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  1. dont sell! i dont know what you are using the mark3 for but i have an unhappy experience to tell you about the sony A7s, a photographer & videographer went to shoot with it at a wedding and the couple complained to him that his equipment was not "proffesional" and they had a fight at the wedding because of the small size....! i know it sounds crazy the camera is great, but from a commercial standpoint you need the large DSLR too.. people are still backwards when it comes to equipment. try to save and have both br
  2. @ andy and the guys that oppose the filters i can see how the uv/ir is useless to most of you, especially friends from the UK the overcast skies offer that protection and its not needed, there is no better filter than the clouds the light where i am living is very different, with the exception of 3 winter months, i cant leave my house without my tiffen vND everything gets burned here below f4 for most of the day. summer is a nightmare...from 13:00-16:00 the UV is off the charts if you have the time check this interview from NAB for tiffen, icheck at 08:36 the "ill fix it all in post"
  3. heliopan at least until recently was German manufactured glass of the highest quality (somehow zeiss affiliated) i would never put hoya b&w or any other glass in front of my lenses i think most of these come out from the same factory in asia the most important thing for me is after reading the review about the haze...that greyness im looking around for it in ebay.. santa baby i ve been a good girl this year! Finally no more blue or grey haze. This product may seem expensive and the results may seem a little subltle, but this thing is worth every penney. I have tried several very high quality polarizars that worked great but they did not completely get rid of the slight haze you can get on very sunny days. (this was very annoying to me) IR blocking filters seem to be the best way to solve the problem. Excellent color sparation and NO haze! I have all Canon L lenses and would not put any less quality of a filter in front of the lens. Highly recommended, if you can afford it, if not, save up
  4. Hi co-forumites, what are you getting this christmas? I have been looking and looking again at this filter This Heliopan 77mm Digital Glass Filter has been specially designed for digital cameras. It blocks ultra-violet radiation as well as IR rays. The result is improved color separation and reproduction with digital cameras. It is a necessity with artificial light for best digital results. I have been thinking about getting it, it doesnt come cheap..but quality filters are a rarity its 300 lollars at B&H All the reviewers are speaking highly of it.. does anyone here have it? what do you think? any german peeps? love c.
  5. @andylee about the sankor its not attached on the body in this footage i have been trying for some time now to get information about it it has three rings 1 is the focusing fluid distance and fstops 2 is the manual/auto ring (yes its a ring which i find peculiar)... i suspect because of this ring that its a 70s lens? 3 is the Fstops ring 2.8 to 16 "lens made in japan" Auto-sankor 2.8 28mm and i believe its multicoated it has a green MC on it. found it on an old camera shop paid 40 euros, very clean glass both caps on, the guy who sold it to me knew nothing about it. :) ....
  6. canon FD 85mm 1.2..... straight out of the camera footage.. love it also the new petzval with manual rack focus.. its hipster lens but its all good and it turns out unique footage a crazy sankor 28mm that i haven't found anyone knowing about it or owning it and everything from dso optics if you love the helios...then its for you! finally my lovely zeiss 50mm 1.4...the blues are magnificent. love c.
  7. very helpful topic Ebrahim, I am trying to decide what camera to buy next
  8. i am one of the biggest lovers of handheld and one of the worst shakiest camera women out there. my advice 1. gym, no way to do handheld if you have chicken wings for biceps 2.try to walk with your knees bended a bit difficult but works (think of your knees as car suspensions keep them bended) 3.if you go completely handheld (no monopod) then control the shake by actually enhancing it in a rythm up and down 4.use the camera strap on your neck as balance and extend it with the camera 5. use a pillow, crazy but works if you have nothing, just strap a pillow in your chest and rest your elbows on it.. (Chris Doyle dp ) 6. in general use your elbows against your chest 7. breathe right relax go with the flow, sing a tune in your head to find rhythm c.
  9. i tried to read the book this summer and it was totally overrated crap, i hope this is the case where the movie is better than the book, it was painfully slow and badly written, read like a romance novel. adobe cc has finally! after so many years the syncing clips capability that makes your life easier, so i can see more people using it for movies for that feature!
  10. Very tough questions Andrew! especially the 1st one...ouch! they wont recognise they are left back,im not seeing any real answers they can give to your questions. admitting defeat? they will deny everything, in their mind they are still better than everyone in their technology. ask them about magic lantern and what they think about that..if you ever get a reply. good luck! have fun!
  11. the 7DM2 ..This would be a nice camera for beginners, if the price was 700-1000 euros... Who on (middle)earth is going to pay 2.000 euros plus for this dinosaur in the EU I have no idea, well the sellers better have exceptional marketing skills... The must be scratching their heads right now.. "how are we going to sell this Ancient relic that is going to receive a huge bashing..its so overpriced!" We will tell them about the double censor ..better low light quality maybe? and the magic autofocus that is useful for people that never heard of manual focus...(lots of them actually) The 7D was always a bad camera for me!never liked it, i guess we couldn't expect anything better.
  12. saw it on the bbc, putting so much data in a card, scary if it fails... recently i started buying smaller cards and hard discs for safety, at least if it fails i wont lose everything in it. but this is aimed at the new 4K TECH so its great news for many shooters out there.
  13. A website featuring stills from films and their corresponding color palettes. A tool to promote learning and inspiration. Updated daily. http://moviesincolor.com/
  14. well i found a used hero3 black edition and 64gig card and got it! this is going to be fun! gopro is the ultimate feelgood camera and i cant wait to use it...give it to my son and let him go wild at the waves.. :D dull= a video that has a child splashing in the waves that is not your own!
  15. i am not a photographer, but i chose film for my last job as an experiment,i paid a photographer to come and shoot for me to see if it works out on a job i took. from now on i am going to incorporate film photography in my work, in terms of quality wedding portraits for my couples :) my next experiment will be to shoot a modern wedding with a film camera. any suggestions on the camera welcome, i need cheep film stock.could be bolex or a super8 film camera, i want to have both options the digital which is the commercial and easy and the analogue that is the tricky & magical..
  16. innovation? i just shot a wedding in film, an old rolleiflex and a leica, saw some of the photos and in terms of quality and beauty there is nothing that will ever overshadow film photography. mirrorless photography is a step back in photo-quality. dslrs are not that good, m43 are mediocre to say the least. i think we have forgotten what quality in photography actually is. check this guys film wedding photography, http://www.parispetridis.com/photo.php?m=b&id=p5&p=p5p2 no amount of filters and photoshop will ever reach the feeling of film, digital photography will always hit a ceiling, as it lacks the organic.
  17. if you need it right away the black+ edition is the best, otherwise you have to wait for october and the new gopro4 that will feature 4k at 30fps and other improvements.
  18. i guess they are still selling a lot of heros3+, i know that when i buy the camera that i need for August and then the new gopro4 comes out i will bang my head. this is the place im going it...it would be a total shame not to have a new gopro...will spend my time diving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvfUUdeOmlA found this on dgise.com: GoPro Hero 4 is really capable of recording video in 4K resolution at a speed of 30 frames per second, 1080p at 120fps and 720p at 240fps, which became possible with the advent of the new SoC Ambarella A9 chip (dual A9 ARM Core ® CortexTM-A9 processor 1GHz with FPU accelerator) for advanced applications, wireless connection and streaming video in social media. GoPro Hero 4 will also come with a 13-megapixel photosensor and a completely new lens for shooting in dark. Multi-Exposure and HDR WDR tone mapping, electronic image stabilization, also improved MCTF. Dual sensor interfaces 12-lane SLVDS/HiSPiTM/subLVDS, 4-lane, remote viewfinder playback which is extremely easy to use. You shouldn’t to have special technical knowledge or skills to do it. GoPro Hero cameras are amazing because they have a waterproof housing with a flat lens for shooting under water (up to 60m). Built-in Wi-Fi module, USB & HDMI - the only thing that brings it closer to homeliness. The camera has the ability to capture still images during video recording and perform encoding H.264/ BP / MP / HP Level 5.1 and MJPEG. GoPro Hero 4 will hit on shelves in October 2014.
  19. Dear fellows, i have been holding on from buying the gopro hero 3+ because there has been this rumour that a gopro4 with improved 4k in terms of fps and other tweeks would come out in summer 2014. where is it? you think they will release it in september? i mean this is the perfect summer sports/vacation camera, why delay it.. by the way just watched the bloom new drone+gorpo 3 film.... perfect combo, and look at the use of the low flying drone..much more dramatic than the high altitude shots that i personaly find boring.http://vimeo.com/99762227 and just found the perfect accesory for those of you that have kids! http://www.fotomarket.gr/gopro-junior-chesty-chest-harness.html im getting one for sure !!
  20. well said viggo, being an 80s child and growing up with star wars, labyrinth, dark crystal, gremlins, never ending story and tons of fantasy films, i think animatronics will always look and feel better than cgi...
  21. very nice review, and a great camera,nikon glass is excellent so no problem about the lenses, the only thing that kills it for me is this No kelvin manual white balance setting does this mean that it will change color balance mid shooting when in auto...i wonder
  22. its time to smash my piggy bank! and a new 7D announced for September as i hear (rumours) and maybe some discounts for eoshd members in B&H? :D
  23. i have the tiffen VND, cant go anywhere without it since its always sunny here, the uk has a permanent natural ND if you look up as i recall from my student years, with the exception of the south, if i was in the UK I would try the Digital Filter from Heliopan instead of the ND http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/156804-REG/Heliopan_707786_77mm_Digital_Glass_Filter.html for the overcast days and a cheaper ND for the sunny days...
  24. i dont mind the slight camera shake at all, i even like the effect of reality it gives of being there i can see the stabilization it leaves some ripples, and it deteriorates the image, i dont use it for the same reason only thing i would change is the use of profiles like cinestyle, the mark 3 with a beautiful lens can give you amazing colours as is just play with the kelvin temp and whitebalance and try the simple prolost profile, go for a variable nd filter for the skies, tiffen etc and try to shoot at dawn or dusk for the most beautiful landscapes i like the whole mood of your video..keep shooting!
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