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  1. Yes Adr is right. A lot of these old lenses I mentioned come in m34 screw mount. Check before you buy though. The adapters to EF (Canon) are readily available on eBay and very cheap. Prob spend a bit more than $1.5, maybe push the boat out and spend $5. :) You chose well with the Sankor! Great little lenses. Enjoy!
  2. Hi, Don't use your 18-55 zoom. It's not really going to be any good for shooting with anamorphic scope lenses. Personally I prefer full frame for anamorphic, but I would start by using the camera you have. (APS) Buy a cheap lens like Helios 58mm in M42 mount (M42 to EF adapter) Or Jupiter 85mm. Buy a Sankor 16c or a Kowa 8z (Sankor will be cheaper) Buy a Redstan clamp to hold it all together. Don't buy a cheap one, its false economy. Your good to go. Refer to the shooting guild to see what lenses will vignette on what sensor. You will end up spending all your time looking for bargains and you will spend money. If that worries you, run away now and don't look back. If not good luck!
  3. Yes they can. I haven't got one myself but I have seen it done. :)
  4. Hi, If tou didnt already know, It's worth noting, the older OCT18 Lomos are not mono blocks, meaning you need a rail mound system the hold it all together.
  5. Thanks Hans, Yes that helps a lot!! I have an OCT19 so no issues there. I have ordered one now, so I can do some testing.
  6. Thanks Hans, I am looking at one of those RAF adapters. I'm also looking at one of Alan's 82mm .25 doublets. What size diopters are you using with yours. Do you think I would have vignette issues on full frame? Haha, where does one find a Russian gentleman with a beard?
  7. Thanks guys. Think I will do that. I do remember there was a guy selling them on eBay a few years ago.
  8. Sorry to hijack this thread, but it's a free bump I suppose. I have the Redstan front filter adapter for this lens if anyone is interested.
  9. Hi, Anyone know where I can buy a replacement Lomo square front cap/cover from? I was thinking of getting one made somewhere, but just thought I would ask. Thanks, Chris
  10. Hi Christina, It sounds like you have thought this through. Definitely a good idea to shoot some spherical stuff as well, just incase. I think an anamorphic wedding video would be a beautiful thing, and worth the risk :) I assume you are using Magic Lantern? As Julian mentioned, that is the only way different aspect ratios are really available. If it was me, I would shoot 4:3 with a 2x anamorphic. I assume ML gives you a higher verticle resolution in 4:3 than just simply cropping the sides off? (I haven't really used the new ML raw so feel free to chime in anyone) Even though I quite like the 3.55 ratio a 2x would give at 16:9, it may be a bit too much for some people. The last thing you want is someone asking why their video occupies a thin strip across the screen, then even worse, "can we change that" after you have finished the video. :) If it was my choice I would go with the full frame 5D, and really pronounce that anamorphic look. But that is a matter of taste I suppose, and the 7D may be easier to focus on the fly. In that respect, have you though about getting a laser measuring tool to help you quickly judge distances? Might be worth a look. Best of luck! Chris.
  11. There are a few factors to consider, such as individual lens and mounting method. But really, the key is aperture setting. If memory serves me right, you can use a Helios 58 wide open, but as soon as you stop down, you will start to see vignetting. Anything past f4 and you will probably start seeing some edges. In some cases you will be fine shooting wide open, but bear in mind these scope lenses will get sharper as you stop down. The bottom line you will be able to use a 58 with your Kowa, but you will see vignetting past f4/5.6. The 85 will not vignette at all, at any f stop.
  12. As far as full frame goes, you will avoid vignetting completely at 85mm. As long as you don't stop down too much, you can go as wide as 58mm in my experience.
  13. Oh right, I was looking at the OTC19 to EF from the same seller. What is the quality like of yours?
  14. Hey August, Good to know, I have an 80mm Squarefront with Olex at the minute. What brand adapter are you using?
  15. I didn't really have any issues with delay on my 5D mark ii that I can recall. Perhaps it was something they fixed in a later version. I was shooting pretty static stuff though. I'll give it a test later when I get a chance.
  16. Nice mate. I like the opening shot with the flare, looks really cool.
  17. Thanks mate. It's probably my favourite too.
  18. Hey, Just though I'd share a few shots from my trip to the Lake District last week. Such a cool place. Taken w/ Canon 5D Mark ii, Sankor 16C, Jupiter 9 http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/album/117-anamorphic-lakes/ :)
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