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  1. Isn't it a tad strange this is shipping next Friday in the States, and there's been no more footage or first impressions...or anything?
  2. Stupid question incoming, the difference between these wireless lav mics and something like a Rode SmartLav is that these sound much better and are wireless, right? It's not just that they're wireless?
  3. Nice. Hard to gather too much, the slow motion footage was 1080p I'm guessing, and out of focus? Otherwise it's a nice little 4K video, sharp image. If anything, it was a fantastic advert for Ronin.
  4. Beautiful grade and great footage, you're movement with the camera is impeccable. How are getting it so smooth? I still struggle with the ole handheld sliding motion but you look to have gotten it nailed.
  5. Well, I shared the piece with my class as they are all on the Canon t5i train and clueless about other options. So thanks for the article. I don't care what they choose as long as they're informed and aren't just choosing a camera because they know the brand is popular. Whatever they chose, there should be a reason, a feature, that makes it right for their project.
  6. Bloom's 4K Samsung footage looks amazing, have to say it. I think 4K is finally hitting its mainstream moment, helped majorly by the iPhone shooting it now. Whilst before it was a great future-proof thing to have, I'd say if you're buying a new camera now it's pretty important. Of course, 1080p will still be the norm, but there will be way more 4K stuff out there in the coming months.
  7. We'll be making a Super 8 film at my doc class next week, super excited for that. Loved the grade and feel of Wild Ranger's shots at the top, it's still one hell of an aesthetic.
  8. Nice, cheers guys. I have a nice bit of cash from selling my 5D and looking to reinvest in equipment for an upcoming doc. Monitor would be nice, as would a rig and some XLR sound gear.
  9. I might have the opportunity to grab one of these in the next few weeks for around 600 €, giving my A7s the boost up to 4K as well as the benefits of having a monitor. Wouldn't be the easiest thing in the world to lug around for low key shooting, plus I'd need a battery, SSD and a swivel head...but still thinking this is a pretty good deal. What does the hive mind think?
  10. Yeah sorry man, definitely photoshop'd. Ahh, this was you. Saw this on Vimeo ages and ages ago and was super impressed with the footage. Think it was one of the videos that convinced me to buy one. Even now, nice job. Is footage out through HDMI (with a Shogun I'm guessing) better in your opinion?
  11. Really keen to hear of some actual user reactions to using the camera and hopefully see some footage in the next few weeks outside of those generally awful Sony promo vids.
  12. ...disturbing? Given that the camera isn't out yet common sense would tell you that 'All you need to know' would likely refer to the launch specs. The answers to your questions will likely come when there are review units out there or the general public get their hands on the camera. Have a little patience.
  13. As I said, nothing against the folks who shoot them. Great source of income, plus a lot of them are beautifully made. As an average Joe, I just can't ever imagine wanting one.
  14. Nothing against folks who shoot weddings (a paycheck's a paycheck) but the couples who participate in these things for their special day are absolutely mad. "Stare into each other's eyes and nuzzle your noses together while I get the exposure right" would have me and my partner bursting into laughter. "Next up, please do a pretend marital fall-n-catch and then have a snog" would be the final straw.
  15. Try 2.5k. But even then, it looks like a pretty good option.
  16. The 24-105mm L lens is incredibly crackly when you have IS turned on.
  17. The 4.6k is a little outta my price range, but the 4K version at around 3,000 euros is very tempting. Probably about 4,200 euros with the add ons, but still, great value - potentially.
  18. I have the same affliction...meaning I'm now looking at Blackmagic. For an extra 1k euros you could get a Ursa Mini 4.6k EF mount...albeit bear bones.
  19. I was looking forward to this announcement and now I'm not so sure what I think. All the obvious improvements are there, IBIS, 4K plus that nice extra of 1080p 120fps. And, of course, I look forward to seeing some consumer footage. But I had kind of hoped for less rolling shutter...or slightly increased MP count... I might save (a lot) more and look at the Ursa Mini at some point. I can't quite get over the fact that some of the most impressive and filmic footage I've seen is from Blackmagic.
  20. Massive resolution photos...which is a big bonus if you're looking for an all in one camera.
  21. And the YouTube compression at work, most likely. Waves are never good to put into compression as the whole screen is moving.
  22. I have the Impulz Ultimate Package and am also a little confused. But that's alright because normally you learn something next... So use add a FilmConvert Alexa profile to the footage. Then add a LUT from Impulz to go from rec709 to Cineon? Would that be the LUT named 'Alexa Rec709 to LOG-C_Impulz.cube' in folder 28 of the Impulz pack, Ed? Apologies, the rec 709 labels + Cineon labels + the CIN/FC/FPE and VC tags at the end of the LUTS in that package always confused me. In the past I've gotten interesting results by simply adding FilmConvert and throwing an Impulz Sony Cine 4 .FC LUT on top.
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