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  1. All this sounds great but I'll wait to hear of news from the A7S II. That and..I'm still pretty happy with what the original A7s gives me. Time to stock up on good lighting, a rig and start making some amazing films.
  2. ​A lot of what you said rings true. We were very limited with time unfortunately, I'd have loved to have spent more time in the temple and got a better feel of place. Next shoot I'll definitely bear this in mind as it's a comment a few people have mentioned. Will play around with introducing background noise back into the piece and see how it flows. Thanks for your feedback. Cheers, the light was a nightmare! I'm pretty stoked the colours are relatively ​consistent because the WB dipped from neutral to blue to orange in every clip. The first shot is really contrasty, the rest not so much. Getting that to be consistent is beyond my skills unfortunately. Next time I'd change the interview spot I think.
  3. Thanks for the great feedback. ​It was meant to be a profile on the person, I didn't really want to veer too far into the cultural aspects of hinduism and focus more on his story. I see your point with the music track, I didn't have it in there for the first draft and the piece felt a bit like a lot of loose ends tied together. I did wonder whether seeing people play instruments and not hearing them might be a bit odd though..
  4. Thanks! Just used the 24-105mm L lens, with the crop mode it can cover a huge amount of angles.​
  5. Hey folks. A couple of months back I made my first ever proper short doc with a small team of 4 in Berlin. We had two days to find someone in Berlin with an interesting story to tell and capture the footage. We ended up finding a young German man who runs a Hindu centre on the outskirts of Berlin. We interviewed him and below is the final result. 99% of the shots used are from the Sony A7s shooting in Cine 4 and graded using a combo of FilmConvert and Impulz Ultimate Luts. This is pretty much the first short I've made. I was on camera and edited the final version together. Any feedback you guys have would be super helpful.
  6. ​I'd never seen this before until recently on a corporate shoot when someone whipped out a torch and started shining it into the lens. Neat idea. Anyone have any links to what this looks like in the final footage?
  7. Great short, love your sense for camera movement, Ed.
  8. ​Yeah I looked into cages but don't use an EVF or follow focus so at this point I think a rig would be a better option.
  9. ​Nick, this is brilliant, thanks a lot for putting it together. I had a look at their complete setups which helped in working out the individual parts needed. Have emailed them about shipping and at this point looks promising. Thanks again.
  10. ​Generally that is the case, but using a Metabone EF to E adapter with the Canon 24-105, the IS can suddenly turn off unexpectedly. You only see it in post and it's annoying to fix. Plus, arms do get tired after a while and shake, sometimes too much for the IS to really help with.
  11. I'll be shooting a documentary in the next few months and am looking into grabbing a shoulder rig that's gonna cut down on any camera shake from doing handheld work. I wish I lived in the US as they have a Manfrotto Sympla rig that looks great, but getting it shipped to Germany makes it mega expensive. ​http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/999925-REG/manfrotto_mva525wk_sympla_lightweight_shoulder_mounted.html Looking on Amazon here is a bit of a nightmare, there's a million branded shoulder rigs branded with names you've never heard of and with hardly any reviews out there from places you'd trust. Does anyone here have a setup they could recommend? Particularly looking at one for the Sony A7s, something thats small, easy to transport and lug around.
  12. Yeesh, seems like a lot of folks been removing their sense of humour along with their moire.
  13. I'm not quite sure I get it yet, but looking forward to trying this out tonight. Recently I've grown from being a 'kind-of' fan of the A7s to a massive fan. Nailed skin tones, sharpness and colour's recently and the image from this thing really is beautiful in 1080p.
  14. And just remember, if you're using SLOG-2 to overexpose by +2. Otherwise you will get noise. Personally I really like PP6, which seems to give a lot less noise, ISO flexibility but ever so slightly less dynamic range.
  15. Movcam question here, does it help with run and gun shooting as well? I've got the Canon 24-105 lens attached and it's pretty difficult to keep steady.
  16. Hey! Also playing around with the SLOG-2 with mixed results. I got some lovely results with this though a few weekends back. The video also has a SLOG-2 recipe in the desc. that helps to get this kind of result.
  17. Shot my first SLOG2 footage last weekend in bright conditions, and am by no means an expert. I used a Genus Variable ND, this one http://www.amazon.de/Eclipse-variabler-Neutral-Camcorder-Genustech/dp/B00BHD5PYK/ref=sr_1_sc_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1412946686&sr=8-2-spell&keywords=genus+varaible+nd, and I had to put it just below max for it to work. But it did. Here's the footage
  18. Hey folks. Last month I spent a week zipping around Tasmania in a small camper van. I shot a lot of footage on the way with the 5D Mark III and will most likely be my last footage shot with the camera as I recently got the Sony A7s. I really enjoyed shooting, and it's my favourite compilation of footage that I've shot as I had so much of it and so much diverse landscape to choose from. Problems? That sharpness, crispness, and the bulk of the camera for travelling. Shot with Technicolor Cinestyle picture profile + Canon L 24-105mm, Genus Variable ND filter. Song is 'For 12' by Other Lives. Feedback welcome!
  19. Cheers for the help. It's only 300 AUD here so I think it may be worth a shot after all, have a feeling the 24-105 on the A7s body may unbalance it quite dramatically as well.
  20. Heard about this, looks incredible. I'll check it out in Berlin, any particular Kino I should check out?
  21. Any good picks for a cheap E mount full frame lens? I'm waiting for the metabones adapter to arrive from Sony and just want to use the camera in the meantime. The 28-70 looks alright, anyone with any experience with it here?
  22. Haha, for someone uncomfortable socialising with other people you sure do a great job of marketing your stuff. Anyway, that aside, commendable stuff! It's a hell of a lot of work doing this kind of stuff alone so well done. How long did the whole process take you?
  23. Nice! You might have had more luck at underground stations if you moved a little further away from Alexanderplatz. That and the stations between Hauptbahhof are regularly staffed with attendants who will tell you to leave if you film. We had some problems at Warshauer Str. for a shoot last weekend, but as long as you say it's for a student project and you're not filming any individuals, you'll be fine. Anyway, nice little short. I like that you exclusively used tripod shots. Refreshing not to see one bit of wobbly footage.
  24. Have the opportunity to grab this for around 1400 euros next month, might finally be the time I've been waiting for to grab a new cam.
  25. Wow, you crammed a hell of a lot of interesting visuals into 6 minutes. I loved the scene changes, switching locations in the water etc and the colours were mad good. What's your inspiration? I was reminded of the music video for The Shoes - Time To Dance when he was at the party and thought it was going in that direction but pleased it didn't.
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