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  1. Hi guys i guess i should start from here, I am getting people from the NY area asking to video their weddings, i am located in Europe,Athens Gr so they will pay my air tickets, but i cant bring another videographer from europe as the cost is too high. i usually shoot with 2-3 shooters i am looking for a pro-semipro videographer that is local to New York to shoot second camera, documentary style HD, preferably with a ful frame canon camera and standard lenses to match my style. i know its not the most glamorous job for many, but we usually have a good time with my fellow shooters :) if you are interested please contact me via pm or at work@louloumeli.com
  2. i know you can clean fungus with ultraviolet light, leave it exposed in the sun,but mild cases,yours sound like a serious case. Do ask a professional sevice. also it depends on where you live, if you live in a hot humid place there is a case of the spores contaminating other lenses/sensor personaly i wouldnt attach it on my sensor..
  3. you choose the 60p footage on the library then go modify footage>interpret footage and change the 60p frames numbers by hand to 25 step by step here: In the Project panel, right-click the desired clip. Select Modify > Interpret Footage, and do one of the following: Select Use Frame Rate From File, Select Assume This Frame Rate, and type the number of frames per second. Click OK. then drag the clip to your timeline and its in slowmotion ths is the most seamless way to do it
  4. listening to music through youtube is like eating the best french cuisine from a dumpster. youtube was quite fun 10 years ago,before the ads, the wait till i load crap, the killing of anonimity, blackmailing you to sign up for that google+, keeping histories of what you browsed plus the bad sound-image quality lag and sea of trolls trolling trolls. i dont think i have uploaded any videos there, and although i lose clients, i prefer to re-direct them to vimeo. check this about google blackmail: http://digg.com/video/google-is-going-to-blackmail-you p.s check this interesting chart about the % of indy music from phonofile.com/
  5. playing the devils advocate google-youtube could say that the costs of maintaining servers and giving access to millions of people worldwide to your music is a highly valued service...bs i have quit using youtube a long time ago as a medium, one of the courses i studied was internet privacy, google is the original robocop company of a dystopian future. all engrossing monopoly all seeing eye, panopticon. i think we as users should kill it. log off go for the wild horse..
  6. the state of the music industry---self explicatory by the oatmeal http://theoatmeal.com/comics/music_industry
  7. they must be the ones that shot the winnebago man... now this is a major client,
  8. chris i dont want to freak you out completely but the komputerbays are a bit of a russian roulette! check them because they fail, and when i mean fail they dont reach the required speeds or fail alltogether, check the 1 star reviews in amazon hence the cheap price...if you have money to spare try to get at least one propper 1000x true lexar, since this is a professional gig best of luck
  9. please post results... and your workflow when you are done i get the heebie-jeebies when the camera freezes with ML... also make sure to benchmark the Komputerbay cards with ML,as soon as you get them, some of them fail to deliver and you will need to ask for a replacement as far as i know they are lexars that didnt pass quality control, i own one good luck!
  10. gorgeous colours, love the mood. i presume its the 550D with a vintage canon lens, fd maybe. did you use an ND at all?
  11. iPhone 5s - 120fps test now you know why we cant have good things...this is the new competition of CANON....mobile phone cameras. by an excellent filmaker by the way. Bill newsinger
  12. hello guys! i was in paros island and i lost the conversation, im not attacking anyone im not a tiger :D , i had the hacked GH2 and i found it clinical when put next to my other footage, clinical meaning more bluish-colder in tones,(like the inside of a hospital.) also some purple/magenta in skin tones, As i said its my personal opinion as i am a fan of warm earthy colours (this is subjective.) i noticed on the said clip that the people on the beggining have very whitish skin tones, i dont say that you cant bring the colours in post, was talking about the specific clip and my experience with out of camera footage from lumix..Thats the drawback in lumix, you need to be an excellent colourist, otherwise your footage looks strange. this is something i shot on saturday in paros island at a ceramics workshop by chance. no color correction straight out of the sensor, handheld unplanned, has 100 mistakes, blurs, but i dont have to worry about the colours that much, i love using out of camera footage and not spending any time in post, thats just my personal style By the way i read on the ferry "If its purple someone is going to die" on film colour theory, i think most of you will love it, and every shot a rembrandt one of the best books on cinematography out there, very interesting stuff in there!
  13. the colour tones of the first scenes look washed out, generally i would say needs more skin tone!! darker- more beige/brown and more cowbell, but thats just me that im obsessed with warm colours :P also im not familiar with the skin color of the student, does the film resemble her actuall skintone? or has she gone the lumix clinical treatment?(whitewash)
  14. elkanah77 there is no alternative, its the best canon lens you will ever hold. worth every penny if you have it.both for photography and video i have the old one, its a killer, but i have used the new one...with the autofocus. get it!
  15. with todays news of the new panasonic doing 4K at 800 euros...well canon will start having headaches. as Marshall McLuhan said everytime there is a new technology- media introduced it causes " the tetrad effect" i wonder how 4K has affected and will affect everyhing. soon cameras without a 4K feature will look like cars without a right side mirror.(remember that?) ot left if you where in the UK. What does it enhance? What does it make obsolete? What does it retrieve that had been obsolesced earlier? What does it flip into when pushed to extremes?â€
  16. fav? it has to be the Chicken stabilization Camera
  17. i dont know Ebrahim, i checked their 1 quarter sales look what their CFO said http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/24/canon-results-idUSL3N0NG29H20140424 of course i wouldnt film a whole wedding at 4k, but you can make some bits of it in 4k and that is an advantage 1DC is versatile can be used for everything, photography, cinema, weddings, docs. For me its the all around tool and obviously worth its money.If you spend 5000+1500 euros in a c100 and a 6d why not sell half a kindey and get the 1dc? :) i get your point though!
  18. i agree about sensor size, and m4/3 for is considered by many "junk format" and a step back(me included, how can you go from FF to m43?). But i dont believe the sales are not hurt by the GH4 i know at least 3 people that where gearing up to buy the mark iii and switched to GH4 last minute. And when i say "people" i mean video people. The 6D by the way, that received quite a bashing in reviews for video is an excellent FF photo camera at an affordable price, and the video is better than the mark 2, which was ok to begin with. canon has put up some excellent products..at a cost. For me the 1DC is the camera to have, at some point i will bite the bullet and get it, amazing at low light compact, internal 4k...im just waiting for that price drop... :ph34r: and canon is hurting, a shame but at this point is being kept alive by printer sales...
  19. The dead of night recording looks amazing...if only youtube didnt kill it...or maybe its my screen someone tell yoshiro to upload it on vimeo! the setup looks hard to operate...and at what cost? maybe you can get a camera with internal 4k recording with this money?too much trouble for a tiny body in my opinion, but if you have the "madness" and already own some of the setup maybe its a good idea to get the camera..
  20. 1st quarter of 2014 Camera sales, however, fell by 22 percent year-on-year in the quarter, as the world's biggest camera maker struggled with the prevalence of high-quality smartphone cameras and a saturation in the high-end, single-lens-reflex camera market. Chief Financial Officer Toshizo Tanaka told an earnings briefing that sales of pricier compact cameras had actually increased after Canon adjusted its camera production and line-up in the first quarter to meet customers' demand for more sophisticated products and god knows what is happening in reality...
  21. the c100 is purely video, so you lose the photography feature correct?also i have used the 1dc and i know the camera i think in reviews its better than the c100 so i would say 1DC.
  22. Hello! does anyone know anything about this lens i used yesterday, its a RODENSTOCK 80mm says made in germany moded with a crazy mode to fit EF, the mode consisted of paper..( was moded by an english chap) It resembles a tilt-shift lens, focuses in vertically very sharp in the middle, very blurred edges. shot some video with it..wasnt sure how to use it as it has a ball that tilts to various angles. '> photo with said lens taken yesterday
  23. what a voice i was at this concert in athens.... very nice
  24. @dafreaking for half the money it goes out today, new, i know im asking too much? @matt james smith thanks :rolleyes: for the kind words, the mark iii has its limitations, but i find it perfecr for weddings..
  25. just bought some more terra for my files, which i keep for ever and in some cases backed up. Who wants to shoot and then delete his work? lacie,WD, etc will have sales soar from all of us buying new drives every week. How do you back up 4k raw files, the costs are enormous, for something that needs to be downscaled in order to work to 90% of screens at the moment. On the otherhand 4k is futureproof. i am a huge canon fangirl, but this has to do with the complete product sensor+lens. At the end of August canon will probably announce the 7d ii, with a new sensor, ... is the GH4 is hurting the sales of the MARK iii? dont forget the mark3 is aimed at photographers too not only video People who where about to buy the mark iii switched to the GH4 at the last minute, and the hype surrounding the GH4 at this time is the same as the one when the Mark 2 came out. i hope someone from canon reads this. i really dont wont to switch from canon...but i do hope all you gh4 lovers drive canons prices down can we have a cheaper version of the 1dc? i would be the first to buy :ph34r:
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