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  1. I am selling a BlackMagic Video Assist 4K which was purchased from 3D Broadcast, comes with warranty from them. My plans have changed so I don't need it any more. I have only used it for testing and playing with so it is as new in mint condition, latest firmware. £599
  2. Sorry Ken. I was just trying to keep it simple. Happy for you to bid if you want to, delivery would be at cost.
  3. I clearly can't count. I should have said finishing Tuesday at 8 pm
  4. Just in case anyone is interested I currently have listed my Optex Anamorphic adapter on Ebay. Ending in 2 days on Wednesday at 8pm. Starting price is a very modest £350 so could be a bargain. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121340539458
  5. I recently bought a couple of Yongnuo YN568EXIIs and I've been very impressed with how they compare to my Canon 550ex. Build quality is okay, not quite as good as the Canons but totally acceptable. In operation though they are great. They aren't exactly dirt cheap but I know Yongnuo do make some much cheaper flashes that would be worth checking out.
  6. It's totally workable I have seen a couple of posts from people using that set up. I recall that one chap was using Auria as the recording software.
  7. The point is in the post, it's just to have a voice. I am not really wanting to have a go at Philip as such, I am just frustrated that he doesn't actually engage because he treats a criticism as an attack. I think Philip does lots of great stuff that's what makes it all the more frustrating, there is always a lot to be gained by engaging with someone who has a different opinion from ones own. There is a huge difference between a constructive criticism and trolling, I fail to see that my posts on Twitter could reasonably be considered to be trolling but please have a look at the thread and call me out if you think I am wrong. I am very happy to justify anything I said, and to accept I am wrong if a reasonable case is made against it. It was actually Philip who couldn't take an alternative opinion. David's original criticism was reasonable, I don't think he was right but it was a reasonable criticism. I notice in this thread there are a number of posts but Andrew is the only person who has actually engaged with me.
  8.   I suspect he is a decent enough guy. He just starts by assuming any criticism is an attack and then battens down the hatches, defences on full.
  9. The Mix Pre-D connected to an iPad looks like a great option. 
  10. I love his reviews, they are very considered and incisive. I am not that keen on his Twitter style, lots of click bait and irrelevant content, but some useful information so I continued to follow him. I don't any more though because he just blocked me. I don't think I said anything terrible I just took issue with the way he dealt with David Stripinis so I criticised him for swearing and name calling. He argued with me for a bit.. or rather he ranted and didn't address anything I said. Then he blocked me. Oh and then went through and deleted any of his posts that might have made him look bad. Not especially impressed. Why does he react so badly to criticism? It made me think of all the other stories I have heard about Philip Bloom and not taken much notice of. Thats why I wrote this... to add to the canon. Martin
  11. Of course it just dawned on me, metabones are moving the lens closer to image plane, the reduction happens because the lens is closer to the image plane, so projecting to a smaller image circle. I presume the optics in the adapter are to compensate for the reduced flange focal distance so that that image is projected in focus on that image plane.
  12. ....An optical reducer is something I have long thought was possible on a DSLR and wondered why nobody had made one....   I had often puzzled over the same question. You can actually already get a Reducer for cinema lenses, Vantage have had a (expensive) 0.7x PL mount reducer available for years    http://www.vantagefilm.com/en/news/news_2002-10_01_i.shtml   But it isn't general purpose, it is only appropriate for long focal length lenses. I think this must relate to the same issue that Chris Mann identified. If the light exiting the lens is almost parallel it isn't too much of a problem if you introduce a reducer, but that won't work for wide angle lenses without losing infinity focusing.    Maybe metabones have added a collimating lens ahead of the reducer in a similar way that Canon and Fujinon do in the extender section of ENG lenses. ENG lenses used to come with 0.8x reducers built in working alongside the extender, to reduce the image circle when cropping a 4x3 sensor to 16x9. There the reduction happened in that collimated space.   I find it difficult to believe there is a conspiracy to deny us photographic reducers, Maybe it has just been too expensive to do so with sufficient quality. It will be interesting to see what the quality is of the image from the metabones adapter. I would love to see a test chart.
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