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  1.   To be fair so was I. Maybe maybe we have all become cynical in our old age :lol:
  2. Coming soon to a eBay sale near you.......................the price...(say it in your best Dr Evil voice) 1 million dollars ;)
  3. I would agree with Gabor, it is a bit over priced. I paid £220 for mine and it was in mint condition. The clamp doesn't look great, especially considering the guy wants an extra $40 for it. He seems to be trying to get top dollar for this lens, I would keep my eye out for an auction, that's where you will get a bargain.
  4. What Tony said.   These lenses are massive! A Sankor 16-C or Kowa 8Z would be a much better bet. The world of anamorphic projector lenses is a bit of a mine field. As well as being really heavy, you may find that a lot of the bigger lenses can't focus up close.   Get a Sankor, (you may well pick up a bargain at the minute), get a Redstan clamp for it, and you are good to go. These lenses allow close focus (mine will focus as close as 5 feet) and you won't need to be built like Arne to carry it around.    
  5. Sounds very interesting, I look to seeing one in action. Do you have a price yet?
  6. Hey Sean, Yes I loved the soft look I was getting from the adapter and just ran with it. I think everyone gets bogged down in sharpness and tests. Sometimes we should learn to love the imperfections. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be shooting something soft for a corporate video, but for this I think it adds so much. The taking lenses were a Canon 50mm f1.4 and my Jupiter 85mm f2. Thanks for the feedback mate.
  7. Hi,   I had such a good response last time I thought I would post my latest music video shot using an Optex anamorphic adapter.   https://vimeo.com/74284254   Shot on a Red One mostly in 2k crop mode 96fps I wanted to replicate the look of 16mm film. I love shooting in raw, it gave me lots of flexibility in post, using LUTs to get some really filmic colours. Would be cool to get some feed back from some fellow anamorphic lovers.   Cheers,   Chris.
  8. I think that the main difference is the size of the rear thread and element. The 16h/8z is the largest and therefore doesn't vignette as easily at wider focal lengths. I am pretty sure the 16A and 16S are smaller.
  9. Yes you are right ^ I was talking about close focusing specifically on a 5D, should have made that clearer. Other focal lengths and cameras will be different.
  10. If you can afford it go for the iscorama. But expect to pay a lot for it as they are on high demand. I'm only up on UK prices but I would expect to pay £1500-£2000 at least. In Andrews words Isco's like it dirty so you may get better results with some more primitive glass than your L's. If not the Century or Optex adapters (same thing) maybe a good bet, you should look to pick one up for £500-£550. They are not without issue though. You can't really get a sharp image without stopping down to f5.6 without a diopter. But the diopters are easier to find than they are for the LA7200. Should work fine with your L glass.
  11. Hey Rich, It's about time someone looked at doing this! It will be intersting to see what these retail at, especially as other companies have looked at it and said that they wouldnt be able to make the numbers work. I would love to see a set; 35mm, 58mm and 85mm (based on a jupiter 9 maybe) Personally, I think you will sell alot of these if you can get the price right! There are a lot of us amorph freaks out there.
  12. Thanks for watching!   I tend to shoot with what are refered to as the "broken ISO's" in low light. For example 160,320,640 etc. I find that you get less noise on the 5D II this way. I did do a bit of noise reduction and levels boosting in After Effects on some shots though. But shooting at 640 ISO it wasnt really too bad. As for the deep depth of field shots; these were created by increasing the distance between the camera and subject rather than stopping the lens down too much. (therefore not having to ramp the ISO up too high) I cant remember the exact settings but I would guess around f2.8 maybe f3.2 at a push.   You will get vignetting using this set-up, it becomes more noticable the more you stop the lens down. I found better results (much less vignetting) using my Kowa 8Z with the Jupiter. Wide open on the Sankor its not too bad, but anything past f8 ish and its pretty unusable.
  13. Thanks for comment Luke. The only shot that was stablished was the opening shot which was shot from a taxi and was all over the place. The rest was just as shot. I just used the old strap round the neck trick. I had also had a few beers, maybe that's the secret!?
  14. Hi,   I just wanted to share my first video shot with an anamorphic adapter.   https://vimeo.com/65235134   This was an unplanned shoot which turned into a music video for a good friend of mine. Shot on a 5D mark ii with a Sankor 16-C and a jupiter 85mm taking lens. All hand held with no rig (told you it was unplanned) I wish I had more lenses and a stabiser of some sort but thats how it goes. The content was pretty cool so I thought it needed to be cut together. Sometimes the best things to shoot happen when you least expect it!   Cheers,   Chris.  
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