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  1. So the actual microphone in the H1 is on par with the H2 or H4?
  2. I also want to buy an audio recorder of some sort to grab some nice sound pieces while doing my documentary next year. I have a Rode VideoMic Pro on the camera (which I tend not to like), a Rode SmartLav+ and am after something to get atmospheric sound...would a Zoom H2 or H4 be a good bet? I've used a Tascam DR-05 and didn't mind that but wouldnt mind future proofing myself a little as I was thinking of getting the XLR add-on for the Sony A7SII. And would something like a Rode NTG3 be a must for good field sound?
  3. Just editing some FS7 footage from a shoot a month ago and am having a strange problem in Premiere where after I've pushed the exposure up with Lumetri, certain areas (that tend to have clipped highlights in the first place) get coloured outlines. Partial screengrab below. Has anyone had experience with this or would know a fix?
  4. If you want to add the A7SII to the list I'd grab one in an instant!
  5. I like the VisionColor LUTS but always feel they give a more stylised aesthetic compared to FilmConvert. A quick grade on FilmConvert always seems to get you to an 'actual reality' aesthetic.
  6. Nice footage! Crazy purple fringing going on though...
  7. Strange. That's not 'banding' in the traditional sense. I think someone posted about this 2 or so weeks ago except that kind of pattern noise appeared at night. Might be a faulty unit.
  8. Are you sure? I loved using the 60fps on the A7s. Could it be that you're using a LOG profile and underexposing?
  9. You can still switch to 25p, no? There should be a PAL/NTSC switcher somewhere in the menu. But then again, if you don't get the spot, dont worry about it.
  10. Yeah, although I get Andrew's point, it doesn't look right at all.
  11. AF, miles apart. But I do think the skin tones are perfectly fine. Good, even. Worth mentioning against the current tidal wave of opinions completely dismissing the A7 series for having really poor skin tones.
  12. Wins how? Auto-focus, skin tones (but not by far) and detail are superior. But that's to be expected with the price difference. Curious to know why detail is so far apart though.
  13. That C300 autofocus sure is something, pretty incredible results. Otherwise skin tones looks really nice on the Sony, slightly more magenta in the skin.
  14. Glad SLOG 2 looks nice, are the colours easier to deal with than the original A7s? Also, can see the banding problems in a few videos, but here it looks great. http://vimeo.com/142764518
  15. Hey folks, had a booking all prepped and now just been told that we need some sort of rental insurance for our booking. We're a company based in Germany and the only websites I've found so far have been for US companies. Does anyone in the US have a rental insurance company they could recommend?
  16. That the metabones adapter is back to working like it did when the A7s came out is a real annoyance. It took about 8 months for the firmware updates from metabones to make it work like it should all the time: IS always working and aperture control working smoothly. If the A7RII didn't have these overheating issues I'd plump for that, but I'm planning on shooting some interviews to camera so it's a definite no go. Let's see how it goes, I can wait a little longer.
  17. Nice, at the end of the day, if you're in the right places and build the right relationships, you're going to get amazing footage no matter what camera you use. So good luck and have fun! I'll be shooting my first big (well, short at around 30mins) documentary early next year in London and am slowly putting all the gear together so I can be the ultimate one man band.
  18. Cheers for the info, the C100 is a great doc cam but I thought a lot about this the last few months (as you know!) and the IBIS is a big plus for me as I'd love to be able to use vintage glass and probably won't be in situations where I can use a proper rig. I also love Canon colour straight out of the box, but I've been messing around with Impulz Luts recently and have come to really love the image you get from them paired with a Sony cam. And lastly, I still need some sort of stills ability, so the A7SII is still looking like a good option. Did you end up opting for the C100 MkII?
  19. Yeah...I've heard both arguments. Buying it in Germany would be great, I just feel a bit sour about the price hike...even if taxes like the EUs contribute to a much better social welfare system than that in the States, 700 euros is a massive percentage of the price.
  20. Is buying this in the States and bringing it back over a really bad idea? It's 700 euros cheaper. That's a massive difference. They really fleece you over here in Germany.
  21. Would love to see an unboxing video where the box is full of that black goo from Under the Skin. A pointless soul sucking void is probably a good metaphor for unboxing videos.
  22. There's a good reference point in the cinema 5d review at around 1min50. There's clearly less detail but it's not awful. http://vimeo.com/135167560 p.s why do my video links not auto embed anymore?
  23. Not a bad idea. I was also under the impression that the A7RII can actually focus pretty well with Canon glass in stills, while the A7SII isn't much improved over the A7s. The stills are great on that, it's just I have to manual focus everything.
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