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  1. Hi everybody, I'd like to discuss with you my case. I started my digital dslr experience with a Nikon d40 only for photo, then I switched to canon 7d for the video mode, later to a 5d mark II and last year I switched again to Nikon d800 cause I was tired of the horrible, soft and muddy look of the canons, tired of the colors and of the fact that the 90% of the images around the web were all the same, cause everybody used Canon. And the 5d mark III at that time didn't change anything, the video mode was even more soft and muddy than the mark II, just better for high iso. So considering that I always used and I'm still using old nikon ai-s lenses for video (with adapter on canons) I chose the nikon for the best sharpness and dynamic range despite a worst iso performance, and I was satisfied with the results. But this was before the magic lantern raw revolution. Now, I've waited a year the gh4 and the new sony alpha, cause I really like the idea of small and light camera body and lenses, and the video modes are amazing but for serious photo work the mirrorless are still too slow, they are not good for every type of photography like a real dslr, not yet. From the other side this magic lantern raw hack make me crazy, the video images are absolutely a bless, and the possibility in post processing are huge, the workflow is still a pain but the results are outstanding. And you still have a proper dslr in the hands, one of the best. But for photo I still prefer the nikon look, the incredible power of the d800 sensor, the ability to recover blacks without color noise, the dynamic range, the grain, almost everything is better in the nikon for me, but the raw video is a mirage. I'm a follower of nikon hacker project which is great, but I honestly think that they'll never find the rabbit in the hat, no raw magician, there will never be a trick. They are few guys with few resources, too complicated. A raw video mode for the d800 will blow out of the water every canon model, 1dc included, I'm sure about this, but it's a pure fantasy, sadly. At the moment my natural choice can only be a 5d mark III, but who knows what will come in the next photokina (september 2014)? If comes out some new d800s with 4k and all the other super marvellous feature of this recent cameras I'll die! It would be a serious concern for me, a real epic fail! So the question is simple, would you buy a 5d mark III now? Or would you wait the end of this year at least? (sorry for my english!!)
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