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  1. I am praying next iPhone shoots LOG too!!!!! ;-DDD
  2. Can someone point me to a good tutorial of how to create a LUT from X-Rite ColorChecker Passport?? I am on Mac
  3. If the Samyang VDSLR had lens breathing, and the new XEEN don't, it can't be only because of the new coatings. So they must have changed something else?? I am no expert in optics
  4. Let's put it this way: your clients will never know! If you need HFR and can pay the difference, why not?? For the rest of us, the FZ1000 is probably good enough. I have an LX100 and would love to get an FZ1000 to compliment it!
  5. Sell your 600D, buy a LX100 or FZ1000 (the first for low-light, the second for long zoom)! Best of both worlds!
  6. I don't think so, Jake! I think the LX100 is the ideal camera for a gimbal! But I haven't decided yet which one to buy!
  7. Maybe because it's their job?? Because it's the only way to sell more cameras?? It's a race and every company needs to win... You can bet it won't be magical, it will be an engineering solution! But probably not in a couple of days! A lot of years ago, a neighbour of mine studied IT engineering at university and CPUs run in the 500-800Mhz range at that time. He told me that from 1Ghz+ copper is not linear anymore, a piece of copper was not only resistive, it developed capacities/inductivities (?) and that they teached him that CPUs would never run over the 1Ghz reliably... We all know that nowadays CPUs run up to 3.5-4Ghz. I am sure it wasn't easy, but when men wants to do something they find the way! Now about littleness, Sony offers the FS7 for pros in search of camcorder and the A7S for pros in search of a small camcorder. Maybe in between there could be A7S II, maybe call it A9 if it's bigger! ;-D
  8. This could be the reason behind a new Sony A7SII, the capability to record long videos plus some HFR...
  9. I hope it's settings problem, because it's really ugly!
  10. Samyang can't sell the same thing at the same price as Zeiss. Zeiss has 100+ years of history. Samyang needs to make lens as good or better and cheaper than Zeiss if they want to make money!
  11. I think any of the three cameras you name can do well. You just have to pick one and learn to use it the best! There are so many specs, hidden faults (heating sensors), that to choose a camera is more difficult every time! But in the end you will work with what you have!
  12. I do mostly event/comercial low-low-budget work, but would like to dedicate myself to documentaries more. Made a couple of shortfilms, but the whole production/actors work turned me off. It gave me great respect for the ones who actually have the patience to do it!!!
  13. I think you left maybe the best one for that: Panasonic FZ1000, now it's really cheap!
  14. Please, can we wait another 20 minutes for my camera to cool down and repeat the "will you marry John" part??
  15. Not giving away 10bit seems more market protection than heat problems to me! That's why they don't give it neither on the output!
  16. When you talk about stabilization the proof is in the pudding, specs are useless. Two stabilization systems could perform better than one or worse. You must try. I suppose the Sony IBIS will probably be studied to work well with Sony OSS. But with Canon IS, who knows?? And if you put all of this on a gimbal, who knows?? The video posted by Gregormannschaft seems like Canon IS 24-105 a very good combination!
  17. From the tests it seems the A7R II is the best of A7R + A7S, so they either make the A7S II the ultimate camera you will ever need or it seems useless!!!
  18. I am waiting for the first "we shoot it with moonlight and f16" shortfilm!!!
  19. I know, that is why I recomend you to experiment with a "lens correction" plug-in!
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