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  1. Poor dear, I hurt your feeling, it seems. I'm sorry, if it was just a screenshot why were you so sure? Next time, you would better think twice before judging what someone do, ok? I've already said thanks for the DNG, so please, watch your mouth, my dear friend. Instead of blaming me you could just say "I was wrong", simple and honest, not difficult at all. Peace
  2. I've received today update from BM, also my Pocket is faulty according to them, they are sending me a new one! Well, nothing to say about their customer service, awesome, I will definitely be with them for a long long time! And I think that this is the perfect answer to this: I think I'm done here.
  3. Interesting, thanks for posting, it seems cleaner than mine at first look, now BM has my camera and I can't do any test anymore.
  4. Bad news!!! Here's another with a good pocket, I can't wait to have mine fixed back!
  5. I don't have a Micro, just a Pocket and as I showed to Blackmagic my footage they told me to send the camera to them, this is to answer to other professors here who know for sure that my camera has not any problem,all judging from a screenshot. Amazing, no, wrong word, ridiculous fit better!
  6. I think that all of you, dear professors, are not familiar with the concept of "Stress Test". It's pretty simple, you test something in an exagerated way to see how far you can go before it breaks, think about helmet or crash tests for example, they push to the extreme to see how far they can go, to determinate the limit of an object. That's exactly what I've done, is strange that all of you, shining minds, can't catch it. As I said already, vertical pattern noise is present all over the image in ANY LIGHT CONDITION at iso 1600, more visible in the shadows or underexposed images of course, still there at iso 800 on my camera, but less pronounced. I've just pushed to show it more clearly, seems obvious to me. And this is not normal at all! Normal is noise at high iso, not a full grid of vertical lines, my test is to point out the problem, should be clear even for the luminaries of this forum. Here's someone less professor and more smart!
  7. I agree, the noise is more organic than all the Dsrls I've ever used.
  8. Relax guys, I know what I've done, it's just a stress test,I didn't want to awake the professor inside all of you, keep calm! And as I said, even with more light is clearly visible at iso 1600 and even at 800 when you look at the footage of course, here is just a still image.
  9. It's more than a bit I'm afraid
  10. Right now is clearly visible in dark enviroments with contrasted zone at iso 1600,is still there at 800 but less pronounced, in different conditions is extremely difficoult to find, fortunately. But it's not acceptable anyway. Here's a little test of the problem,but in still images is less visible than in motion.
  11. I agree, their cameras are cheap and they have the best image available, even spending 3 or 4 times more you can't have that look. Anyway their customer service seems very friendly and helpful, maybe my camera is more prone to that problem, I hope they can fix it or replace it, we'll see.
  12. I've just switched from sony a7s to BMPCC, just for that incredible cinematic look that's impossible to achieve with the sony, despite being a better overall camera reguarding reliability. I've sent my pocket to them a couple of days ago, let's see what they will do. But there's one thing for sure, we all have to complain to them!
  13. I've recently bought an used BMPCC and discovered this problem too, it's clear at iso 1600 but also at 800 is there. How can anyone be so calm and quiet about it? It's simply an horrible problem, it destroys the wonderful image this camera can produce in low light, it's a total shame, why nobody is complaining about it? I've just written to BM and ask for a solution, it's unacceptable. People make a lot of noise complaining about things like the old sony a7s black hole sun, or the artificial blu light problem but this is definitely worse! We all should ask them a serious solution!!
  14. Hi guys, I've just got an Atomos Ninja Star external recorder to use it with my Sony a7s but I have a problem and I can't find anywhere a solution. The record functions work fine, I can trigger the recorder from the camera button, it records with no problem on the Cf card but when I press the camera playback button to see what I've recorded I got a black screen. When I press the play button on the recorder I can see the thumbnail of the clip recorded for less then one second on my screen, then again black. How could it be? I am using an Atomos hdmi cable, the files are also recorded in XAVCs on the camera card, so I am supposed to see them, than why the black screen? Please help me, if you can link me a full sony a7s setup guide would be perfect too, if there's a solution inside of course. I hope someone out there is using my same setup and tell me a solution, would be awesome, thanks.
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