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  1. I am a big fan of Michael Moore but I think he was duped in this film by his the gibb guy. I think the guy just told him corporations are doing green washing etc and his hate which most of the time is justified and he got triggered. People they are showing 90s footage, and the guy is talking about Solar panel with 8%...... conversion. I mean when was that, even 10 years ago we where in the 15+ % and now 20-23% for commercially available panel. He is talking about waste, today's good panel are between .2 to .5 % loss in capacity per year. We are talking 50 to 100 years lifecycle with over above 80% capacity. Same for battery, we are at the level of the million miles battery. That is 50 years average driving. Let's not even talk about cost. Solar being the cheapest ever form of producing electricity. This video is a good rebuttal of the documentary.



  2. 1 hour ago, j_one said:

    Hey there 👋 

    So I’m personally deciding between a few units, the Nanlite included. Adorama has their new Clar 350 with supposedly quieter fans (in contrast to the 300w model) listed at $450. I also have a deal for a lightly used Godox VL300 for $540 after tax/shipping. 

    I was about to order the Godox before I saw the Nanlite and Clar. Now I’m leaning towards the Clar. The power unit setup seems similar to the aputure 600d pro, but I may be mistaken.


    I really only care for the bare bulb output, color accuracy, and fan noise. Opinions?

    For me, all in one unit are so much easier to work with. I have the clar 300, having always to  connect like 3 unit is a big hassel. Now some people will say that these unit have battery power, but the price of those batteries would cost like the same as those units. If you want to run those 300 watt units, better go the generator or those solar generators, because vmount for these wattage are very very costly.


  3. 18 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    That's not true, the Aputure Amaran 200D is cheaper than the FS300 (and only thirty bucks more than the FS200). 

    Also the Aputure you can control remotely with a nifty app, while it seems NanLite lacks that, and to even get basic remote control capabilities you've got to spend extra to buy a remote control accessory. (which isn't as fully featured as the Aputure app)""

    I'd also like to hear the fan noise from each, the Aputure will only kick on when needed and is off otherwise. 

    Also, the Aputure is a true COB design, while the NanLight is rather an array of small LEDs.

    From what I recall the Amaran construction is mainly plastic. We will have to see these ones, what they are made from and if they are more durable. That could also be important for many like me, as the light have to support some modifiers etc. Having a 300 watt model also is something to consider. Time will tell when some will be able to do test. To think that these kind of unit use to cost between 700 to 1200 is quite extraordinary. You could get 3 like these for the cost of the aperture 300, its just crazy. The thing is, once you reach those level of wattage, battery doesn't make real sense. The cost of batteries would be higher than the unit itself.

  4. On 12/18/2020 at 8:56 PM, Cameramoto said:

    On Aputure website they claim the Amaran 200d brightness: "Up to 65,000 lux @ 1 meter with Hyper-Reflector."

    Nanlite specs for the FS-200 are as follow on their website: Lux @ 1m w/55 Degree Reflector 5600K: 36730 lux"

    Nanlite specs for the Forza 300 are as follow on their website: "Lux @ 1m w/55 Degree Reflector 5600K: 66300 lux"

    The only references I collected from the independant review from Gaffer and Gear on Youtube is as follow for the 300 watts Apurture and Nanlite. These are real tests by a gaffer, so they are exact.

    Apurture 300D II : 3080 lux at 3meters

    Nanlite Forza 300: 5040 lux at 3 meters

    Arri Pocket PAR HMI: 3480 lux at 3meters

    So I don't think the Apurture Amarand 200d claims on the brightness are right. In fact I think they are rigged. If I where you I would wait for Gaffer and Gear to make a real test before you buy.

    His channel:


    These reading are very clever for the Chinese manufacturers that, I think from the launch of the forza, used special reflectors that are tailor made for the size of the COB to concentrate the light really at the center, which makes the reading very high. The problem is that he himself sees is that unless you want just lighting a face, the hotspot is not good at all as you don't really get an even spread. He also got the surprise that for example testing the Forza 500, when you use it with the reflector he was reaching 1.2k hmi lumens, but once reflected or put in a softbox, the light was significantly lower than the hmi. If people go to Nanlight website, you will see thay say they use a bigger cob to get a more even beam. In fact it is much more honnest in my view, as 99% of time these light will be used with some kind of diffusion. It is too easy to say my light is as powerful as y, but then it is only in a 5-10 degree spot.

    These reflectors have really messed the method of measuring light output. My guess people should either test everything bare bulb or put these light in a standard sofbox and measure the light output.

  5. This reminds me on the fumy article on Nikon, I mean the day that Nikon will die, the likes of Panasonic, Sony, Fuji will already have died and the camera industry dead. Yes Nikon is not in the best of shapes, but so is everyone, more so the likes of Panasonic and fuji which have 4 to 5X less camera market. Sony itself is selling a fifth of camera it sold in 2010 even if it has 2x to 3x market share. All these will have quit long before Nikon.

  6. On 11/24/2020 at 10:31 PM, EduPortas said:

    Nikon is not a video company. Their forte is and will always be photo gear.

    They make very good products in that respect.  A bit more expensive than the usual players, no doubt. But the quality is there.

    Let's be honest here guys: Nikon = Japanese ethos. Failing for them means being bought by another Japanese company.

    Since they are a part of the umbrella of the massive Mitsubishi group, I HIGHLY doubt we'll ever see a dramatic shift.

    At least not as dramatic as Pentax, which by the way still make a very good photo cameras.

    WOW at lease one poster who has some insight. Panasonic and Fuji are at 4-5% of the market, 4 to 5x lower than Nikon and Nikon is neck in neck with Sony. Guess what its Nikon that is going to die. Then they tell you, but Canon Sony Panasonic form part of bigger companies.............. While Nikon forms part of the Mitsubishi Kieretsu, the biggest, bigger than Sony, Panasonic, Canon etc group in Japan, with one of its investors being the biggest bank in Japan. Nikon has been positive until last year and was sitting on more than 2 billions in cash in 2017 at least. They even have been bullish about their 2021-2022 numbers predicting profits for their imaging division as this big loss is a one time write off so as to make the cmpany leaner as they want to adapt to an ever declining market. They also have invested a lot into new field like lidar technology.

    The fumy thing is people using market share as a metric of progress. Tell that to Sony who where selling 5x more cameras in 2010 with 5-8% market share than today with about 20%. How much time do people think Sony corp will be happy as a non historic camera manufacturer to continue to invest and surely incur loss in a camera business. Is Nikon in great shape, definitely not, but they are in much better shape than other manufacturers like Panasonic, fuji and even Sony. One has only 5% at best, the other one is now stagnating at about 20% since Nikon and Canon have launched their Mirrorless lineup. Even more, because it is in an ever smaller market.

    Olympus the perfect example of the non sense about Nikon death. While for the last 3-5 years we are hearing how Nikon will die soon, Olympus who no one predicted, just went out. Nikon has always been positive until last year. Their profitability or even loss started in the imaging division started last year but with massive investment in R&D. What people here don't know as they concentrate on only camera bodies. Nikon has released 18 outstanding lens during the last 2 years. They have another 6 until next year, that will be 24 lens in 3 years. This is an investment on the next decade to 15 years, those lens are so good with the advantage of the bigger new mount. They also have build 6 bodies during that time and are heavily predicted that at least 1 if not 2 pro bodies next year. Meanwhile what has the likes of Sony produce. My simple guess, is that we will see Panasonic, then Sony and then the likes of Fuji, and I would put Nikon just before Canon to quit the camera industry. The likes of Canon, Nikon and to a certain extent Fuji are historic camera manufacturers. Sony was just opportunistic on a booming market, now that it is going down and down, they will soon quite, by selling it to stop the loss.

    Annotation 2020-08-01 221848.png

  7. I post it here even if I am a bit disappointed about lack of 10 bit internal in the latest z6ii because this guy has a nice perspective of a hybrid shooter shooting the z6ii compared to the Canon R6. At least with Z6ii you still get 10 bit prores/dnxhr recording external and even RAW, with now not only Prores with Atomos, but also Black magic RAW which will go to 4k 60p in RAW (1.5 crop). The rest of the Z6 camera is just so good, very very good EVF, IBIS, body build and ergonomics, with the magic switch (from photo to video) and what I like the most very very good image quality even in 8 bit 😞 .

    My hope is that if enough people complain they could give internal 10 bit, which would make it one of the best, if not the best Hybrid camera for about 2k. I forgot to add above that the autofocus also was already very good on the z6, and now it seems even better in the version ii with eye auto detect in video. I say that because the Achilles' heel of the Panasonic S5. For now I would recommend the z6ii bundle with the 24-70 F4 (very good lens) and the ftz adapter which give you the possibility to all the Fmount Nikon lens. I think you will have some money to put some 50mm 1.8 also in the 3k.

    This is in Chinese but you can see test side by side of z6ii and Canon R6. 



  8. 5 hours ago, herein2020 said:

    That is pretty cool, I've never considered BM a viable option for me though, since I shoot 50/50 photos and video.

    I am also a hybrid shooter, I own 2 Nikon Z6 but don't know if it can fit into a hybrid shooter because of the external recorder. Now when I think about a recorder like this might be smaller than a Flash.

  9. 1 hour ago, Phil A said:

    But not everyone wants to massively increase the footprint and weight of his camera by adding an external recorder. For many people, the whole point of shooting with a hybrid camera is the size. I couldn't care less what's available via HDMI out, it needs to be in-camera or I'm not going to use it. I'm clearly not in the minority with that opinion. For 90%+ of users, the new Nikons will be 8bit cameras.

    (0% of usser including me are expecting and complaining about 10 bit h264 internal not RAW. I don't understand that obsession about size unless you want to do spy shots. I mean I can shoot RAW video with cameras that is smaller than my last dslr Nikon D750 and a flash on it. In fact I prefer and camera with an external recorder than one with all internal WOW spec that will overhead. In a any narrative, high end commercial and documentary filming where I think RAW can be warranted, those size a ridiculously small. I mean the z6 + ninja V might be barely bigger than a Canon 5d mark ii.  So what has happened those last decade, everyone has become so much older that they can't hold less than a kilogram. 

  10. 1 hour ago, SteveV4D said:

    I would pay more and actually buy the camera if internal BRAW was available.  I don't expect it tbh.  I know how the World works.  But it would be nice.  Its less a complaint and more a wish.  Dont be so touchy and jump down on wishful thinking comments 

    But 90% of the people that buy this camera would complain because the Sony or Panasonic is 500 usd cheaper. From what I saw with the double expeed processor the autofocus is even better for video from a German reviewer. They have also added eye AF for video and 60 fps RAW. I mean I could not have dream of FF raw under 2.4 to 2.7 K 2 years ago. People also have to a bit realistic, when we are talking about external recording. These Z cameras are already much smaller than normal dslr and an atomos V is about same size as a flash. So nowadays we have raw video it about same size as a Nikon d5500 camera and a flash. I work on film set with Alexa's here in my country as set photographer. People should come and see the size of those cameras to have an understanding of how small those mirrorless are compared to normal video cameras.


  11. 3 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:

    Rightly or wrongly, having Braw as external only means Blackmagic still get a cut of the sales because you need the Video Assist. If it was internal, they wouldn't get as much. The 3rd party would probably pay for the rights to the codec, but I'd imagine there's a bigger margin with the VA hardware sales.

    It also means people are less likely to go that route. If you don't want the put a monitor on your camera, or want Braw internal, you need to buy a BMD camera, so either way they're getting extra sales.

    Exactly, sometimes people don't understand those simple logic. Companies have to do some profits. I am very critical Nikon did not put 10 bit internal in these cameras, I guess they thought as they give you the choice external, and that the 8bit internal is extremely good, people would not bother. But now I see people complaining why it is not internal or $ 200 dollar upgrade. I mean in two years we went from 8bit to 12 bit raw in 2000 usd FF hybrid camera. Largely because of Nikon. It's been like 5 years people have been complaining that we were stuck with 8bit (which is right) and only now that you got the likes of Sony and Canon giving 10 bit etc. and people are still complaining.



  12. 3 hours ago, SteveV4D said:

    Its great that another camera manufacturer have embraced BRAW; such a shame its Nikon, who have ham-fisted it with a paid upgrade and limited their internal recordings.  Why not simply include this upgrade with the new release?  I'm sure they delay these things a few months to justify charging extra for it.  The S1 did much the same, though I suspect a  last minute change of heart led Panasonic to instead offer it for free for a limited period.  Maybe Nikon will do the same, but I won't hold my breath.  

    I have a wish that Panasonic would allow a possible S1H successor to output BRAW.  It would be a great addition and make it worth buying for me, even if the AF is a bit crap.  😄

    Sincerely, how can people complain that much I don't understand. I am hyper critical of not putting 10bit but for RAW update how can people complain. The original z6 came out 2 years ago for 2300 USD, the z7 for 3300. Now the new one is 2000 and the z7 2700 usd. It means that for example the z6ii is cheaper, while having 60p 4k and better AF, dual card slot etc than the original one including the firmware update. You are comparing it to the Panasonic S1H  which is 4000 usd. That is twice the price and I don't even know if it has 60 fps RAW.

  13. 4 hours ago, MrSMW said:

    Nikon have lost the plot.

    Raw options appeal to about 7 people on planet Earth whereas internal 10 bit options to around 7 billion.

    Great that they wish to offer these things but they need to be competitive in the wider market to survive.

    I understand your point fully, but I think this a bit less true since BMRAW. When you look at the bitrate of Braw and from feedback of some friends who work with it and Davinci Resolve, it works very very well. At 12.1 which I saw some test footage is just slightly less sharp than other less compressed version, we are clearly less heavy than normal PRORES. We are closer to H264 compression rate!!!

    Screenshot 2020-10-14 203458.png

  14. I have been advocating for Nikon for ages. I am utterly disgusted by this, I hope they are feeling the heat as the backlash seems to be loud online. For me the Z6 is such a wonderful camera and they have so much potential, I just did this video with the Zlog 


  15. That's the only positive thing I saw today, I cannot even express my disappointment. Blackmagic Raw is coming to the z62 and z72.

    For both models, 10-bit output to an external recorder with N-Log is possible as well as the capture of new HDR (HLG) video and output in 12-bit ProRes RAW with the optional upgrade. For upgrade customers, additional support will also be included for Blackmagic RAW when using the Blackmagic Design Video Assist 12G HDR recorder. This upgrade will also be provided for existing customers who have already purchased a ProRes RAW upgrade for the Nikon Z 6 or Z 77.

  16. 1 hour ago, Mark Romero 2 said:

    Thanks for the clarification. I guess I got confused because I was watching dpjourney (he seems to know what he is talking about) and he claimed that "RAW is RAW" but that wouldn't make sense then.

    I have been shooting compressed raw on my dslr for more than 10 years because I have seen test between Uncompressed and compressed with no perceivable  difference. My guess it must be close to the same for video RAW.

  17. 15 hours ago, Geoff CB said:

    The 1080p 120 is so good I'd be happy with that if they gave me it in 10-bit log.

    Yep it is so good, even a 3k version of that would be good enough for me. I hope they get creative. Already from leaked pictures there is no full articulating screen. which is a pita but at least it was not leaked.

  18. 14 hours ago, gethin said:

    someone in the nikonrumors comments said the sensor can only do 40hz in full frame.  Not sure if this is true but if so, rules out 4k 60 FF.  I agree, they shouldn't give it the ii moniker if its a minor update. Urgh! 

    After 2 years, they should have asked for a faster one. They have devised a system to read 4k and not 6k from the full sensor for the RAW video, they should have done the same for the the 60 fps. In fact I wouldn't have mind even a 3k 120 fps. The 1080p 120 fps is surprisingly good, at 3k it would inter-cut very well with the 4k mode.

  19. I will be a little disappointed if it is only a 1.7 crop 60 fps 4k. The reason is more about the name, if it was an S update as first stated, yes no problem as a  mid life update. But if it is a 2.0 version and the counter saying the next chapter, they have raised the expectation a lot if it is only that. They are doing a lot of things that should have already been there from the start like dual card slot and true battery grip. The most criticism they got where from the AF (photo) which got much much better with new firmware, dual card slot, the battery grip and shutter blanking in the viewfinder on high speed shooting.

    From the list of rumored update, I think with dual expeed processor it will address all the issues that where address from the photo side. If the AF lets say beat the Sony and Canon with the doubling of computational power. My guess is that they will get very good reviews and sale from a lot of Nikon photographers who did not do the switch. As for video, I would be a little bit disappointed for a version 2 update. 10 bit internal would alleviate some of the disappointed , let's see in 3 days. Perhaps if we lobby them afterward, they might implement time limited FF 60p or even 4k. I personally need those frame rates only for slowmotion. A 1-2 minutes burst would be more than enough.


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