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  1. Apparently native FE lenses are coming soon as well. I'd love to finally cash in on my 24-105mm L lens and get a Sigma 24-70 2.8. I'll take any kind of autofocus I can get with my Sony A7SII at this point...more for casual photography than for video.
  2. I'm always amazed when I see work projected in a kino environment, instead of on a monitor or a screen. Mushy, crap footage you thought looked bad can take on very natural qualities. Footage you thought looked great, now looks stunning.
  3. I use a GenusTech variable ND. Get the f-stop you want, and then make stronger or lighter depending on what you want your exposure to be. For me, that's always either +1.7 or +2.0 on the Sony A7SII with SLOG2. Unfortunately, it's not quite enough on a very sunny day with a really wide aperture. I wish it went to 10 stops of ND, but oh well.
  4. So er, I found the problem. There's a tiny button at the bottom of the Tascam DR100 Mk.II where you can switch between 'Mic/Line1' - I switched it to Mic and it works perfectly now. Basically, this:
  5. Quick question: Is this useable with the Sony A7SII and no native lens? I wanted to use this with a vintage 35mm lens but have only now realised that getting focus might be quite difficult, what with the screen and EVF obscured. Would I need to pick up a native Sony lens to make best use of the gimbal? This was made with the Sony A7SII and native lenses but the videographer did note he wasn't overly impressed with the native glass.
  6. Nice! After my experience with this cheap Steadicam I'm very tempted to splurge on a Zhiyun Crane.
  7. Hmm, OK. Maybe we're just missing a setting somewhere? Very odd, but glad you made this topic!
  8. Good call, thanks guys, really is much appreciated.
  9. I have a feeling it's the audio recorder, or a setting I'm missing somewhere. The mic doesn't need phantom power, and it performed fine plugged into the camera with the xlr>3.5mm cable. So in theory there's no reason why it wouldn't record when paired with the Tascam XLR input.
  10. Ok, that's good to know. I've never used one of these before so a lot of it was hit and miss. For example, to extend the bar lower or to make the whole thing shorter? I had/have no clue what extending it might do. Often it would make it more unstable. And, put the weights to the sides of the camera or front and back? Weights close to the pole, or far away? There are so many variables it kind of drove me crazy.
  11. No, battery and phantom power didn't work at all. I switched to a XLR>3.5mm cable which seemed to work much better, with levels still a little low. But the mic plugged directly into the camera worked fine...very odd. I'm going to do a few more tests at home tonight to check, but I've had back luck with this audio recorder. I feel like I've missed a setting somewhere...
  12. On this subject... I had a corporate shoot this week, and for some unknown reason my Sennheiser MKE 600, plugged into the XLR input of a Tascam DR100 MKII simply wouldn't work at all. AT the highest gain, it would only register a -42db sound when I tapped the front of the mic. Tried switching XLR inputs, still the same. Tried 48v phantom power, still the same. Anyone had this problem before per chance? I hate audio when it doesn't go as expected.
  13. I bought a cheaper knock-off Gildecam last week...my word, IMPOSSIBLE to set up properly. I spent 2 hours at the weekend trying to get it stable and eventually had to give up, go to sleep and simply not use it on a shoot this week. Is there a trick to these things? Is it simply a case of practice makes perfect? I got it relatively stable, but it would always spin to the right slightly.
  14. To be honest, a built-in ND filter would be better for me than 10bit. A6500 level autofocus, built in ND and 60fps in 4K would be great.
  15. I'd also just suggest to white balance often, and carefully. If the custom white balance doesn't work and gives you a green cast, it's because you're doing in SLOG. I know, bummer, but if you switch to a Cine profile and custom WB, then back to SLOG, you'll have your correct settings.
  16. Not following on a few things here. I love my A7SII too, but I think you've got a few things mixed up here unless I'm mistaken. And, caveat, this being the problem of the ridiculous caveat machine that is the A7RII. - The reduced rolling shutter mode is full frame 4K. Which has a little less detail, and a lot less rolling shutter. - The shaper, more detailed mode is Super 35mm. But you get added rolling shutter. But this isn't a problem for lenses, you just get a little crop. No need to change mount and I wouldn't bother with a focal reducer for such a minimal crop. - ISO performance was supposed to be very strong on the A7RII, equal until around 25k. I rarely ever shoot higher on the A7SII. I doubt many do. - A7SII real benefits are SLOG3 support, in-camera LUT for SLOG, that slightly higher ISO performance. Again, I'd still rather have better AF. Annnyway, these topics are boring. Get what works for your needs and your budget. I only photograph for a hobby so I couldn't rationalise buying the A7RII over the A7SII. If you have a project coming up, buy something in your budget. If you just want to buy and play around, wait and see. There is no right camera, as thousands have said. In 2 years you'll be wanting the latest and greatest all over again.
  17. Love my Sony A7SII...although in hindsight I'd recommend the A7RII for the better auto focus, stills performance and ability to shoot in a mode where rolling shutter is reduced. Check out the Sony rumour websites to get a better idea. Rumours are the A7III could appear in the summer, with the R and S to follow in the next 6-8 months. So, basically, they are a while off.
  18. Very tempted to grab this for an upcoming corporate video. Has anyone in Germany purchased this and could recommend a seller? It's listed under multiple companies on Amazon, under a lot of different price points.
  19. Sure thing. These aren't final grades, but should give you a better idea of what the profile is like to work with.
  20. I really loved filming with the SLOG2/GFILM combo and am currently working my way through a travel video edit. Some of the shots are stunning, others are less so, but it's well worth checking out. Absolutely 0 banding so far, which is pretty impressive. Macro blocking is certainly there, but not too badly. Bought this little Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35mm 2.4 lens a few months back. It's a lovely portrait/macro lens. Not so great for landscape work but low contrast lenses always give such lovely character to the shot. Is the Sigma 30mm native E-mount?
  21. This is a nice trick for when you're moving indoors to outdoors and need to keep the exposure values at roughly the same levels with no fuss. Obviously, the situation I'm talking about requires you to be very flexible with the min/max ISO. I'm still a massive fan of the image you can get with SLOG3, it's just a shame that it produces a bit of banding and noise in some shots. Love your use of the old lens as well, vintage lenses + these super sharp sensors are the best.
  22. If it helps, I don't recall Premiere having a 4K export option in the export presets. I always have to manually dial in the resolution, unless I'm missing something...
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