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  1. In comparison, the top article at Cinema5D is about a wireless control system that costs "only $1,200." That should tell you how relevant they are.
  2. Thanks : ) the kit lens is really impressive. ISO was around 3200 and with no de-noising.
  3. In a forum like EOSHD, video proof will only generate more questions. Was it a 1DC with 8-bit C-Log or an A7S using PP1? How accurate are the skin tones?
  4. Ebrahim, wrote a massive article on here which he let me edit and re-publish on my site for free, so this is certainly a very weird situation. If what Ebrahim says is true, we should at least try to investigate it and try to remove the blame from him as best we can. Wouldn't it be wrong not to? 1. Andrew, is there a way to determine the IP Addresses that logged in to Ebrahim's account during those replies to those transactions? 2. As a challenge to Ebrahim, this person had access to your physical gear and 3 of your accounts (EOSHD, DVXUser, and Facebook). That sounds like someone very close to you.
  5. Vimeo now supports free uploading of 1080p and 4k videos. Before they only did 720p. So they gave some, and then took some. They have to make money somehow without ads everywhere.
  6. I am not clear about all the mount types for Nikon. I currently adapt a Nikon 24mm F2.8D (F Mount) to GH3 with a Roxsen Focal Reducer. To me this makes sense, because it's using a FF lens to cover a MFT sensor. Now I would like to adapt Nikon lenses to an A6300. Does any Nikon lens work, even the DX ones made for APS-C sized sensors? Thank you
  7. Here's something I filmed with the A6300 and the 16-50mm kit lens:
  8. Erik Naso found that when he switched to faster memory cards, many of the heating issues were improved.
  9. This site might help for tagging your gear. https://www.lenstag.com Also maybe the authorities can track the use of your credit card with the person who stole everything else?
  10. Looking at the vimeo videos, I'm not seeing any terrible rolling shutter issues. The heating issues though is just an engineering flaw.
  11. I am searching for a better solution for a lens hood using the Tiffen 77mm variable ND filter. Since there are no front threads, you have to use this in straight sunlight which washes out the colors. I don't want to use a matte box for being portable.
  12. Escapist

    Sony a6300 4k

    It's funny because I don't get the IR pollution that people claim comes from that camera. I think it just depends on the week of manufacturing. I doubt this will be the case on an A6300, which is not really a cinema camera.
  13. Cinegain makes a good point. Dvxuser is very heavily skewed towards the pro-market. I also want to add that the mobile optimization makes a big difference. Mobile traffic is way up and you simply cannot check dvxuser with a phone. Dvxuser in that sense, is also ancient.
  14. Some of my best work was on a 600D. My C100 videos got a little more attention on vimeo..but they're just camera nerds pixel peeping. But I think my 600D was when I used to be passionate about ideas.
  15. I use the 14-140mm mega OIS version and it does not jitter. I think the Power OIS might have that.
  16. Panasonic disrupted everyone last year and this year they got disrupted. I don't think they deserve the criticism yet. I do think you have a great point that firmware is the way forward as hardware is really solid now.
  17. ​Using a BMPCC and GH3, I consider Super 35mm a luxury right now if that makes you feel better.
  18. GH2 would also be easier to work with, as you have an LCD to double check exposure and everything. Or do new Go Pros have a way to see this?
  19. ​Guess what Canon is re-thinking? Nothing. haha!
  20. It would be pretty weird how the A99II may do 4K internal while the A7S will be stuck needing an external 4K recorder. Unless the A7S also will have a successor too. Again, this is a rumor. http://www.sonyalphaforum.com/topic/902-sr3-finally-some-a99-successor-rumor-coming-mid-september-and-has-4k-recording/
  21. ​I don't think a matte box is a must have. I've stopped using them for run and gun. They help a little bit with glare, but flare is almost non-existent in the new lens due to good multi-coating. If you really want to make sure you cut glare without wasting time fumbling with the camera use a lens hood with a variable ND.
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