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  1. The threads are of different tilt so they will only turn a couple of times, then get stuck, while ruining the soft brass threads on your lens, so when you say its worth a shot, it is, with a gun, at the birdie. Until the Chinese start making decent low cost 16U to MFT adapters, the only place to get good ones (not cheap) is here: http://rafcamera.com/en/adapters/mft/kiev-16u-to-mft-mount-adapter
  2. Wow, now that is the coolest thing I've heard as i just ordered one of those Rafcams adapter rings for $65!!!! what a burn, this is way better, and now I can have three instead of just one. i got that same set of 16U lenses, cant wait to use them....
  3. The one thing i will say is that after finding out which lenses vignette on what sensors, you could look at what step up rings to get. If you have a 52mm prime lens, and it need to be stepped up to 62mm depending on if you are using a Bell & Howell or a 16H/8Z, get onto ebay and order the right step up ring that steps it up in one ring. The alternative is to use a 52-55mm ring, then a 55-58mm ring, then a 58-62mm ring, by then you have used three rings instead of one, and your anamorphic lens will be one centimeter further away from your prime lens than it needs to be. They need to be as
  4. Forgive using this thread for this off topic question but I really can't find somewhere to post it. Perhaps i should start a new thread? (except i dont know where the 'start a new thread button is', they dont make it easy for you to find) I am thinking that there is money to be made out there for someone who can come up with a really simple anamorphic clamp for the Kowa 16H, or Bell & Howell anamorphic lens (or other makes like bolex, sun, sankor, isco ect. etc.). It is this simple: you get an adapter ring made that goes from your taking lens (49mm, 52,mm, 55mm or 62mm whatever) which sc
  5. Also FilmConvert is great for playing with grain or imitating old favourite film stocks.
  6. What about shooting with the GH2 anamorphic hack in Mjpeg? that way you don't have to piss around with changing the aspect ratio in post? look here: http://www.eoshd.com/content/3515/2-661-for-2x-anamorphic-on-gh2-rebooted
  7. Bought these, and saw your post 5 minutes later, strange.......
  8. Wow Tito, you really are a mine of information, this is better than going to college. :)
  9. Iti, Your Kowa Prominar is best with the FD35/2......and its not too wide? what F-stops? and when you say "28mm is my favourite FL on MFT with anamorphic, 35mm + 0.71 speedbooster on BMCC." what do you mean, and what is FL?
  10. To do this one would need about $1000 worth of ring adapters, lens clamps & kits, for every different diameter lens "in ones' arsenal" to try out with a 16H/8Z lens.
  11. That looks lovely, i could almost live with the vignette, which could be even devignetted in post.
  12. Again, I'm confused. "85mm is what is needed" to avoid vignetting, then Vid atlantic say a 50mm lens gives 'a little' vignetting, while saying the Helios 58/2 is a good match for the 5D. So how can the Helios 58/2 be a good match for the 5D and also be the 'recommended' lens for anamorphic use with M43 format? I mean one has twice the crop factor of the other and people are recommending the same lens? I am missing something, and brains is only a small part of it.
  13. OK ,so some are saying for M43 the minimum focal length is 35mm, others 42mm. There is a big difference between these (between 70mm to 84mm equivalent of M43). Can someone confirm which is right please? As i said I just want to know all these BEFORE I go start ordering lenses that may not turn out to work well with the 16H Kowa anamorphic lens. Thanks
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