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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to BenEricson in Canon EOS-1D X Mark II - Footage   
    He lost me there. The video looks great.
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    Zach Ashcraft got a reaction from Cinegain in Canon EOS-1D X Mark II - Footage   
    I wish more talented DP's would be given access to these cameras. 
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to Germy1979 in Canon EOS-1D X Mark II - Footage   
    You guys see this one?
    I'm stoked about this camera too.  
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    Zach Ashcraft got a reaction from BenEricson in Canon EOS-1D X Mark II - Footage   
    I wish more talented DP's would be given access to these cameras. 
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to Amro Othman in Nebula 4200 - 5-axis gimbal   
    Why don't we just ban this fool
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to Nikkor in Canon have "surprise" at NAB 2016   
    Have I missed something or is the d500 still recording 4k in a terrible crop mode.
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to odie in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    I would pick A ...and find another bird...(Panavision dolly in on a crane...I have a budget!!!)
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to Mattias Burling in My review of the JVC LS300   
    Ever since the first DSLR started shooting video there has been one dream, the functionality of a camcorder with the sensor and lens mount of a DSLR. All in an affordable package.
    This might be just that.

    JVC has lended me the camera for a few weeks to try out. What Im mostly interested in is if:
    Its as good as the specs makes it out to be. If it can be both a true Run n Gun camera and something for cinema. If it is the ultimate camera for vintage lens junkies Regarding the specs, here is what cought my eye.
    MFT Mount S35mm Sensor 4K 4:2:2 HD Log Prime Zoom External Controls Built In NDs XLR
    First Impression
    It is light and small but doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. I would say it feels just like theses DVX type camcorders always does. Not 5D rugged, but solid, maybe a bit more solid than a FS100.
    Setting it up was super easy and intuitive, I mean its a camcorder... its great.. its like riding a bike
    Getting all the features I want like zebra etc went fast, they where all exactly where you would suspect them to be.
    The ND wheel feels nice, so does most of the controls and buttons. The audio wheels are clickless, thats a tiny complaint but no deal breaker.
    The first lens I tested was a m4/3 12-42mm. Its the kit lens from my GFs GM1. It worked and surprisingly it only had some vignette at the long end in s35 mode. In other words its both a normal MFT zoom and a s35 wide angle.
    It also turns out that there where sensor size stops between s35 and MFT!
    I hate to say it, but thats all I have time for this first evening. First test and some downloadable J-Log will be up tomorrow.
    Meanwhile, here are some pics.

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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to andrgl in NX1 Classic Car Documentary   
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to Andrew Reid in 5D mark4 will be better at video than 1DX mark2   
    I hope they hurry up and release it then, because I am seriously considering the 1D X Mark II for video.
    If the 5D Mark III has the same AF system but full frame image 4K, Canon LOG and articulated screen it would be seriously good.
    This is Canon though so I would take just one of the above
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    Zach Ashcraft got a reaction from User in C100 MkII - Setting Audio In Through The 3.5mm Mini Jack?   
    The answer to that one is "it depends" but typically, its best to get the strongest signal from the source possible, and turn down the preamps in camera as much as you can. Typically due to the fact that the preamps built into cameras are (while not bad in the C100's case) not the greatest.
    That being said, it is possible to over modulate the source if the transceiver/receiver is too hot. Just kind of one of those situations where you need to spend some time playing with different combinations of settings to see what sounds best. 
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    Zach Ashcraft got a reaction from User in C100 MkII - Setting Audio In Through The 3.5mm Mini Jack?   
    Hey dude - not sure how much you've tried but once you plug in a VideoMic Pro or something of the like, the appropriate options become available. 

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    Zach Ashcraft got a reaction from MattH in Nikon DL   
    I'm watching on a 27 inch 5K iMac, so maybe thats the difference because none of what I'm seeing looks remotely "fine." lol
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    Zach Ashcraft got a reaction from MattH in Nikon DL   
    That looks horrendous. Terribly over sharpened, digital, and just plain yucky. Could be upload/export setting, but looks like they have in camera sharpening set way to high. 
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to richg101 in LED Lighting for the DIY minded   
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to Nikkor in Lens porn: Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 Art   
    It probably will so it pairs nicely with the new sigma aps-h camera.
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to Andrew Reid in Meeting with Sony to discuss FS5 cinema camera improvements - optimised firmware available Friday 7am London time   

    Friday 7am London time sees the release of a firmware update for the Sony FS5 which optimises the performance of internal recording, fixing the issues spotted by early adopters of the camera including myself (Andrew Reid) and Paul Antico.
    Read the full article
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to Ed_David in The Importance of Trusting Your Own Opinion   
    I’ll admit it, I use camera forums a lot.  Too much, probably. I use them to check out the latest cameras and lenses and lights and accessories. I waste about two hours a day on them.  Time I could spend watching “the View.”
    When I started out shooting part-time in 2005, I got a DVX100 because a juggler who was a featured extra on a tv show called “Sons of Saddam” told me to.  “Cause it does 24p.”  I didn’t know what that meant, but I plunked down $3,000 - all the money I had in savings on this camera.  
    The camera could have been a bust.  But I did it because a juggler who played one of Saddam’s sons goons said so.  That’s how easily influenced I am.
    Then I bought a HVX200, not even testing it first.  “Cause it can do HD.”   I bought the Redrock micro adapter because I watched the work of MacGreggor and some other DPs back then do stuff on a Gorilla 35 lens adapter that hadn’t even come out.  I hadn’t even tried it first.  Just sent in my credit card info.  
    Rinse and repeat.
    All these periods of time I bought things just based on videos I saw shot on them. No tests - I didn’t understand tests.  Just videos shot with them and the opinions of people I respected.  I could look at screen grabs but just scroll down to their opinions.
    Well finally 11 years later, I am seeing what I was doing - buying based on people’s emotions.  Based on the emotions of people whose work I liked.
    This is fine to do, but it’s not always the smartest thing to do.  
    There are several, maybe twenty influential figures online in the cinematography world.  David Mullen, Shane Hurlbut, John Brawley, Art Adams, Geoff Boyle, and of course Andrew Reid, come to mind as leaders who people follow and listen to.
    Even the opinions of the above people and the other influencers are, in the end, just their opinions.
    When someone says, “this to me screams filmic” or “this looks digital” - again, that’s all an opinion.  If they say, “that grade is terrible” or “man you nailed the skin tones” - again, that’s all opinion.  Even looking at test charts and camera tests, the results are subjective.  Aesthetic is subjective.  There are scientific tests, but they lead to opinions.  This isn’t pure math - this is an art form.
    There is no such thing as filmic.
    Everything is digital.  Film emulsions see the world differently, but they go through a digital intermediate.  They become digital .  And I think that’s probably about 99.9% of all films shot on celluloid.  Maybe a few hipsters shoot film and use a steinbeck, but they still upload their results to vimeo, which converts this to a h.264 file.
    I have very strong opinions, and a lot of people have very strong opinions.  That’s why we work in film.  It’s an art form that is full of passionate people.  But I also have low self-esteem.  My whole nature of existence is based on others approval.  I’m getting better at trusting my own self, but this is my basis.  
    I think maybe most artists have low self-esteem or why would they want to share their art?  Is it ego?  Or the attempt for others to connect?  Yes that’s part of it.  But whether you want to admit it or not, we love when people love our work.  We live off the feedback, or why would we check vimeo 5 times a day to see if someone commented?  Why else would we have awards?  Especially in an art field where awards are just based on opinions of a community who may or may not get your work?
    Something is beautiful if you think it is.  You don’t need an oscar in cinematography to be happy with your lighting or camera movement or angle, or have your opinion mean anything less if you aren’t in the ASC.  Everyone brings something unique to the art form.  Everyone brings a new perspective that is needed, especially now, when everything feels pretty much the same.  
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to DBounce in Nebula 4200 - 5-axis gimbal   
    Alright,  I've about had it with all this nonsense, tell you what,  I'm going to sitdown this afternoon fire up my engineering workstation and create a brand new stabilizer that will blow this away. That way we can stop this silly thread once and for all.
    Expect my product on kickstarter... Mark my words, it will work, it will cost less and it will be easy to use. And everyone will want one. This camera stabilization thing is not really that tough of a nut to crack. 
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    Zach Ashcraft got a reaction from Marco Tecno in Nebula 4200 - 5-axis gimbal   
    I think its pretty terrible how you continue to post videos here, all the while your actual customers on your facebook page seem to be completely unable to contact you and ranging from annoyed to furious. Is this what you consider good business practice?
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to kadajawi in Pentax K-1 - 36 MP Full Frame DSLR   
    I'm a Pentax owner. As for video capabilities:
    Until the K-5 (launched 2010) Pentax cameras had SR during video. It worked very well. I like the look of the SR more than what Olympus is doing, although you can get away with more with an Olympus. Then they introduced electronic SR, and it is easily one of the worst implementations of electronic SR. They call it movie SR, and apparently it is mentioned somewhere in the official documentation or so that the K-1 has that. Movie SR does not even make use of the sensors the camera has, so it tries to detect movement by the image. a) there is always a crop. Even when deactivating Movie SR. b) What you see on the display is not what you'll get in the file. c) Massive rolling shutter amplifier. d) Random motion blur. e) Wobbling lower half of the image. For years I and others have been complaining to Pentax, and for years Pentax ignores it. When asked, Pentax said that the SR mechanism creates noises, and thus they deactivate it for video. Stupid explanation, there's always the option to use external microphones and recorders (plus the SR mechanism on my K-5 is barely audible during recordings... only when it is really quiet in the room it gets picked up).
    I'd greatly appreciate any support in convincing those fools at Ricoh/Pentax to re-enable IBIS, because it is gorgeous, it works very well (you can see it in action in live view...).
    Another issue with Pentax is that bitrates are rather low, and the encoder they use isn't good. Basically a same bitrate file out of a Panasonic or Sony or Samsung will look better. No idea if it has improved, I have my doubts cause the video specs sound exactly the same as their older cameras. Same processor perhaps.
    As for the mount and lenses... Pentax has amazing lenses, some of the best ever made. Especially their primes are top notch.
    IMHO with activated SR/IBIS, a flat color profile and higher bitrates it would still be a wonderful camera for videos. The sensor will be fine I think and that flippy screen looks like it is rock solid and really useful (and which other FF DSLR has a flippy screen?). In terms of ergonomics Pentax beats Sony and Canon hands down, and is IMHO even better than Nikon. The body will be weather sealed, and properly so...:
    These things are tough as ..., and reasonably sized.
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    Zach Ashcraft got a reaction from Mattias Burling in Bought the Edelkrone SliderONE   
    Not sure how this flew under my radar. I've been wanting a product like this for ages. Definitely going to pick one up
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to Mattias Burling in Bought the Edelkrone SliderONE   
    This nifty thing showed up a couple of days ago. Have been playing with it today and I really like it.
    Its sweet to have it pretty much permanently sitting on the tripod. That way Im never to lazy to bring along a slider.

    Did a quick revive as well.
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to richg101 in Pentax K-1 - 36 MP Full Frame DSLR   
    I expect they are using the sony 36mpx sensor as used in the d800 and a7rmk1.  a stunning sensor - imo actually a little nicer than the new sony 42mpx.  the fact that they're providing a nice solid 14bit file it'll likely be closer to the d800's image than the a7r was.  add all the bells and whistles and the only thing I'd be complaining about is the pentax mount!
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    Zach Ashcraft reacted to BrorSvensson in Pentax K-1 - 36 MP Full Frame DSLR   
    oh stupid me, i thought i was in the 80d thread not the k-1. Excuse me 
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