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  1. In a forum like EOSHD, video proof will only generate more questions. Was it a 1DC with 8-bit C-Log or an A7S using PP1? How accurate are the skin tones?

    17 minutes ago, tweak said:

    Yes it's a shame. Especially since he had his $5,000,000 1DC stolen, so I guess we will never get to see any real proof... I mean in this day an age what's a man to do?



  2. Ebrahim, wrote a massive article on here which he let me edit and re-publish on my site for free, so this is certainly a very weird situation.

    If what Ebrahim says is true, we should at least try to investigate it and try to remove the blame from him as best we can. Wouldn't it be wrong not to? 

    1. Andrew, is there a way to determine the IP Addresses that logged in to Ebrahim's account during those replies to those transactions?

    2. As a challenge to Ebrahim, this person had access to your physical gear and 3 of your accounts (EOSHD, DVXUser, and Facebook). That sounds like someone very close to you.


  3. I am not clear about all the mount types for Nikon. I currently adapt a Nikon 24mm F2.8D (F Mount) to GH3 with a Roxsen Focal Reducer. To me this makes sense, because it's using a FF lens to cover a MFT sensor.

    Now I would like to adapt Nikon lenses to an A6300. Does any Nikon lens work, even the DX ones made for APS-C sized sensors? 

    Thank you

  4. 2 hours ago, Swiss said:

    I have an hoya uv & ir cut filter that i use on my bmpcc to help get a cleaner image especially when using a nd filter. Will it be necessary to use that filter also on the a6300 or does the censor already have and ir cut ?


    It's funny because I don't get the IR pollution that people claim comes from that camera. I think it just depends on the week of manufacturing. I doubt this will be the case on an A6300, which is not really a cinema camera.

  5. Cinegain makes a good point. Dvxuser is very heavily skewed towards the pro-market. 

    I also want to add that the mobile optimization makes a big difference. Mobile traffic is way up and you simply cannot check dvxuser with a phone. Dvxuser in that sense, is also ancient.

  6. This made me rethink if I should get the NX1 or not, but the price is out of my range, I could get it for 2k, but 3,2k is way too steep, so for now and the next few years, im sticking with the NX1 which is still one of the best choices for video for the price. I just would have loved the FF for stills.

    ​Using a BMPCC and GH3, I consider Super 35mm a luxury right now if that makes you feel better.

  7. Thanks for all the help and ideas so far. 
    Looking forward to hear from you Ed when you manage to get in touch with the guys.

    Thanks to Instagram I stumbled upon a "behind the scene" snap of what looks like a very minimalist setup for shooting around London.
    No matte box or fancy rig on that day it seams.

    @bunk: They filmed that bit in Cappadocia, Turkey. Magic place!



    Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 17.52.41.png

    ​I don't think a matte box is a must have. I've stopped using them for run and gun. They help a little bit with glare, but flare is almost non-existent in the new lens due to good multi-coating.

    If you really want to make sure you cut glare without wasting time fumbling with the camera use a lens hood with a variable ND.

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