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  1. Thanks for your answer. Are you sure about this AF+MF option on Panasonic cams? Because I cant find it anywhere... My GX80 allows AF-S, AF-C or MF, yet no AF+MF? I am talking about video mode, if that matters....
  2. Thanks for your kind words. If you would have read my comment properly you would have seen that I am totally fine with the grade IF it was wanted. Since no additional comment was given about that here, we can just give feedback based on what we get. And in the end, why should one post a video here if not for the reason of feedback?
  3. Indeed, the whole footage looks like the WB was way of (yet it could be that this was desired). Doesnt look natural to me.
  4. Oly 12mm has those jumps when using the manual focus mode. The 17mm doesnt have any jumps - at least i dont notice them at all. 12mm is unusable for focus pulls.
  5. Indeed, I am only using 1080p/60p - we will see how much the GX85 will differ from the G80...
  6. Thanks! While you are here i got another question: does the manual override while being in AFS mode work with those canon lenses? E.g. can i set the camera to AFS and still turn the focus ring to be able to do manual adjustments?
  7. Thanks for your reply, very informative. I already have sent you multiple emails over the last weeks/months - never got a reply, though... So a new firmware will enable IBIS on thx gx85 while turning of OIS via lens switch, like the canon 35 2.0 is? E.g. I can use that lens with the panasonic IBIS once you have updated the firmware @conurus ?
  8. According to Andrews review, the automatical reporting of Sigma lenses works flawlessly, he tried it with the 18-35 f1.8.
  9. Yet a gimbal adds quite some bulk for run & gun. Got one, sold it again. I like my setup small, so I agree, IS is quite important - to me.
  10. Looking good! Didnt know slr magic also makes a 52mm variant. Only heard good things about it - are you satisfied with it? Any quirks?
  11. Just returned from another Festival, this time i brought my new Olympus 17mm 1.8 - what a nice lens! The manual focus is really nice and not snappy like the one of the Olympus 12mm f2.0. Also works very fine with the Tiffen Ultra Contrast, screencap (1080/50):
  12. Well, in the end it doesnt really matter whether anyone says that there is a decrease in quality if you dont notice / care, right? I am using the e-stabilizer and I am very pleased with the results, so why should i turn it off?
  13. Same here... Could swear when comparing this setting on & off that it looked even better stabilized when set to on. I will test this again.
  14. I have the feeling that we discussed this already. I have the issue, that the LCD screen is much brighter during standby while when recording or taking a picture - especially in low light - not only that the display is bright, but also that the image that the LCD shows me is much brighter. Anyone else with this issue and a solution to turn this off?
  15. Canon EF Lenses tend to have this awesome feature called manual override, where you can set the lens to AF and still grab the focus wheel to manually adjust AF - something similar Olympus offers with its S-AF+MF mode. Unfortunately, Panasonic does not offer such a mode: so either you set the camera to MF with the ability to use the AF/AE Lock button for AF - quite akward - or you set it to AF, but then you cant do any MF. So i am interested whether the metabones speedbooster for canon ef gives this S-AF+MF mode known from olympus to Panasonic cameras? E.g. can I set the camera to AF-S and still do a manual focus simply by turning the focus wheel or does the manual override not work with the speedbooster?
  16. Dont take it personal, but if one follows Canons actions over the past couple of years it becomes evident, that such a petition is not more than a waste of time.
  17. Wow, went to bed and the next morning the thread got like doubled in size, how can that be? Ahh, yet another crop factor / calc-to-death discussion. Please do yourself a favor and dont start any stupid petition that will never become true. Did you read this topic here?
  18. Interesting suggestions. Since i have my iPhone all the time with my, this could be an interesting proposition. Is there some kind of wireless / bluetooth(?) microphone that i could put on my hotshoe, while my iphone is the recorder?
  19. @sgreszcz: thanks for your answer. This somehow is also my conclusion after creating a paper-based dummy of any of the possible recorders. I just see no real good placing on the camera for which I either can make sure that I wouldnt touch the recorder while operating the camera that also would fit my bag... I mean the recorder would have to be extremely small so that mounting on an hotshoe would make any sense. If i would mount it on a hotshoe, i would place it in parallel to the camera body so that it fits my bag. Yet, this is not the ideal position + it is quite possible that I would touch the recorder while hitting any buttons. Mh, tough decision. Anyways I think that in my case, the most important aspect is the smallest size possible, even if I have to sacrifice quality. Anything should be better than the onboard mic.
  20. And again, the forum strikes back - thanks for making me aware of the Olympus recorder, mercer! it is indeed much smaller than the Zoom H1 and the current generation sounds great for ambient (i heared some samples) - will definitely look into them!
  21. Thanks for the suggestions. Yet in terms of overall size, the H1 looks like the smallest device. I cant yet imagine myself putting someting like the Saramonic dual recorder on my GX85 - there is no way i can slip the camera in my carrying case anymore and pull it out fast & frequently during activities like a hike or being on a festival, etc... I like to keep my setup small Maybe I will just test the H1 since it is quite cheap. Maybe it is not the perfect solution, yet it should improve the recording of ambient sounds compared to internal mic
  22. looks interesting, but i am not willing to spend 800 euros for now... cant find it, would you help me out?
  23. Interesting conversation about the H1 because I was thinking for getting it as well. I am only interested in ambient sounds, no interviews or whatsoever - do you guys still think that mounting the H1 on the hotshoe is an acceptable compromise? I want to keep things small.
  24. Canon FD is the mount with the shortest flange distance for which a speedbooster exists to my knowledge, to answer your question. You could now check whether there exists adapters lets say from FD to EOS, etc... Nikon is one of the mounts with the longest flange distance, so you wont be able to adapt as much lenses as with a shorter mount like FD or EF.
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