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  1. ...yes but radiation acts accumulatively, so travel to japan+daily radition from all electronic devices+a few trips with an airplane and x-ray add a few radioactive lenses lying around the house..equals who knows what dont know about you but if you have small kids or any pregnant ladies around, i wouldnt be so keen on keeping them. and i think people should know which ones are radioactive...please add more in the list if you know any.
  2. Hello Sabin, buy an external audio recorder, and record both on camera and with the recorder, you never know... i would choose the lumix, i think they are equaly good but i choose the devil i know usually B) and i would get a 50mm or 85mm standard lens, buy a good tripod like a manfrotto or the new line from benro and a video head. i think benro is a bit cheaper, when you decide on the model check the weight of the camera with the lens, you dont need an expensive tripod because they dont weigh much, but there is nothing worst than a flaky tripod, it needs to be sturdy. also i think you are going to need some lights.. br
  3. as i discussed with a friend, photography tends to go towards the plastic, online and cold, this camera sums it up. I feel old somehow, :wacko: yes this is the future, i can imagine now a gallery of these photos online. Maybe a brides blog, with these "focus yourself" photos, certainly a big hit with the crowds...but very very cold.
  4. "Rich tourists and oligarchs will enjoy it for times on the beach when their tripod is replaced by a girlfriend." hehehehe i was thinking the same about the new zeiss lenses.
  5. ehm the whole footage is either whitebalanced wrong, or i am seeing blue?this surely cant be an advert for this camera, all the colors are off. except a few shots at night (parking lot)....everything else looks a bit well ....blue.
  6. its not that bad! i like the closeups and atmosphere, my only objection is going for half color/half b&w. I would prefer it if it was all unified. why did you choose the b&W? br
  7. im not sure this is applicable in weddings, i shoot non stop for 10 hours+ and with 2 or 3 diff cameras, the post prosessing would be a nightmare i already deal with 100s of gigs. Have you ever tried the 4k workflow? its very time consuming, i can only see raw being used for a small clip, and not in a live event situation.. about the muddy h264, i think the canon color tones and inherent softness is an advantage in my line of work. i tried some sharp sensors in a wedding, with this setup Panasonic Lumix: Voigtlander 25mm f/.95 Nokton Micro Four Thirds Canon 50mm f/1.4 FD S.S.C. II (via MFT adapter) when i put them side by side the lumix produced a more clinical look, clean and clear and sharp yes! But lets say your bride had acne when she was 15teen, the mudinnes was a saviour because it does make the skin look better, and saves you the post processing concerning the black magic, as being more cost effective, i want to ask how much money you need to throw at it to make it actually work for a run & gun situation? record video, have space for 10hours worth of footage, and be able to operate in a handheld position..also say you need a same day edit, the bmcc needs hours of post to make the footage actually look ok. i have shot weddings with the mark 3 that i didnt even touched the colors, just cut the footage and uploaded. by using the correct white balance, iso, kelvins you can create the video in a WYSIWYG way, this saves you time. of course if you are going for a perfect image, and cash! i would suggest the canon 1DC. :)
  8. lawrence of arabia (seen it over 100 times) star wars (first trilogy) Stalker ...tarkofsky...this crazy atmosphere made up with aboslutely nothing, just compressed talent. lost highway (blew my mind, at the time, still does) Three colors -blue.....man what a movie/story/cinematography/acting once upon a time in the west....respect, every shot a lesson BRICK only newish movie that impressed me mixing up genres pure originality Rear Window i cant find one fault in this movie. Close Encounters of the Third Kind Vilmos Zsigmond made it happen, cinematography that blows you away, got fired i think on this one and they took him back... i can think of 100s more...... the last emperor by bertolluci! my first movie in the cinema i was 7 years old my dad took me!
  9. I find the trolling/spam/flame wars actually quite mild in this site compared to most of the net forums, and although there are some "eccentrics" around they dont really hurt the conversations here.. you could also go Greek....but this would make things more heated i guess. os·tra·cism noun ˈäs-trə-ˌsi-zəm 1 : a method of temporary banishment by popular vote without trial or special accusation practiced in ancient Greece 2 : exclusion by general consent from common privileges or social acceptance
  10. it depends on the use, and on the overall equipment you have, i have invested in canon so all my equipment is best matched with my mark 3 lenses extra batteries,mods, also im used to the ergonomics, which i think they are great! if you are a semi-pro i think the mark 3 is an awesome tool, if you shoot weddings like me the mark 3 is gold, I have no use for 2k or 4k footage in weddings, it would just make things more difficult, time consuming.. if you shoot commercials then i think its worth going GH4 and 4k if you shoot docs then again go for the gh4 the mark 3 is a workhorse, for me, and its softness is fair for the faces of people in my line of work, and if you are an artist go get a mark 2 hack it with ML get some vintage lenses and go wild. the camera above all is a tool you are the one that makes it work. :D
  11. i use both premier and FCP! and if i could use a pair of scissors like the old days would cut with that too! it really doesnt matter they are all good! i voted premier because i use it more often, and you didnt inlude an option for both
  12. this camera comes with a c-mount....in a time when most of the cameras look almost exactly the same... i think this one with the right old lenses could recreate a look that others try to immitate with filter upon lut ontop of filter.... i want it! it also looks kind of girly...sorry guys.
  13. it has to have female vocals... karen o style! think cat power or something similar a small girl band! a song like maps from the yeah yeah yeahs here are some girl fronted groups: http://www.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/2014/02/19/las-top-10-rising-female-fronted-bands?page=2
  14. single focus, yellow flare, 1.75 or 2x , for my Full Frame and adapted on a 50mm without vignetting like crazy? a person can dream alright? 600- 700 euros for me
  15. this ad is orwellian the least, and i love coke with my pizza. Reminds me the russian propaganda cinema, "Battleship potemkin" , its so blatantly tries to push the ideas and "feelings" in your mouth, that it creates the opposite effect for most. did not enjoy it, and im not american or a xenophobe.
  16. im distracted by Caroline! it looks beautiful. :)
  17. .....this is my dream of dreaaamy lens...it is known that cooke lenses make the skin tones agreeable.. basicaly it makes actors look Good! example, i was watching "true blood" and thinking how the actress playing Sookie Anna Paquin is not that "beautiful" i thought well they are using some kind of magic lens here, so i look it up in imbd, and voila they are shooting all cooke lenses and angenieux...it really compliments actors if you do any tests use real people and skin tones! and i hope the next lenses are angenieux.... :wub:
  18. hello everyone thanks! i think im going for the UK lensdoctor conversion, the edmika is cheaper and looks good but the actual DIY does not look easy, especially the part where you need to pull out the glass on the back with pliers, without scratching it, and there is some danger of locking up the aperture ring, and then having to dig deep. nevertheless Ed mika has some really nice solutions for people that are handy and confident to open up their lens.As far as i get he is sorting out a new conversion soon. this lens is worth the trouble!
  19. Hello fellow optical connoisseurs, I got the 85mm f1.2 canon on a lens binge today, and nowi am wondering how to adapt it on a canon mark 3. Does anyone know the lens? It needs a converter (FD lens to EF body), but as i read on, it seems the lens loses its infinity focus, and i don’t know if it even shows any vital marks when on the camera.There are some limitations that seem to be very serious ones. I am using it only on manual mode and for video. Does anybody own the lens, can you please recommend any good adaptors? Has anyone shot any video with it? Thank you very much for your time p.s don’t drink and lens
  20. Hi, its not exacty unbranded, the seller has just failed to photograph the brand, which is "STAR", he says its japanese but im not sure. Maybe he housed it on a star branded ring, I know because I bought it. It just came in the mail. I will test and see if its any good. The price is very good, for a +0.5 hopefully it wont be that bad :P
  21. one of the best is the Tiffen 77mm Digital Ultra Clear Filter my humble opinion, But a huge But here, if you get a very nice lens and then always have it covered behind clear/uv/nd filters and it never actually sees the light of day, it beats the purpose of having a great lens anyway. I mean anytype of glass you put infront of a lens has some minor effect on it. :unsure:
  22. Thank you everybody for contributing and helping me out! I finally got my first anamorphic a Sankor 16C,I think it fits my style and limitations. Its a light lens, that i will pair with a 135mm pentacon on my FF. Hopefully i will be able to shoot handheld, 2x, and start my journey to the anamorphic world. Have a great Christmas love c.
  23. On the slr magic : 2x is not commercial enough, when i tried to explain to a friend the beauty of 2x his reaction was "what am i going to do with this strip?" my reply was its like taking you to listen Maria Kallas and telling me "what is she yelling about" i think they opted for something that would appeal to more people, and its the bussiness thing to do. I am waiting for my first anamorphic and its 2X.. :wub:
  24. Hi Yannis, geia sou ellada sti gallia!...yes im definitely getting Andrews guide,.thanks for the advice and the kind words, :rolleyes: im thinking i probably will need an 85mm lens.. as the title says im looking something that is for girls...in the way that i cant carry too heavy gear! Example i have a very shaky hand when i handheld heavy lenses (well maybe even when i carry light lenses) that is why one of my favorite lenses is the Voightlaender 40mm pancake, I use my 50mm zeiss for most of my footage, i love it actually and it helps. my camera is the mark iii add 2 lenses and it becomes as heavy as a....well Canon. So i must look for an anamorphic lens that is not too heavy combined with a 85mm or 50mm.....
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