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  1. Cool. You should do a making of video, it would be really good to see it all come together.
  2. Really interesting project Gabor, how are you getting on with it?
  3. Size of the rear element/thread. I think the C is the biggest.
  4. Likewise, I'm not a big fan if the music but what beautiful lens.
  5. Thanks for the reply Gabor. Yes this is pretty much what I have found. I suppose once you know the rules you can work around it. Diopters, Longer lenses for close ups perhaps.
  6. Interesting about varying stretch factors. Does anyone else find sometimes when subjects are closer that alters the factor? I really only shot with my scope lenses for fun because of this, I could'nt use them on a project, too unpredictable for me.
  7. Awesome! Can't wait for the next one.
  8. Haha, why are all anamorphic lovers cat owners? Love the second from bottom image, very cool.
  9. Really nice work, well shot and well put together. I also think the hand held worked quite well, it added a bit of tension to the scene for me. I think the flaring was enough, anything more would have been distracting IMO. The "anamorphic look" isn't crazy pronounced and I agree it is probably due to the smaller sensor and 1.5 crop lens. That said I think it has a really nice feel and tone about it. In a scene like this the cinematographer should draw you into the story and ingauge with the dialogue,I feel you did a pretty good job of that. Good work, keep sharing.
  10. Haha, I've had a Sankor for a year, I had no idea that front piece came off. Is it a standard pitch tread?
  11. You will need an adapter to mount to the front of your Sankor as it has no thread. Check out Redstan, he may have something, or get some blue tack. Proper achromats are very expensive they will reduce your minimum focus distance and more than likely improve your image. Not to sound rude but that maybe an overkill on your Sankor. Plus Sankors are pretty sharp anyway in my opinion. Close up diopters are cheap, maybe play around with those and see what you think.
  12. Hey John, Thanks for sharing, this is very interesting. I suppose there is a copyright in place from Lomo to prevent people manufacturing something like this. Shame, it would be so much better than messing about with fixed focal length adapters. Like you say it would be proper dark arts stuff to do it yourself.
  13. Pure pornography! What more can you tell us about this?
  14. Nice! The camera stabilisation works really well, I can't do much better than that on a steadicam.
  15. Cool looking rig! Some really nice footage as well.
  16. Haha, thanks. Any lens will work with your camera really. It all comes down to what focal lengths and sharpness. My recommendation of the Sankor was based on you having a 5d. It will work with an 85mm lens wide open to about f8 without vignetting. Ideally I would say get a Kowa 16h, you would get away with 58mm wide open and 85mm would be no problem, but you will pay a lot more, probably triple.
  17. There are honest people out there, this forum is a great place to come for advice. I have had loads of help off people on here and would be happy to pass on some of that information. What are you looking for in a lens? How much do you want to spend roughly? My first anamorphic was a Sankor 16C, They are a pretty good way to go. I am thinking of selling mine to fund another purchase. PM me is you are interested, even if you have found one else where and just want some advice on taking lenses, clamps etc, I'd be happy to help. A good bit of advice would be to get the EOSHD anamorphic guide. Lots of good info in there. It my help you make a decision.
  18. Think if it like this, ISCO is a brand, Iscorama is a product they make. It's a bit like telling girls you have a porche, then showing them your porche branded kettle. The guy has used the Iscorama name to sell this lens for more than its worth. That's why people are saying get your money back. You could pick up a big projector lens for much less.
  19. If I were you I would send this lens back. It is not an Iscorama, in fact it couldn't be further from it. There are lots of people selling things on eBay as Iscorama that are nothing of the sort. I don't think the guy could argue if you want to return it. If you do want to keep it you may have issues with vignetting like enny says. I can't say with any great authority as I don't know the lens, but looking at the size of it I would guess you would need at least 135mm on a 5D, maybe longer. Minimum focus will also probably not be great. Sorry dude, I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news. My advice for what it worth, send it back, get a Sankor 16c or similar. It's a great lens to introduce you to anamorphic.
  20. Chris Elkerton


    I think you will find nothing but love for Redstan on this forum. His products are top notch and more importantly Alan is a top bloke. I'm not sure of your circumstances so I won't comment. What I would say is if you are a genuine customer don't worry.
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