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  1. yes nikon is the photographers "brand", taking video out of the camera obviously did not lower the price , can i add but it surely lowered the production cost....
  2. I had some insights from a person that owed and sold the lens. He said that while the lens is one of the best in 2x category the 3.65:1 aspect ratio is too wide, and the dual focusing is a extra hassle. His final comment was that most people who buy anamorphics make a video of their cat and then sell them...i am still laughing at this remark. Most of these lenses are good for static camera settings, i employ movement, handheld so i guess i can train, but i need a lens that can handle minimal movement. what do you think? :)
  3. Hi guys and thanks, are you familiar with the seller; has anyone bought anything; Yes it says it doesnt show on final picture, but who knows there are no pics or videos attached. I am keen on it, actually 
  4. "It is not visible on the pictures, but when you see the rear glass through the light, very tiny coating loss dots covering the rear glass can be seen(I can not accept any claims nor return/refund on this issue, sold as is).     "   dots covering the rear glass...thats why its cheap
  5. Hi Rob, yes I am familiar with Dog Schidt Optics and melting bloke, they have some great "whacked" lenses, and they have a usualy long waiting list.Its a thought to consider but I am researching for the real deal too...   cheers
  6. thanks for the input Paulio, yes Iscorama is a number one choice, but out of budget, i will look into slr magic and century great advice, dual focus is a bit too much, not that i cant handle it for personal projects...will probably make you an excellent focus puller.. :D
  7. Hi dhessel, the image is sharp, have you shot anything with no color grading or added sharpness filters etc; Thank you!
  8. Thank you John, :D i am trying to find some footage shot on the Kowa with a mark III, maybe in vimeo. Julian where I am from I dont know anyone that wants to shoot anamorphic period, in any camera.... :) personally i have always loved the cinema feel of anamorphic and having the mark iii is an awesome chance for me. c.
  9. also the KineRAW MINI looks like a spare part from the Kaypro II, i wonder why they dont invest in the design at all. who would buy something that looks like it came from a time capsule of the 50s.  
  10. Hello to everyone, I would love to start shooting anamorphic video with my canon mark iii, and I am thinking to buy an entry level anamorphic lens and the adaptors required. Would you kindly direct me to the right path of anamorphic discovery? Which lens should I start scavenging the internets for..and if you own a mark iii what is the adaptor that works? Is there a topic for Anamorphic lenses for canon i can search; My budget is modest. my anamorphic appettite big. Thank you for your help c.
  11. this looks heavily cc'd while its not! a great find for fans of that vintage film look. and the daughter? looks like she had fun!  :D
  12. Marshall Macluhan said sometime ago,  Steve Jobs,  pulled a Macluhan here,   he invented a device (iPhone) that made several devices obsolete. One of them is the DSLR camera together with smaller format cameras for the masses. Don't forget Canon wants to sell a lot of cameras, to alot of people. All these people are now having cameras, HD quality cameras,that can produce video! as a result of buying a phone.   Enter the global economic crisis. No one is going to spend 2000+euros for a hobby camera. Not where I come from. So who will buy all these top of the line DSLRs; put the lense modifications that allow you to keep your camera and use all type of lenses and what do you get? A drop in sales.   Magic Lantern actually pushes MARK III sales, so thats why you dont hear Canon complaining..just an opinion. Sales are going to drop, until CANON NIKON SONY can produce an Iphone size DSLR CAMERA.... :D
  13. I always found the caleidoscope no less than pure magic. Looking through it reminds us what a warped idea we have or reality. The caleidoscope is a remnant of the early advances in optics, and its not so popular today. Glad you used it..makes me want to fiddle with fractals! :rolleyes:
  14. Hi everyone! this is my profile www.vimeo.com/chrisava

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