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  1. I have flagged it too, I was about to report it to the forum, same pix on a white towel background. It's my man. I was lucky enough to get Paypal to reimburse us. Thanks
  2. Good day to all, Just wanted to warn this good community that some people on eBay UK are wise on the fact that quite a few of us are looking for second hand Canon 1DC. We bought 15 days ago a 1DC advertised very convincingly by a "photographer" from Worcester (UK). The 1DC "used a handful of times, primarily for 2 weddings videos in the summer, the shutter count on the camera is 7907." Long story short, after a few emails and a payment via Paypal, we got a tracking number from parcel2go which conveniently was totally non specific (so really, the opposite of a tracking number): no starting point address, no delivery address, no mention of the nature of the parcel, nothing at all... which is exactly what we got at the end of one stressful week. We had to call eBay and Paypal then, got refunded in full TODAY. But we consider this pretty much a miracle. At the end, we have to say that we probably did not verify thoroughly the identity of our seller i.e. his digital footprint, his web site or facebook or LinkedIn nor did we check enough the reality of the transaction. Be careful. Thanks for the good work. Phil ProduThing Ltd
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