And how each camera matches with drone footage.
  5. Yes, looks like that combo. And apologies for posting that here, not trying to downplay what Andrew did with his profile, which is provide a natural, punchy image straight out of the camera. The combo I posted is obviously meant for a bit of post work with colour.
  6. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I judge picture profiles by the results and not tests. Don't get me wrong, these can be very useful and it's great to know that we should all be shooting on Cine1, but the best results I have seen have been with SLOG2 and Cine4 – when I film, the best, most natural results that I've achieved, have also been with these two profiles. This, for instance, is one of the strongest A7SII videos I've seen, and it was shot using the Cine 4 and SLOG3.cine gamma combo. It's a real shame this conversation is still happening to be honest. Hopefully Sony's next cameras give us further colour improvement and we move on.
  7. Here's one or two examples from a recent shoot that I quickly graded that show off what the 1/4 Black Pro Mist can do.
  8. I bought a 1/4 Tiffen Black Pro Mist filter recently and was pretty impressed. It does amazing things to the highlights, giving a much gentler roll off and lends the image an all round 'classic' feel.
  9. They officially updated the max load to 1800g recently, after a firmware update. So, definitely yes.
  10. Can't argue that I'm interested in the GH5, but can someone show me some content from the camera that has truly blown them away? I've had the A7SII for close to 2 years now and feel very much in-tune with it. I've found a colour profile in SLOG2 and a LUT that works every time (Thanks GFILM!) and produces great results. I could do with better slow mo, I could do with slightly more punchy, clean footage, but it's not essential. There's not a huge reason to upgrade, and I'm gonna preach the 'it's not about the camera' line to myself for a little while yet. If anything, the biggest downside with Sony is native lenses. They're still expensive, and I'm still always tempted to go with Canon and use my Metabones adapter. I just hate adding length and weight to the camera that way. Anyway, from the specs, the GH5 looks great. There's just no way I'm buying a Speedbooster XL and a new set of lenses for slightly cleaner footage and slightly better slow mo.
  11. Tip #1: Be grateful to anyone who gives you their time and advice. People help you get somewhere in this industry, not gear or good technique.
  12. Meant to ask this when I first watched your video, what is that lens you're using at 1:11? It gives an absolutely stunning POV effect, really beautiful. Great work btw.
  13. meanwhile, it sounds like you'd like some sort of crash course for video work. I'd recommend delving into Dave Dugdale's earlier posts and videos as he documented his learning process pretty extensively. I'd also recommend looking at Philipp Blooms stuff, specifically when it's related to a piece of equipment or camera you're using or plan to use. He typically gives very in-depth run throughs.
  14. This is a great thread. I've been experimenting with colour profiles once again on the A7SII after settling with the GFILM recipe for SLOG2. I tried out PP Off and Cine 4, and what I couldn't get away from was that SLOG2 produces a certain look and texture that the other profiles simply can't match. Perhaps on one or two shots you could get close, but for most, there's a tonal graduation that is unique to LOG profiles. Yes, when I zoom into an image, there's more colour noise, but I can live with that given that the image as a whole is much more pleasing, more film-like when compared to the Cine gammas or PP off.
  15. Dang, my apologies, far wider than I'd have imagined.
  16. Actually, thanks to a decent job recently, money isn't too much of an issue and I wanted to take the opportunity to invest in some gear for the long term. Nice to hear some good feedback on the 55 1.8, I'm going to have a look into that. As a start, and only really because it was too much of a deal to pass up on, I bought the 28mm f2 from Amazon Prime Day for 319€. Bargain.
  17. Nice work! Also not happy with the official LUTS provided by Sony.
  18. I'm used to full frame, and I'd have guessed 50mm. Maybe I'm wrong, but certainly not as wide as a 24mm. I'll give it a go later when I have my camera and 24-105 at hand.
  19. I would wager that it's a 50mm. Doesn't look wide enough to be 35mm, doubt they would handhold/rig anything over 50mm. Could be a 40mm pancake also...? While I'm here, are there any native Sony lens users out there? I'm looking for some full frame options and would really appreciate feedback from folks on here if they had a favourite native lens. I love the character of vintage, but after doing event coverage last week, I'd really like the option of using some versatile zooms or solid, easy to use native primes. I have my eye on the 28mm because it's cheap, but I can't help but think that's an awkward focal length on full frame. The 35mm Sony is, from what I can see, way overpriced for an f2.8. As is the 55mm Zeiss, while the cheap Sony 50mm got awful reviews for it's AF. The only lens that might tempt me is the Sony 85mm f1.8, but I rarely do portraits. I wish Sigma would hurry up with their native E-Mount ART lenses.
  20. Youch, thanks for posting your thoughts. Here's hoping there's a new Sigma E-Mount lens coming later this year that fills that gap.
  21. I'm looking into this focal length at the moment as I want to replace my 24-105mm L lens. It's been such a great workhorse, but after using the 24-70 2.8 GM lens I was blown away by how muddy and unsharp it was. I've looked into the Tamron 24-70 2.8 lens which is relatively cheap, that might also be worth a look?
  22. From what I've read on SonyAlphaRumours, A7III to launch in Autumn this year, possible A7RIII next with 64MP sensor in early 2018, no rumours on a A7SIII - so probably spring 2018.
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