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  1. i am looking for the same upgrade as you...dont go for dells, although they are workhorses durable etc, they have a problem with the screens, they are darker than reality. the acer you posted is a very good choice. and anything thats not SSD is now a waste of money, even if its i7. br c.
  2. looking at it i noticed it has a "video game" look, what strikes as odd in the cinematography of this movie, is that everything shot is very clear and wide and that does not resemble the way we actually see things, our eyesight is not that good. so since there is no faraway blur in the backround objects it seems artificial to us. and this is why old dated westerns like 1971s "The Hired Hand" will still kick this movie to the ground in terms of cinematography.
  3. focal Length: 40mm (with close focus at 50cm) Aperture range: 1.2-16 Image Circle: FF Mount: EF Electronics: AF Body design: Metalic-pancake with a amazing like the voightlander flowing focus ring Optical design: Just copy Zeiss OR canon L sharp all round! Expected sales: Me you and everyone we know Personal notes: Because it would embody everything i like from my lenses... the 40mm is semistandard not too wide like 35, or narrow like 50, compact design pancake lightweight, metallic to be sturdy, wide open at 1,2F and sharp like L, made for FF cameras.. cheers!
  4. ok the deal is on if they have fixed the metabones to canon lenses problems. The previous camera freezes during lens changes with metabones and L lenses...giving multiple heart attacks while shooting at a wedding last month, this is where the canon workhorse came in and saved the day. yes im not going to ditch my 50.mm 1.2 L, or my 85mm L for sony lenses. We had this discussion with my partner this week, and i said "if Sony could fix the camera to work perfectly with EF lenses" then its a killer this and the size, no way you can hold this camera with a huge lens, is it any bigger? it needs a cage for run and gun shooters hope someone makes an accesory that gives it a better grip
  5. test 1, D mostly and im all out of chewing gum.. C is cropped sensor? and one the second test camera B...
  6. go pro is useless at night, if its day, then hook it in a battery bank 10.000mah and let it roll but check on it, also i advise to tape it with grip tape, because it can move very easily from my own experience
  7. Hi I Enrolled to check it out, they give you 30% to 25% royalties for videos you sell, but i see you can sell 20 sec videos for 600 euros, which is not bad.. will try them out and see thanks!
  8. Hello guys and girls, has anyone here have any experience with getty images video contributions? I have been asked to be a collaborator but i am worried that they sell your videos for 600 dollars and you receive 10. by the way i have been searching their site for the actual percentages you get and i cant find anyting clearly stating the net price. is it worth it? has anyone tried it? regards christina
  9. if only the A7s2 had an EF mount, and a bigger body.i cant hold it straight! still CANON has me worked up in anticipation more that the sony A7S series. im going to shoot with both a mark3 and a a7s in a wedding soon. and test how they work on my field. ????????????????????? new canon mark4 what i expect 1. better low light, this is certainty as Canon historically improves it from model to model 2. 4k external, probably with a specialty gadget/recorder to milk more money and not sabotage the 1DC 3.the beautiful ergonomics and usability of the 5d series 4. same pixel count 5. cleaner sony sensor ?improving on the softness..
  10. i have stopped watching television almost 15 years now, i do not own one anymore. i went to my friends house and they where watching tv in a huge samsung, i noticed what you said! the movement was spastic and felt out of place it was jumpy. i questioned them if they saw it and they said no, for me it was unwatchable, garbage so i guess this is what you are describing. shooting at 24fps also helps i think to what you are describing
  11. i think they dont look as good as the colors captured by you, and if you bought them so have other 100 people that will have the exact same look. i think you should develop your own style, the footage is great, just tweek it a bit and it will have your signature on it. they look instagramish, and unless there is a serious reason why they should look "green" or highly saturated because of a client or a story i am against luts and color grading. i guess its my taste,and i am the minority here. and as i said your footage and the dog looks awesome. c.
  12. id starts with a used 5D mark 2! after you really do a check in the condition of the camera, try not to buy from a proffesional photographer /videographer because it will have 1 million takes on it, since the camera has been around for ages. try to find one from a camera enthusiast that kept it in top shape! 70d/old 7d 60d rebel etc are not worth it the 5d mrk 2 is much better. you can also do the awesome ML raw, but its hell to process and edit.
  13. ​its a matter of taste many people didnt like it at all, i found it refreshing as political commentary on many levels, surely not a movie for everyone.Pynchons books are notoriously difficult and tangled. I just went with the ride, I think it was intended to be watched while stoned and with an open mind more like an experience and not a linear story. as for the cinematography i loved the blue and red tones.. there is actually a term in cinematogrpahy lighting when you light someone red against a blue background, just like ciaroscuro and i have been trying to find what it is! anyone heard of it?
  14. if you want to wash your head from bad acting/script/cinematography i suggest you watch Inherent Vice... if you like this type of flics i guess KUNG FURY is the one to watch! Most of the raw footage over green screen had been filmed using a Canon EOS 5D and a Sony FS700,
  15. 1 set of lenses (28mm) 35mm 50mm 85mm (100MM) no zoom lenses should be at least 2f stop, aim for 1,2 1.4 fstops 2 bodys of cameras (sell the GH3, GH2, 70D,) c300 is expensive get the 1DC and sony A7S, sell mac change systems to windows. everything is cheaper there and at this point the same quality with mac... to start off... :)
  16. i mean the mark 3 was launched in 2012? its 15 already how many years do they need? if they can clear out the muddy 1080p and improve the iso, i need clean 6400 iso for night shots i wouldnt change the ergonomics of the dslr with anything its a bargain for me. both stills weight and performance in terms of price a dslr and a good lens can take you places, that was the revolution
  17. really now thats like 3500 euros. ok was that camera in the bottom of the sea for 3 days? or maybe lost in a dune in egypt? ​
  18. "there’s a perception at Canon and Nikon that perhaps Sony, Panasonic and Samsung have 4K TVs to sell, and so have only introduced 4K in their cameras as a marketing ploy and that really consumers don’t really care about advanced large sensor 4K video on DSLRs" thats key, of course they want that, because they want to sell those 4k new tvs... on the other hand i cant believe they will stick to 1080 p only, they might give something better like 2.5K..
  19. just got the newsletter from blackmagic..these are the new products...the best part is that it uses canon batteries LP-E6! Canon must be so excited (not) well at least they will sell alot of batteries now for the micro and mini Blackmagic URSA 4.6K Models- Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder- Blackmagic URSA Mini- Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera- Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera- DaVinci Resolve 12- Fusion 8 Studio- Blackmagic Video Assist- Teranex Mini 12G-SDI Converters- ATEM Broadcast Studio 4K- HyperDeck Studio 12G- Smart Videohub 12G 40x40- Smart Videohub CleanSwitch 12x12- ATEM Talkback Converter 4K- UltraStudio 4K Extreme- DeckLink 4K Pro
  20. im selling my car i will ride with the c300 this is extra tempting. or i would rather the 1dc. obviously they are making room for something awesome. lets see!
  21. i can see some people running to sell out their cameras befor they lose more value! what would be the c100 used price now? disturbing!
  22. is this an aprils fools? gopro is niche of niche market but i guess they have been rolling in the dough to have canon taking a look at this market. in other news... c100 for 3000 dollars!!!
  23. because they would be antagonising their own products. with all the expertise and quality if they do make another camera in 4k they would be shooting themselves in the leg. i was in MWC2015 last week and went to see the broadcasting media area, they were using Canon Cseries everywhere to broadcast live (example cnn booth,) and other channels, I havent seen more Cseries gathered in one spot. iI mean people were running around to cover this massive congress, and they would bennefit from a smaller camera, but canon cannot price it at 10.000+ so even if they come out with one, it will have some major made up deficiencies to justify the high cost of the other ones. half the attendands in the congress where holding canon dslrs. This was a techie corporate crowd so not the average joes, but i guess these are the people that have the money to buy a bulky mark3 for tourist pictures.
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