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    IronFilm reacted to Mozim in Nikons progress in video 2015   
    Personally I'm looking forward to the D7200. I'm hoping for a photo camera that is as at least as good as the Canon 7D MkII, as in: 10fps burst rate, great autofocus, fantastic dynamic range, durable and rugged body, basically a small version of their D4s. I also expect the video mode to be at least as good as the D5300 / D750 video mode (which is very good already). Being able to change the aperture in live view is a must (and they'd be stupid not to include it). It'd be nice to see a high-quality 120fps mode, flat picture profile, Zebra, Peaking etc. 
    It's going to be a photo camera first and foremost, but if it offers good video capabilities like they've done in the past, then I'm sure people who shoot both video and photos will appreciate the camera. 
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    IronFilm reacted to dahlfors in Nikons progress in video 2015   
    Two interesting rumors for Nikon's cameras: 4k will be introduced to the Nikon 1 series of cameras, and the live view aperture crippling will be removed from D7200. According to nikonrumors D7200 will also feature 720p at 120 fps.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Jimbo in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   
    ​I'm not editing it. I was just one of the shooters on the team (of four) covering the wedding.
    The first day I was shooting only on a tripod, the second day I needed to pick up a number of detail/artistic shots in the dining room. Ouch, then it really hit me how bloody heavy the C300 is. If you get a C300 you'll absolutely need to upgrade all your support gear to cope with the extra weight. And it isn't easy to use handheld (certainly not with a 70-200mm lens on it like I had yesterday). In the end I did a few shots with it, but then gave up as it is too cumbersome, and did the rest of my Sony A5100 and my lightweight monopod.
    Then of course there is the factor of its price.....  absolutely insane I reckon. I'll happily use it if somebody else is providing it, but spend my own money on it? Nope!!
    Not unless you have clients *specifically* requesting this particular camera model (C300) then I wouldn't be buying it. Though for some people that is the reality, as it is what their clients know and trust. So they'll be requesting this specifically and not a NX1. Thus a C300 will earn you money, and a NX1 will not. However I'm not in that situation (yet?) and neither are the vast majority of the forum users here either I bet, so this point in favour of the C300 is largely irrelevant.
    As for low light, get yourself a T0.95 lens (I've got the SLR Magic 25mm which I use on my BMPCC) or a Nikon 50mm f/1.2 and a focal reducer. Or get yourself an A7s? Plus of course get lights. We had a bunch of lights at our disposable, with Dedolights being the ones we used the most for the wedding yesterday. Though we really had to scramble to get them moved from the speeches area to outside for the cake cutting and first dance, having an extra set already set up there would've helped immensely. Though these lights were used for the look they created (as the venue's lighting sucked) rather than because it simply was too dark, but if you're needing help in that area then these will benefit you in that way too.
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    IronFilm reacted to Oliver Daniel in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   
    The Samsung NX1 needs more skilled users. I always rent before I buy, but I can't find anywhere to rent it in the UK. I can't judge it from the few clips online because it doesn't have the support yet. 
    My crew want to purchase an FS7 instead of renting it all the time, mostly because of the high DR and 150fps. It's going to cost £10k to get the basic bits we need after tax offset. 95% of our gear is made specifically for DSLR size or smaller. 
    The NX1 is compelling because it has many bells and whistles (including 100fps), costs £1299, and would leave us £8k to buy more lights, lenses and other gadgets to improve overall cinematography. But it's very different to the FS7. I know where I am with that camera.
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    IronFilm reacted to Ivar Kristjan Ivarsson in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   

    ​I agree. I am also a rig user so the small size of the a7s is actually a plus for me. The menu system is not that horrible imho after you get the hang of it. When on the rig I find it not hard to hit the rec button but I have small slender fingers.
    When photo shooting I use the battery grip. Yes I agree that the NX1 feels slightly better in hand and the battery grip for that is better build but the A7s is not bothering me at all.
    I am getting lovely results with Slog and Filmconvert pro 2(love the new options).
    Personally I am very happy with the images coming from the A7s.
    Just my 2 cents. 
    P.S. Off topic: I bought my A7s from the official Sony retailer here in Iceland. From what I have read, I thought the A7s was PAL/NTSC locked. But I can change to either without the warning message I have read about others getting. 
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    IronFilm reacted to AaronChicago in Speedbooster + EF lenses or MFT Voigtlanders for my GH4??   
    ​Absolutely. The 18-35 is easily my favorite lens.
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    IronFilm reacted to AaronChicago in Speedbooster + EF lenses or MFT Voigtlanders for my GH4??   
    Get Nikon glass with speedbooster or adapters. Nikon has manual aperture in the lenses. EF does not. Just my 2 cents.
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    IronFilm reacted to Andrew Reid in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   
    Even at £4500 its still a much worse image than a £1299 Samsung!
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    IronFilm reacted to shanebrutal in Complete Set of "Character Lenses?"   
    Regarding the rollei qbm's is there an easy way to distinguish hft coat vs non coated? I haven't heard much of these lenses and what i'm seeing on ebay it's hard for me to tell which ones are which.
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    IronFilm reacted to JaeM in Complete Set of "Character Lenses?"   
    They're bloody well made - solid enough to hold my Iscoramas
    They're also less common as a set than Zeiss and Leicas, which local DPs have in abundance near me.
    Plus they're characterful and cheap, and reasonably consistent.
    I've got a wide range of Helios, Tair, Zenit bla bla blas that make a 'set', but they're very wacky, and not consistent at all.
    Cameras are for christmas, Lenses are for life.
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    IronFilm reacted to utsira in Video with DSLR or Mirrorless Bodies   
    The Sony A6000 and a5100 have very nice AF for video (I have the A6000). You need a system lens of course. You can set how long the camera holds the subject for, how quickly it changes focus, and you can assign custom buttons to lock focus with. It's the only hybrid system I'd consider using AF in video. The video image itself is pretty nice for close ups or shallow depth-of-field, but can be disappointing with detailed wide angle landscapes, where you start to see aliasing. I would say it's an issue with the way the sensor is sampled rather than a codec problem (though the codec could be better on the A6000, and is better on the A5100).
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    IronFilm reacted to Oliver Daniel in Complete Set of "Character Lenses?"   
    I meant in my last post "hard to find", not "hard to hard." I obviously need to look harder, my eyes go fuzzy with all the letters and numbers. 
    The general vote with my crew is to go Sigma ART in Nikon mount for the clinical, modern set. Corporate work and photography. Just don't know about 85mm though? 
    I'm going to pick up these Rollei's, also Rich check your emails for FF58 queries  
    What is a really good very wide lens option? I love the effect of using a wide to get a close-up and having a massive background out of focus, with some distortion. The SLR Magic 12mm on MFT is "magic" in achieving this look, the image gets bendy and almost fisheye like with its macro-like abilities. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Oliver Daniel in Complete Set of "Character Lenses?"   
    ​You are right, I find it so hard to hard non-HFT Rollei lenses. Especially the 25mm. Looking everyday. 
    It's cool to see what everyone is doing with their glass. I do love flawed vintage lenses, there is definitely some kind of tangible emotion coming from those barrels. Nikon released a 43-86mm which is meant to be their worst lens ever. I think it's great! 
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    IronFilm reacted to mojo43 in Complete Set of "Character Lenses?"   
    ​Please tell me more about the 3d printed focus and aperture gears? How do I go about getting them for my own set of lenses?
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    IronFilm reacted to andy lee in Complete Set of "Character Lenses?"   
    Canon FD set - very very good all round lenses and cheap
    Yashica ML set  superb as good as the Zeiss C/Y just alot cheaper
    Contax Zeiss set - modern lens look great colours and blacks - bloody sharp
    Nikon AIS set - Killer!!
    Russian set - Helios Tair Volna etc etc - character tastic
    and a curve ball really good cheap set is Miranda .....yes Miranda made by Cosina - really really cheap about £15 each and very very good !!
       edit one more I forgot is Fujinon C - mount lens set - made in Japan bloody good glass - very fast and cheap - need modding to make work on Micro 4/3 but almost Distagon good.....but faster so superb in low light f1.425mm 35mm 50mm 75mm all very small and light but with Fujinons stunning glass in them .Ill remind you that Fujinon make cinema lenses - Alura etc so are very very good....195
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    IronFilm reacted to Andrew Reid in Does Canon Rebels have real 1080p   
    Magic Lantern proved this, they are upscaled from a lower resolution and not only that but heavily line-skipped on the sensor.
    If you want better you need to go considerably higher up the Canon line, ideally to the $5500 C100 Mk II, or shoot raw with the 5D Mark III and Magic Lantern (with resulting huge file sizes). So don't use a Rebel for video, they're really not fit for purpose. There's so much great YouTube content let down by it - mushy, false detail. If only they had listened to EOSHD and shot GH2 / 3 / 4.
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    IronFilm reacted to Nikkor in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   
    So if the nx500 has the cinegamma....
    10$ top handle ^^
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    IronFilm reacted to Andrew Reid in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   
    ​Coming soon. New firmware is great! But wait till you see what is in store for the GH4 ;)
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    IronFilm reacted to Julian in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   
    On a more serious note: Andrew, I'd love to read a write up about the new NX1 firmware and your opinion on it vs the GH4.
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    IronFilm reacted to leo in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   
    You've seen what samsung did to apple with phones, man they are gonna bring chaos to the market with these little things, i love it !
    I imagine a future where filming equipment is dirt cheap and only talent counts, i imagine samsung and panasonic is gonna do this for us because they have nothing to lose.
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    IronFilm reacted to Nick Hughes in Cinema lenses FOV - PLEASE HELP!!!   
    Keep in mind that Deakins (or any other Hollywood director) very likely does not think about s35 in terms of it's crop factor vs full frame. Full frame is not a cinema standard- this is where I think a lot of people get tripped up. To him, s35 is a 1x crop and if he happens to use a 5D on a shoot, he probably thinks of that as a .7x crop! 
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    IronFilm reacted to roxics in The new Canon 5Ds 50MP full frame DSLR and video (rolling coverage)   
    ​I think the 7DmkII was the harbinger of what to expect from Canon DSLR video for the foreseeable future. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Edry in Canon 1D C to get $4000 price drop February 1st   
    Feels like this is the price this camera should have been from the start. 
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    IronFilm reacted to captou in The new Canon 5Ds 50MP full frame DSLR and video (rolling coverage)   
    Apparently they'll also announce a new rebel camera (750D) next week - I wonder if the video specs on that are gonna be harbinger for the specs on the new 5d... it will obviously be lower spec'd but if it's just same old features that might mean the same old features on the 5d (for video). Who knows...
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    IronFilm reacted to Andrew Reid in The new Canon 5Ds 50MP full frame DSLR and video (rolling coverage)   
    Yep me too. There's even a chance the 5Ds will have no video at all.
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