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  1. what they mean rich is 4K for 1500k. the GH4 is dirty cheap at this time for the offering, (although not FF) and yes ML is a huge asset, although the post processing is time consuming.. canon dslr timeline sauce
  2. if they put out 4K for under 3000 i think they will piss off their consumers that bought the 1DC for 10.000... and are still buying it.. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/855962-REG/Canon_EOS_1D_C_EOS_1D_C_4K_Cinema.html
  3. canon changed the game with dslr video, but this is a company that is slowmoving, (with unbeaten quality in censors and lenses) they did make a "budget" camera the 6D for phtography and video, i think it flopped in sales, video is moire gallore but photography is AAA now what we are all expecting is the 7D II, to feature 4K. for i would say 1800-2500? Dont forget that they have to protect the sales of the 1DC 1DX. and when it comes and if it comes it will blow everyone as usual, because 4k with L-lenses that match the sensor no speedboosters no adaptors...well lets say keep calm and wait it out.
  4. Andrew very sharp, a lot of contrast in there, what was the lowest fstop you used? 2.0 a great job showcasing the camera....im sold..my bf is getting the camera soon,so i would like to touch and use it before i get it but you make it all more convincing!
  5. trying to overanalyse blockbuster movies like batman, is a waste of time. nolan can have batman jump from a cliff in gotham and end up in sahara and the audience wont blink an eyelid. if it delivers enough blood and guts, is violent and "edgy" enough while supported by a huge marketing campaign then it will be gulped down the throats of "audiences" around the world. we know its balony and it serves its purpose, want to take nolan apart? at least use a decent film like memento. batman what?its a commercial franchisehat doesnt give a rats *..... about artistry, continuity, scenario, anything..have you even see the movie? its as terrible as all batman movies, and i will have a pop corn and a huge cola with that.
  6. tell the guy who made this video to send it to nolans producers...im sure they will fire him at once!how dare he break the continuity rules of editing! below the batman franchise in dollars... http://www.the-numbers.com/movies/franchise/Batman
  7. and my alltime favorite vimeo clip is this one by alan spearman everytime i see it, the rythm the story the images i cry, im probably responsible for the first 1000 views... one of the guys that is original and makes his own music scores is bill newsinger check his "memories series" vimeo.com/billnewsinger he also creates all the time! hes the real deal.
  8. Hello! 1.go http://nofilmschool.com/dslr/ and download the dslr cinematography guide, its free and made for people with basic understanding of vdslr. 2. Buy some good books from amazon on film cinematography editing 3. go enroll in your local dslr seminars ( they are everywhere these days) good luck and good start.. p.s lurk in forums like this one for a long time and you will gather knowledge i have been a long time lurker 2 years plus+ before i became a member
  9. this is so interesting, i dropped my editing, to watch.. what interests me is also the difference in how we perceive color my green is not the same as your green, and recently they discovered that some women see more colors than men, The sexes see colours differently.
  10. for the OP.... :D "People Attach More Value to Items that they Own # Group 1: shown an assortment of random, trinket objects: rubber bands, paper clips, beer cozy, post-it notes, etc. They were asked to value each objectall were roughly valued the same. # Group 2: shown the same objects, but were told that they could keep the beer cozy after the experiment. The value of the cozy doubled for these respondents.
  11. ###### UPDATE – 5/23/14 ###### This blog post is receiving lots of comments and questions — thanks everyone for the feedback! We will respond to as many as possible, but we can’t get to all of them. So… • We’ll continue updating our FAQ with answers to common questions: vimeo.com/s/aby • You can contact us directly here: vimeo.com/help/contact ** Also, some Vimeans have described a use case that they’re concerned will be affected by Copyright Match: Uploading private videos for the purpose of temporary client review. We want to support the creative process, and Copyright Match wasn’t intended to hinder these efforts. So we’re going to work on changing the system to better support this. While we work on this, we are going to temporarily suspend Copyright Match scanning for private videos in Plus/PRO accounts. We’ll post another update as soon as we have a longer term solution in place. Thanks again for your honest feedback and passion for making sure that Vimeo remains the best place for artists and creative professionals on the Web! <3 ** If you email us, please note that we have limited support over the weekend and Monday is a US holiday. A member of the Vimeo Community Team will respond to every single inquiry as soon as possible! #################################### i was sure my moaning and complaining would acomplish something! YES after the shitstorm look what VIMEO did! yes! :wub:
  12. the company behind this orwellian tech......in soviet russia the television watches you!
  13. and for the people that are using cloud services beware, i guess in some years when you go to edit a film on the adobe cloud you will be asked for rights on the music or film you are importing.... this is where this thing is going anyway.. this is why i am against crazy copyright laws...
  14. yes i wouldnt download a car...reminds me the commercial. i would by the way! i am just waiting for the printer... if i pay 2 dollars to download a track and use this track in a video i made is it copyright theft? they are asking for 100 dollars to use a track, that means if i have to use 3 songs i will have to pay 300 dollars for some obscure music from vimeo store.go see the prices, does this sound fair? who makes so much money? not from where i am from!
  15. this has to do with 1.their video on demand which is totally commercial, and it obviously attracted the vultures (record labels) 2.their so called music store, which is really bad and they think they can profit from, they will not. 3. their increasing popularity i am sorry but as a paying customer, i will not have vimeo policing my uploads! i twiched earlier this year with the rating system of safe or unsafe videos and self- censhorpship they proposed, i dont mind watching boobs, who cares. yes the internet was made to be free, thats why it was so succesful. if i have a private video they say they will scan it to see if i used a track? what is that? where is privacy?its private! this is rotten from the get go. if we get a lot of people to complain hopefully they will reconsider
  16. obviously you dont get the meaning of licencing... its not paying for the song, but obtaining a lease for songs to be used in non commercial or commercial work, this means that you cant use any POPULAR songs even in your kids birthday party video! since the bot will scan that you used old macdonald had a farm, or be asked to pay ridiculus money because believe me big bands will not licence any music to you.. this is wrong on 100 levels and it will kill vimeo if put in effect. if you check the options in vimeo music store, that are limited to 6.000 songs they ask 100 dollars for a lease on unknown music to indie/small biz, if i want to use 3 soundbites i will have to pay 300 dollars? how much will they ask for known songs that are handled by vultures like universal? no way.
  17. this is sad, and if that rule was applied 99.8 of the content uploaded in vimeo would have to be taken down. surely they are being faced with lawsuits, and huge pressure from known vampiric record labels. yes i dont mind, and people have used my work in their projects! excuse me if i cant get adele to sign a lease for the 30 seconds i used in a wedding video of a couple dancing.... where do we go from here, does anyone know any other service similar to vimeo? i expect a russian equivalent... i will have to use classical pieces now, and obscure songs, or worse local greek song or do i have to find a lease from mozart... utter b%&^#it secondly do you know how this scanning will work? i mean will it scan like the 30 first seconds of the video? there has to be a workaround from this.. http://www.reelseo.com/list-video-sharing-websites/
  18. i used to use the shuttle pro http://retail.contourdesign.com/?/products/23 but after a while i returned to the mouse, its not that usefull,, i have this keybord from http://www.editorskeys.com/products/video-editing-keyboards/ which i highly recommend! edit with the keybord and it will save time!
  19. stop the presses, before you grade read these two funny articles, theres a distinction to color correction and color grading. Color correction is all those subtle little corrections in your movie, correcting the exposure etc, grading is changing the complete look and feel of your film all mentioned in the excellent book by mr Hurken "Color Correction Handbook - Professional techniques for video and cinema" I love these articles because they point out a simple thing, today its movies that are not "graded" that stand out from the crowd. http://theabyssgazes.blogspot.gr/2010/03/teal-and-orange-hollywood-please-stop.html http://www.cracked.com/article_18664_5-annoying-trends-that-make-every-movie-look-same.html its nice to have a distintictive look, and currently i think its movies that dont look "graded"....
  20. if you want to start from something, start from some good books on lighting. 1. 2. 3. 3.
  21. there is no golden rule because sometimes each lens is a bit different than specs. usually you need over 85mm for full frames, so that it wont vignette. this is the focusing distance test when you get the adaptors go and test how close you can go without a diopter and then measure it with a tape. just go as close as you can without losing focus, see if its an arms lenght or more then try to visualise that gap for future use with the diopters do the same later on... for maximum again you have to test and see it on the video, for example my setup for some reason cannot focus to infinity.
  22. maybe i will use some from the dance!the flashed are always a big problem, but theres nothing to do about it, everytime there is an important moment bam-flash, thats why i love video, is so undercover hehe..nobody even knows you are filming them they think you are photographing them, this was my set up and it was hard to shoot...monopod and double focus ...good luck
  23. yes, thats why i posted the test, they dont look that bad, when in the hands of someone like matthew scott that knows what he is doing, in terms of lighting and overall production, although im sure he would do even better with better lenses. but put noobie+samyang dont know if that will make the same results, while a good lens can help out even the noobiest of the noobs, me always included.
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